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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing;
those who COUNT the votes decide everything."  Attributed to: Tyrant Josef Stalin


Please read the Few Paragraphs below.  Everyone into the Battle!  It's 1776 all over again, but this time, YOU are there.

It is now effectively illegal for citizens in 49 states to count their own votes on election day. This is an exact reversal of the way we counted votes from the days of the Founding Fathers until computers were introduced in the 1970's. By at least as early as 1988, vote tabulating had been systematically taken out of the hands of the American people in every state but New Hampshire, which still counts votes by hand in 70% of the neighborhood polling places. Americans are now no better off than Russians under Communism or third worlders under tin-horn dictators with regard to determining our future through the precious right to vote.

NOTHING — no issue you care about — can be fixed without restoring honest elections — short of armed rebellion. Rush Limbaugh and Gordon Liddy (among others) claim that we can change things by voting. The implication of that position is that we can verify that what is voted by the people in the precincts is what will be announced that night on TV.  This is false as things stand (see quote from Popular Science magazine below Main Menu). We have lost our right to honest elections. It's now up to those running the software programs and the Big Media whether or not an election is honest. The Secretaries of State (New Hampshire excluded) and those officials running the Boards of Election in 3000+ counties have totally abdicated their responsibilities in the matter of honest and verifiable elections with citizen checks and balances.

The whole purpose of an election is to have a real chance to throw the current power behind the government OUT.  When you have to let the government count the vote in the back room, and they make it illegal for you to witness what they are doing, YOU are a SERF.  The bi-partisan duopoly behind the National Democratic and National Republican Parties, in collusion with the Big TV Networks, have made us serfs in this matter over the last 25 years. (The same collusion of the two big Parties with the 4 Big TV Networks is afoot in the disgraceful Presidential Debate Commission which is making absurd rules to try limit the debates to the Democratic and Republican nominees only.)

Since at least 1988, election night in November is just another computer game: Citizen checks and balances absolutely forbidden by authorities in 49 states — a handful of mysterious mega-software companies raking in tens of millions of $$'s to program election computers for election night in 3000+ counties — Election officials in 49 states at the county and state levels outrageously abdicating their responsibilities to nameless, faceless software companies and thus violating our right to determine our future by choosing our leaders in a fair, verifiable election process — all protected by the ongoing cover-up of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and other establishment Big Media.

The Big TV Networks use mysterious public opinion polls, phony exit polls conducted by their joint arm (Voter News Service) on election day — and then uncheckable computer-generated results which make the manipulated public opinion polls — and the phony exit polls — come "true" a few hours after the polls close. (In hand-counted New Hampshire, all 4 TV networks have unanimously projected results which proved false in recent national elections - see archives, Why Big TV Networks can't project Elections Accurately in New Hampshire.)

Stealing America and the world through computerized votefraud IS the whole ballgame in the public arena!  It is ABSURD to donate to and work for candidates or political parties while ignoring this issue. Just as national defense protects us from foreign enemies, honest elections with citizen checks and balances are supposed to protect us from domestic enemies. Computerized elections are delivering a government run by domestic enemies.  

The weeks between now and the 2000 Presidential Elections provide us with a short window of opportunity to alert the nation. Some groundwork has been laid. Since votefraud (perpetrated by the exit poll arm of the 4 Big TV networks) was proven against the people of Dubuque and Pat Buchanan during the Iowa Caucuses on February 12, 1996, Director for Citizens For A Fair Vote Count, Jim Condit Jr., has appeared on over 750 radio outlets including Tom Valentine's Radio Free America, Chuck Harder, Geoff Metcalf, Cliff Kincaid, and Roger Friedenburg. The only book ever written on the subject, Votescam: The Stealing of America by the late brothers, James and Kenneth Collier, has been circulating for 8 years.

We appreciate that Howard Phillips framed this issue succinctly and accurately when he accepted the Constitution Party's nomination in St. Louis over Labor Day weekend 1999 on national TV (C-Span).  We appreciate that Alan Keyes has repeatedly called the Big TV Network public opinion polls "phony" during the Clinton impeachment hearings and during the 1999 GOP Primary Season in late 1999 and early 2000. And we appreciate that both Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire and Pat Buchanan have alluded to aspects of the problem in passing (both did so in C-Span appearances in 1999, Buchanan in response to a caller's question, Smith in response to an interviewer's question. Still, we desperately need a nationally known Presidential figure to take up this issue and put it on the front burner RIGHT NOW.  

On this issue, we have the ALL TIME internet match up: Citizens on the internet vs. the Big Media.  The Big Media has effectively censored meaningful coverage of this issue for 25 years.  Citizens on the internet can now unite to end run the Big Media.  Citizens for a Fair Vote Count is the ONLY organization taking on the Big Media on this issue.

On the one side you have Big Media (local and national) and election officials (mostly useful idiots) in the Democratic and Republican machines (local, state, and national) who unite like thieves to keep the riggable computerized elections in place and to prevent the return of citizen checks and balances .  On the other side you have over a million of our ancestors who have fought, bled and died to protect the right of you and your children to determine your future through honest elections.  Please stand with us to ensure that their sacrifice is not nullified by a grasping Ruling Elite and their Big TV Networks.

The proper response for American citizens is to say this — say it LOUD, say it to public officials, say it to the news media, say it to public opinion molders — and say it often: "If easily read and easily marked paper ballots are not restored, complete with a count involving citizen checks and balances at the neighborhood precinct level — then we will not accept the results of the 2000 Presidential Election!"

We have twenty years experience in  investigating and battling officialdom.  We know what to do.  Help us fight this fight right now.  Volunteer.  Or Donate (in return for bonus information) or order educational materials (most carry permission to reproduce).  Time is of the essence.  Together we can restore honest elections and break the Big Media cover-up and destabilize the Ruling Elite's move to oppressive, centralized government like nothing else can.  Let us hear from you now.  Inquiries or checks can be mailed to:

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Call 513-389-7700

Visit the ACTION section to see how else you can take action.  Or donate by credit card (Cincinnatus News Service will appear on your credit card statement) or "check by internet."   Thanks for coming to see us on the web and thanks in advance for your support !

 Jim Condit Jr.

All documents, materials, and opinions presented on this web site have been provided by the sponsors of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, except where otherwise noted.  If you found a mistake on our website, please don't hesitate to tell our Webmaster (Don't use this email for other purposes. Go to our Contact Page instead!):


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