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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

November 14, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Death Threats Enter Votescam Investigation for the 2nd Time

For the second time death threats have entered the Votescam investigation.The first time was in the early days when the Colliers were working with aMiami Newspaper Maverick named MacKenzie who was helping them expose votescam by Janet Reno and other criminals of officialdom in Miami, Florida in the 1970's and the 1980's. At one point the Collier's were told that if they didn't get out of town, a known hit man would be hired to kill them within a few weeks.  Shortly after this, their
friend, Donald MacKenzie was gunned down in a parking lot.  The Colliers at that point fled to the Washington D.C. area - and only returned to Miami under the protection of friends who safe-housed them when in the area.

The second time a death threat has entered the votescam investigation happened in the last few weeks while Christopher Bollyn was writing his recent story about the new voting machines which have two way modems and can be accessed and altered by satellite technology. Mr. Bollyn's story builds on the information discovered by Phil O'Halloran of Relevance
magazine, who in turn learned of the votefraud issue thanks to the March 8, 1996 Tom Valentine Radio Show in which Valentine interviewed this writer about the votefraud committed against Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa by Voter News Service and the Big TV Networks during the 1996 Iowa Caucuses.

O'Halloran then studied our votefraud website, which was then in the beginning phases under construction by webmaster extraordinaire Linda Muller. O'Halloran was intrigued by the 1985 court testimony of Mr. Robert Strunk, a computer expert who was allowed to examine the vote counting process at the Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections on election
night under protection of the court order issued to our group in 1985 by Judge Richard Niehaus.

O'Halloran was intrigued by Strunk's testimony that he had found an active two way modem attached to the vote tabulating computer while the votes were being tabulated on that election night, 1985, in Cincinnati. O'Halloran did excellent follow up investigation on that discovery and uncovered perhaps the biggest story to date in the votescam investigation.Christopher Bollyn has now brought O'Halloran's research up to date. Such is the power of the internet.

The entire original article in question, written by Mr. Christopher Bollyn, appears in our October 27, 2000 Network America e-wire. The original article is must reading.

The death threat to Christopher Bollyn came from Mr. Alex Kantoravich, a Russian born business man who supplies the USA's largest computerized vote counting supplier, Election System & Software, Inc,. with the "control boxes" which tell many American election computers what to do.

Bollyn had tracked down Mr. Kantoravich in the process of his investigation into two-way computer modems in free standing voting machines. Mr. Kantoravich revealed that he provided the "control boxes" to the humongous election system vendor, ES & S, Inc., that he had come to the USA from Russia 11 years ago, and that the "control boxes" he supplied for the voting machines were not manufactured in the USA. He declined to say what line of work he was in before he came to the USA or
where the mysterious "control boxes" were made.

On the Sunday morning after he interviewed Mr. Kantoravich, circa November 1, 2000 - Christopher Bollyn's telephone rang. It was Mr. Kantoravich with his thick Russian accent. "I don't want anything to happen to my company, to you, or to me," Mr. Kantoravich told Bollyn, a journalist for the Spotlight Weekly Newspaper based in Washington, D.C.  He would repeat the veiled death threat later a second time before the conversation ended.

Mr. Bollyn immediately called 911 and reported the death threat to the local Police. Bollyn asked the Police to contact Mr. Kantoravich and tell him that "you don't talk to journalists that way in the United States."

While your writer was a guest on the Bill Boshears radio show on WLW Radio on Sunday night, November 12, 2000, between 9 PM till midnight, I informed Mr. Boshears of the situation. Bill Boshears graciously and courageously called Christopher Bollyn and interviewed him during the program for more than five minutes - blasting this story over 38 states and
half of Canada from the 50,000 watt clear channel voice of "The Big One" as WLW Radio calls itself.

With regard to death threats and the votescam investigation, the following information is appropriate for this e-wire. At the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention in late August, 2000, speaker Ron Keller told the story of Joe Cooper. Joe Cooper was working with famed Louisiana attorney Jim Garrison on investigating the Kennedy assassination. Cooper also ran for Sheriff and lost in Louisiana. In the process he uncovered how the Shoup machines were being rigged. He then did public
demonstrations on how this was done before Television crews in various cities. The 21 year old Ron Keller helped Joe Cooper do such a demonstration before the camera crews of all three Houston television stations in 1964. To the amazement of all present, and to the consternation of Shoup himself  (who fled the premises chased by reporters at the end of
the demonstration) Cooper and Keller proved how the machines could be fixed and were being fixed. Shoup was convicted of a felony regarding votefraud during this period. Joe Cooper was shot in the back and killed eight months later at the age of 38, leaving a young wife and several small children behind. Ron Keller, the earliest investigator of votescam in the modern era, appears on video tape 2 of the CFVC convention, available at (a new window will open) in the first section on the Welcome Page.

Back to the Christopher Bollyn story:

Here is a quick summary of the potentially nation-saving revelations in Mr.Bollyn's article:

*** Just as we are now seeing TV ads for the "wireless internet" - and just as cell phones allow people to speak from New York to California and almost everywhere in between via Satellite communication technology -voting machines are now in use (such as in Chicago) which are equipped with two way modems and which can be accessed, questioned, and controlled by
satellites. These new voting machines are made by ES & S (Election Systems & Software, Inc.) based in Oklahoma City. Thus the votes tabulated in each precinct can be altered by those controlling the codes and the satellites -without the knowledge or awareness of the good people manning the polls and helping their neighbors vote on election day.

*** Indifference by election officials to the fact that computers can be altered and rigged easily --- leaves the sane person speechless. (That's your writer's characterization of what Bollyn's article reveals.)

*** Switzerland has perhaps the best regulated hand counted voting system in the world. The Swiss have rejected membership in the United Nations twice at the polls --- precisely because the have citizen run, hand counted, paper ballot elections which are transparent, verifiable and therefore honest.

*** Public Elections have become private business in that our election computers are now programmed by private companies which have so far successfully prevented election officials, candidates, -- everyone - from examining their private software which instructs the election night computers what to do.

*** It is easiest for the manufacturer who owns the codes and the software to fix an election, but these systems with 2 way modems are potentially prey to hacking by anyone who owns a computer with a modem. During the same week that Bollyn was being told by an ES & S official that their election software was safe from hacking, it was revealed that teenagers had successfully hacked into software giant Microsoft's systems - and had been there for a week without detection!

*** The article ends with Bollyn's astounding revelation that America's largest company's software is being programmed by a Russian born businessman, Alex Kantarovich of Vikant Corporation, who came to the US from Russia 11 years ago, who refuses to say what line of work he was in before he came here, and who refused to say where his "control boxes" -- which
power the new election computers' brain - are made, but he did confirm that they were not made in the USA. This last bit of reporting tends to confirm the conclusion arrived at by the late Votescam authors James & Kenneth Collier, Dr. Phillip O'Halloran of Relevance Magazine, and this writer --- that the five or so major computer software companies which provide America's election system are actually fronts for the New World Order's intelligence agencies.

(This writer will speak only for himself when adding in a more specific vein that this means that these election software companies are fronting for the FBI, the CIA, the KGB in its current form, and Israel's Mossad. Furthermore, I believe the evidence points to the reality that parts of these intelligence agencies are merging at the upper levels. This would explain why the FBI's Louie Freeh established FBI offices in Moscow, Russia a few year ago. Thus, at this moment, it is my conclusion that an alliance between those issuing the money at the Federal Reserve Board and related Central Banks, the modern day "court minstrels" in Hollywood and at the 5 Big TV Networks, the puppets of the modern day Money Changers who are called politicians and who bask in the rays of Big TV Media favorable publicity, and the intelligence agencies spying on the US
population and running these election computer software companies - constitute the Shadow World Government of the New World Order.

Again, you can see Christopher Bollyn's original article in our October 27, 2000 Network America e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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