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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, -- via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . . President Kennedy talked about this:

"If you make peaceful change impossible..... you make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

Go to to hear (or read the text) of the Radio Ads which are now airing over WLW Radio (which reaches into 38 states at night)and other stations -- exposing the easily rigged computerized elections which are about to "elect" the next President, and also exposing the coordinated news and censorship of the 5 Big TV Networks. Thanks to Ken Lowndes for Congress, the radio stations MUST air these ads. They're tough. They're "outrageous" -- and you've never heard anything like it on TV or Radio.

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true. (On election day, the people are barred from touching or counting their ballots, the election officials are barred from knowing what is in the software program that instructs the computers how to count the votes.)

November 7, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Election 2000 Overnight Report  "The Roller Coaster¨, A Made for TV Movie

You know it's true! It had to be real! You yourself had experienced the UPS and DOWNS of the EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER! You are emotionally committed to the fact that it was real because you lived and agonized 
through it. Nobody's gonna tell you that you didn't ride that emotional roller coaster --- y-o-u  k-n-o-w  y-o-u d-i-d!

I once sat (about 15 years ago) with my children at King's Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati, Ohio on the floor of a Giant Screen Theater with quite a few dozen other parents and their children. The Giant Screen Movie came on -- and showed a life-size movie of someone riding a roller coaster. The Giant Screen Movie had the effect on our bodies of just about the real thing. I felt my stomach jump as if I were really on a roller coaster. My oldest daughter, about 5 at the time, became panicky and was on the verge of tears, and said she wanted to leave. She was obviously scared by what she saw, as she felt like it was real. I told her to just look down at the thick, plush rug on which we were all sitting. When she looked down, she no longer saw the illusion on the Giant Screen, which was only about 15 to 20 feet in front of us, so she immediately calmed down and realized it wasn't real--it was only a movie. 

And the lesson for today, Mommies and Daddies and Boys and Girls, is that if you just look at your Network America e-wire (which is the plush rug in this analogy) then you will cease to be caught up in the emotional roller coaster being induced in your stomach by the Made-For-TV-Movie known as the 2000 Presidential Election -- on your TV screen.

I won't deal with all the predictions we put up in yesterday's November 6, 2000 NA e-wire until we have a final announcement from the Ruling Elite's mouthpiece, that is, the ONE TV News Department which operates through 5 separate TV News on-screen casts. But we will deal with two of them that have already, basically, come true.

Incidentally, Network America still holds firmly to the prediction that Bush and Cheney are the chosen winners by the Ruling Elite and have been for months.

The first NA prediction that has come true already is that the nation would not know the result of this election until Wednesday, or even Thursday or Friday. 

The TV Networks, following the Super Secret Software companies that pre-program the computer programs which count the votes, in my judgement, have taken the nation on a contrived pre-scripted plot in order to try and discredit the growing feeling among most Americans and the growing documentation known to a very tiny percentage of Americans that our elections are a scam and a sham.

Suddenly, in this election there are all kinds of too-close-to-call elections. Suddenly, the networks are reversing themselves and their original calls not only in the Presidential Race but in some of the Senate races as well! Word just arrives that the TV Networks have just put New Mexico back in the undecided column. This is unprecedented. This is an unheard of phenomenon until this year. The TV Networks are bending over backwards in contrived humility to spank themselves for 
thinking that they could call these elections. Oh, naughty us! they're all saying. The voters are really teaching us a lesson.¨

The contrived humility, the sudden rise of too-close-to-call elections on all sides, the Big TV networks -- all of them -- calling 
races, and then putting them back in the undecided column. How different from the other years since 1973, the dawn of the computer vote counting age!  In all the previous national elections since the introduction of computers and exit polls in circa 1973, all the major election contests were called MINUTES after the polls closed to the EXACT percentage point up until 1992, after which percentages were dropped altogether as part of the election night TV Anchor act -- as the Votescam books 
started to circulate and as I began to be invited onto numerous radio stations beginning in early 1996 after votefraud perpetrated by VNS was proven in Dubuque, Iowa.

Now the internet makes detailed information available to a worldwide audience. All appearances today are that the News Media fears that their VOTESCAM is crumbling, and they are working overtime to give the appearance that our electoral process (actually counted in secret by secretly programmed computers by a handful of mysterious mega-corporations who give every impression of being run by CIA types) is spontaneous.

You have to plant firmly in your focus that ALL these elections are being counted in secret by secret computer programs, and, as far as we know, COULD be controlled from one central source. We are at the mercy of these ruthless Super Criminals behind Fed, the TV networks, and the five or so mysterious mega-software companies who program the election 
computers for the vast majority of our country (report on ES & S election software company the new giant who bought out BRC coming from intrepid reporter Christopher Bollyn of the Spotlight weekly newspaper out of DC.)

Now let's look at the choice twist in the plot, as explained by Edward Walsh and Howard Kurtz in Nov. 8th's Washington Post, in an article entitled: Battleground State: Florida:

Beginning of excerpts from Washington Post article:

The state of Florida threw a stunningly close presidential election into turmoil last night that continued into the early morning hours of today. 

Exactly what went wrong was not clear, but the first warning came at 9:38 p.m. in a message from the Voter News Service, which transmits voter exit poll data to news organizations used to project winners and losers on election night.

(NA comment: Glad you controlled press guys are bringing this up after 25 years --- now that hundreds of thousands of people have already heard it all over the Midwest and the nation thanks to the WLW radio spots aired by Ken Lowndes and the over 10,000 people that have been to our website in the last few weeks where the radio ads can be 
heard over real audio, or read in text format.)

"We're canceling the vote in County 16 "[Duval County, which includes Jacksonville], the message [from VNS to the 5 TV networks] said. "The vote is strange.¨

At 10:13 p.m., VNS put the vote in the entire state of Florida in doubt. We're retracting our call in Florida because we don't have our previous confidence, it said in a message to news organizations. Television networks, which had projected Vice President Gore as the winner in Florida, abruptly reversed themselves, saying the state was too close to call.

. . . The Florida drama produced a gut-wrenching night for the state's political operatives.

. . . . It remained unclear last night what the VNS reference to a strange vote in Duval County--the first warning that something might be amiss in the initial projections--was all about. Robert Phillips, manager of the county elections department, said last night that there were no unusual developments in the voting patterns in the county.

(NA comment: In other words, there was nothing unusual. VNS and the Ruling Elite were just messing with the national mind without coherent explanation as usual.)

. . . . All the turmoil in Florida produced an extraordinary bit of television drama, with four networks abruptly backing off their 
projection that Gore would win Florida's crucial 25 electoral votes. They did so after Bush allowed cameras into the Texas governor's mansion so he could insist that the Florida contest was not over.

At 10 p.m., CBS, ABC and CNN all said they were moving Florida into the undecided category, more than two hours after they had used exit-poll data to call the state for Gore. NBC followed 15 minutes later.

The networks' flip-flop came about 10 minutes after they aired an unusual videotape in which Bush, with his father, mother and wife, challenged the television projections in Florida and Pennsylvania. "The people actually counting the votes have come to a different perspective. . . . I'm pretty darned upbeat about things," said Bush, undoubtedly with an eye on turning out his supporters in western states.

The network reversal quickly changed the commentary, which had increasingly been saying it would be very difficult for Bush to beat Gore after having lost Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

"It's looking better for George Bush than it did a half-hour ago," 
said NBC's Tom Brokaw.

(End of excerpts from the Washington Post article.)

We should note that the Washington Post -- which had admitted it was also a client of VNS a few weeks ago in an article we will carry soon for you, -- tried to supply an explanation FOR VNS in the article quoted above. We will NOT help them cover for VNS,  however, and therefore omitted the gratuitously supplied explanation. What IS VNS's explanation of all these sudden reversals? We call it: fake manipulation of fake results to try and give the public a feeling that the elections are real and spontaneous.  VNS and the 5 TV networks would rather self-destruct than allow the paper ballot hand counts by citizens -- 
which would take away their power to manipulate such a situation. 

After this article had been finished on election night (for Wednesday's paper) all the networks predicted Bush and gave him the Presidency. Gore then called Bush and conceded. But then, on advice of the Democratic Secretary of State in Florida, Gore called and retracted his concession to Bush. And then, all the Networks UN-PROJECTED Bush, and threw Florida back into the too-close-to-call¡¨ category. Then Gore pulled ahead in the popular vote at about 4:30 AM EST (Gore after losing all night, pulled ahead by a few hundreds thousands votes at this juncture in the computer count), -- while Bush hung on by a few thousand votes in Florida.

This is the EMOTIONAL Roller coaster unprecedented in the computer age which all five networks are simultaneously putting the nation through right now.

The other prediction we made that has also come true, is that the Networks would, for the first time in the computer age, make different winner and loser projections in conflict with each other. This happened, in a small way, when 4 TV networks reversed themselves while NBC held out for a quarter of an hour on the original, before also reversing itself on the original projected Gore win in Florida. 

But the reversals of projected winners, and the subsequent reversal of reversals, were the more obvious development by which the Networks are attempting, in concert, as usual, to undo the impression held inarticulately by a great majority of Americans, and articulately by a tiny percentage of Americans that ELECTION NIGHT IS JUST ANOTHER 
COMPUTER GAME. The Big TV Networks are being forced to sacrifice some of their credibility in order to salvage the credibility of the entire computer-counting process.

While the public may not realize it, and while readers of this ewire may not yet believe it, the computer vote scam is THE LYNCHPIN for the whole New World Order (See our article "Only Six Corporations Now Control All Major Media" in the Full Story behind the Radio Ads section on our welcome page.). If the secretly counted, easily rigged computerized elections fail, and hand counting of paper ballots by the neighborhood citizens are reinstated at each precinct,
the control of the future of the nation by the 5 TV Networks, Voter News Service, and a handful of mega-election software companies by secret computer count -- will vanish in an instant.

I don't think I'm claiming too much to say that the Big TV Networks and the computer programmers are doing all these back flips to convince us that the elections are real because of:  the Ken Lowndes for Congress Votefraud Radio ads which reached 
hundreds of thousands of people through WLW in Cincinnati and WOOD in Grand Rapids, Michigan,  the Spotlight newspaper coverage of votescam which reaches 93,000 people per week, including many opinion molders in Washington DC (see link to Spotlight in our links section), the dozens of talk shows around the nation which have now articulately spotlighted this issue, such as Ken Bagwell in Asheville, NC, Bill Boshears at WLW radio in Cincinnati (reaching 38 states at night), Jackie Patru on shortwave and satelitte, Nancy Koernke on the influential PBN radio network, Geoff Metcalf on the very influential World Net Daily Radio Network, Chris Baker on KCMO in Kansas City, Jerry Thomas and Craig Kopp on WKRC in Cincinnati, and dozens and dozens of other radio talk show hosts who have been airing this issue, and the growing number of informed, restrained, committed, intelligent activists who are trying to hold the Board of Elections in their area to the law, such as Dan Gutenkauf in Arizona, Devvy Kidd in California, Arthur Evangelista in NC, Chuck Geshlider in Nevada, Brent Beleskey of in Canada, and, of course, Vicki Collier, daughter of the late Jim Collier, and the internet warriors too numerous to mention, including Nick Landholt, Linda Muller, Lloyd Miller, Andrew Fuerterer, as well as the website and its excellent webmaster Ed Wilson, and and its promotion of the Votescam book -- 

Now look at the following items:

Item: 4:16 AM on Election overnight coverage, early Nov 8 (all conversation paraphrased, but very close to word for word: On CBS, Dan Rather, 'Folks, I think we can say with some definition now, that we won't know before 8 AM, at the earliest, who is the President-elect and when we come on at 6:30 PM tomorrow night, don't be shocked if we still don't know the result.'  Then Bob Scheiffer chimes in: 'Dan, I don't think we can possibly know by 8 AM, because they have to finish 
the count BEFORE they start the recount. It could be DAYS before we know this result.'  Then another CBS reporter named Byron Pitts chimed in saying that if the Board of Canvassers in Florida decide to have a recount in the morning at 9 AM, then it would take about 12 hours to do the recount so we may not have the result till 9 PM Wednesday night.

Item: All five of the networks have been saying for about 3 weeks that we may have one candidate win the popular vote, and another win the electoral college. We predicted that this would NOT happen, as would interject too much instability into the national mind, -- but the national networks are still talking about it today. Interesting that all 5 TV networks had such accurate premonitions that this would be a strong possibility at this hour, hmmmm?  If they follow through with it, it means they want to get rid of the Electoral College --- which could act as a fly in the ointment of computer-rigged elections, as awareness 

Item: After Bush led the popular vote all night, Gore suddenly jumped ahead and took the lead in the popular vote by several hundred thousand votes with 95% of the vote counted -- at 4:39 AM EST.

Item: At 3:48 AM EST, the New York Times announced it was stopping the presses because Gore pulled back his concession, and the TV networks pulled back its projection of Bush as the winner.

Item: Our prediction of Hillary as winner was proven correct, not a hard call to make in that easily rigged computer state.

Item: Sheldon Gawaiser, NBC's employee who doubles as a director at Voter News Service, mentions VNS at 4 AM in an interview on MSNBC TV.  He says a lot of absentee ballots in Florida are hand counted --- oh yeah? where is that Sheldon? Please specify. All votes in Florida are run through some kind of a computer, including absentee ballots.

Item: After GOP Congressional challenger to Dick Gephardt, Bill Federer, holds an anti-votefraud rally on Sunday and has thousands of eyes watching for computer breakdowns, Gephardt goes to a crooked Federal Judge on TUESDAY MORNING OF ELECTION DAY and gets a court order to keep the polls open till 9 PM. Informers in the area say this is to 
bus people in from Illinois to vote for Gephardt after they've voted there to vote again in St.Loius the same tactic used in Louisiana against Woody Jenkins in 1996. Gephardt had wanted this late closing in 1996, buy Federer wouldn't agree. This time he got an outrageous court order. The Republicans went into court and overturned it, -- but ABC and MSNBC had reporters in St. Louis saying voting was still going on at 11 PM CST.

Reporters working overtime to tell you your vote really COUNTS! Are they script readers? Or More? What do they know? And when did they know it?

Tim Russert at about 10 PM on NBC (Paraphrase) 'This is one election where I really feel that my vote really counts.'

You couldn't imagine this many twists in the plot tonight even if it was happening in an Alan Drury novel. -- Michael Beschloss, ABC historian in the middle of the night. (NA Comment: Maybe not Michael, but we're betting these twists were plotted in advance in the exact same way as a novelist plots his story line. See the movie, "Wag the 
Dog"  a Hollywood, CIA, Ruling Elite confession movie.)

Cokie Roberts --- 3:50 AM on ABC 'We knew it would be close but not this close.'

At 12:05 AM,  five minutes after midnight, on ABC: Carolyn Smith, the dowdy alleged guru of ABC who analyzes VNS returns (we are told) babbles under questioning by Peter Jennings, that ABC projected Gore as the winner in error -- due to a computer input error. At first Smith gave the impression that her people at ABC had inputted the computer error. 
Jennings quickly tried to salvage her implausible Barbara Streisand (BS) comment--- because if it was an input error at ABC --- how did CBS, CNN, NBC, and FOX and make the exact same mistake. So then she countered by saying that they all made the same errors based on the same information and the same possible input error. She stopped short of saying where 
that same information came from, i.e., Voter News Service, the sinister and secretive corporation created and run by these same networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX. BUT Charlie Gibson on ABC in the morning at about 8:20 AM EST spilled the beans that all the Networks get their info from Voter News Service, in an interview with a commentator named Gunther. So Voter News Service and their role is out of the bag. Gunther did say that we had to trust the big Three (CBS, ABC, 
NBC) as they were the only credible sources.

Item: Power of TV News: How many times would the Politicians see-saw with the News casters? They've already flip-flopped three times, could they flip 30 times, 40 times, 300 times? When would these kept reporters at the Daily Newspapers and kept politicians begin to question what's going on?

Item: At 5:00 AM CNN takes the Washington state Gorton vs. Cantwell Senate Race out of projecting Cantrell as winner -- and puts it back into undecided. They announce it will be 10 Days before Washington State Senate is decided.

We could sum up the 2000 election this way: People of the United States stand by helplessly as Big TV Networks, Voter News Service, 5 mysterious mega-Software companies, and the intelligence community apparatchiks pick US President.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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