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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

November 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Follow The Chad

You are about to hear some first hand, eye-witness testimony about "chad" from one who worked at election polls where punch card ballots are used. Surely, surely at least one of these great "investigative reporters" have run into one person who has given them such testimony as you are about to read. But they don't have the natural curiosity to follow through with a few logical questions.

In case you haven't heard, "chad" is the word used to define the little piece of cardboard in the punch card that is pushed out with a sharp stylus when you are voting for someone. The "chad" is like the dough ball that is created when the hole is made in a doughnut. When the punch card is punched, the tiny "chad" is pushed out of the card, leaving a tiny hole, about one tenth the size of a dime. We are supposed to believe then that some kind of a machine or computer accurately reads all those little holes and accurately tabulates the votes. But that's not the focus of this e-wire. The focus of this e-wire is that there is tremendous evidence which indicates that BALLOT SWITCHING goes on in every punch card election. In other words, the local political machines, not being high enough up to be in on election computer programming, has one of its agents take the ballots away from the neighborhood precinct - as is the practice when the crooked IBM punch card system is used - and switch the ballots on the way downtown.

Note well: the only thing the neighborhood citizens are allowed to do is count how many ballots were cast. They then write this number down so the mysterious carrier about to snatch the ballots knows exactly how many ballots he has to switch. For instance, if 248 ballots were cast in a given precinct, all you need is 2 sets of 100 punch cards, 1 set of 50, take two out, bundle the new group of 248 pre-punched cards, and hide the voters' actual punch cards in your trunk - to be shredded later.

Chad was a well known word to all the investigators of votescam since 1980 or so, and to all the supporters of votescam who read the Collier book "Votescam: The Stealing of America" - since 1993. Since the lying controlled Media refused to report on what they were told, and refused to air the actual footage of votes being illegally tweezed and punched out of ballots on election night at the Board of Elections (no interest in ratings, suddenly!) - the country as a whole is just hearing about chad in 2000 instead of in 1978 or 1980.

Now, let's get some first hand testimony, available from thousands and thousands of election workers.

This communiqué from Sarah Foster was received Thursday, November 16, 2000 at about midnight EST. Here it is:

To: Jim Condit

From: Sarah Foster

Re: Hanging Chad

I have been in charge of three different polling-places in Los Angeles, for three different elections. To the best of my recollection these were in 1968 (it might have been 1972), 1986 and 1988.

In each case, after the polls closed the precinct election board carefully examined each ballot for chad, the ballots were counted and bundled in a wrapper before being sent on their way to the counting house. Notes as to the number of ballots received and used and other relevant data were recorded. The report was signed by myself and all other board members.

There was never any chad, hanging or otherwise. It is my belief that the design of the stylus and ballots makes it impossible to create any. To hold them firmly in position during the actual voting, the ballots have holes at the top which fit over pegs. The ballots cannot shift. In the three elections in which I served as precinct election board supervisor I do not recall having to disqualify any ballot because of chad. Occasionally a voter might goof and vote for the "wrong" candidate; they would ask for another ballot. This was never a problem -- the wrong ballot was marked in ink, VOID, and placed in a special envelope.

No chad -- no problems -- not ever.

Sarah Foster

P.S. Now, for those interested, here are some details.

The first election I worked on was when I lived in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles, I believe it was the 1968 election: in any case it was the election when the punch ballots were first used.

The polling place was in a private home just down the block from where I lived.

We had a dummy punch machine at the table and each of us on the board helped instruct the voters in this new method. Completed ballots were placed in envelopes and dropped into the ballot box.

When the polls closed, our work began. Each ballot had to removed from its envelope and scrutinized for chad and other disqualifying features. I can't recall ever having to disqualify a cast ballot.

I was in charge of supervising the counting and "bundling" the cast ballots. Once checked they were arranged so that they all faced the same way and face up, then counted. Then any disqualified ballots were counted.

The number of unused ballots were also counted. The numbers of ballots in each group were recorded, the total added up -- and it had to correspond to the number of ballots we had received.

Oh yes. We had to count and check the ballots before the polls opened. So we knew exactly the number of ballots we were dealing with.

The cast ballots were placed, with a wrapper around them, into the ballot box. I believe the unused ballots were placed there as well, but there is no way they could be mingled with the others by accident. Along with the ballots went the signature book that each voter signed just before voting, plus one of the two precinct sheets showing the names, addresses and party affiliation of all registered voters in the precinct.

As each person voted, his or her name was crossed off the precinct sheet. One sheet was kept at the table; the second was displayed prominently by the door so poll watchers and others could check through the day. At the close of the polls the sheet was brought up to date by crossing off the names of everyone who had voted, and that list remained in public display for 30 days after the election.

When all that was done I took the box to the place where the ballots were being fed into the computer. I forget where that was, but there was a long line of cars with people like me waiting to drop off the boxes and other paraphernalia.

The years went by.

In the mid-1980s I was again contacted by the Registrar of voters and asked to serve on an precinct board. Sure. Why not.

This time my polling place was in the Highland Park area at the clubhouse at Sycamore Park.

Things had changed, but not that much. I was once again responsible for checking the ballots for chad, counting them, bundling them properly and seeing that they were taken to the counting place.

An election later I went through the same routine. This time the polling place they sent me to was in the Los Feliz District.

Same thing. Check for chad, bundle the ballots. Get them to the polling place.


One thing people may be especially interested in. All the ballots are sequentially numbered. Theoretically it should be possible to take the cast ballots and check them against the tally sheets the precinct supervisor fills out and signs.

The question would be: do the numbers on the ballots being counted right now in Florida correspond to the numbers recorded as "cast" by the precinct supervisors?

There are certain checks built into the system that theoretically works against votescam. But I wouldn't want to make book on any real checking being done.

Hope this helps.

Sarah Foster

End of Sarah Foster communiqué

The following observations are prompted by the testimony of Sarah Foster:

1. This is universal testimony. One of my friends worked a near by polling place in the White Oak suburb of Cincinnati-- No handing chand. I myself have voted on this crooked system for 27 years, and I have never had any chad problems, and every hole I punched was punched clean through, not like these lying pictures the network are putting on their newscasts showing PART of the "chad" being punched out. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE with the IBM punch card system. The little non-electric, non-computerized machine that holds the ballots are built to make sure the chad is punched out.

2. Forrest Sawyer on MSNBC surprised his guests and fellow reporters on Friday night by pulling out a punch card ballot he had obtained and stating that (paraphrase): he had been carrying it with him and beating the heck out of it for four or five days --- "and none of the chad had fallen out, nor were any of the chad even THINKING of falling out." That's RIGHT. That's the way those punch cards are. And all others on the broadcast were either dumbfounded, made a joke, or changed the subject. Please note. When I say the punch card system was made for fraud, I don't mean that it theoretically couldn't work if all simply were as honest as Sarah Foster; what I mean is that it provides the OPPORTUNITY for fraud at many levels.

3. Sarah Foster testifies she took the votes downtown. In cities where the Board of Elections appointed random citizens to bring the votes downtown, that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, eliminated fraud at that level. But recently in Susanville, California, the local police, known to be part of the small town establishment, were taking the votes downtown.

4. I've just received a call from someone in San Francisco who says he's sending me videotape of people switching the ballot boxes before they bring them into the Board of Elections.

5. Notice that the BOE in LA had Sarah Foster and all her co-workers sign the sheet for how many ballots were used and not used. OHHHHH!!! SO! The powers that be do understand the value of having multiple citizens at the neighborhood precinct sign that something happens. As most of you know, we at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count want enough well-paid citizens to count the vote in each precinct, and then have a designated representative of ALL factions in the election sign the results obtained. NOW you would have a VERIFIABLE and VERIFIED election. So simple. As talk show host Geoff Metcalf of World Net Daily has said: "The answer's simple, it's just obvious the election establishment doesn't want it.

6. In most areas, the seals they put on the ballot boxes to secure them as they are being carried downtown are a JOKE. The Colliers had film footage of people coming into the BOE in Miami with broken seals, or with 5 extra seals which they plopped down on the table. On one video Ken Collier called out, "What is the purpose of the seals if they can be broken and re-fastened?" . . . . No answer. Oh well, I guess those participating in the "election process" did have the right to remain silent at that point.

The conclusion of all this is that the evidence is strong that the punch card ballots being hand counted (something they were never meant to be, as they are NOT human-friendly for counting) in Florida -- are NOT the same ones that were cast in the precincts by the voters -- but have been punched in mass-- thus creating the bizarre phenomenon of chad. This is what the Colliers said in 1985 when they filmed women tweezing "chad" out of ballots with household tweezers at the Cincinnati Board of Elections after the polls had closed on election night. It is the only logical explanation I have ever seen advanced. It is also possible that some of the workers in the three Florida counties in question have been equipped with sharp objects that allows them to cleverly deface ballots as the process proceeds.

As we have said before, there is no greater enemy to our future as Americans than these 5 Big TV networks. A close second to the Big TV networks are the officials of both the Republican and Democratic Parties from the local level all the way up the national. For it is these two groups which have brutally censored all information about how our votes are counted from the American people.

O.K., O.K., many of the politicos at all levels are so sel-serving and so grasping for all they can get, that they have made it their religion to avoid learning anything about any subject that might hurt their pathetic careers. All of these, objectively speaking, are enemies of this country.

The TV and Big newspaper "investigators" and "newsmen" are hirelings and intellectual prostitutes who "see no evil and hear no evil" unless they are given permission to do so by those who sign their pay checks.

Now, they are being allowed to mention "chad" in order to finally discredit these easily-rigged voting systems that have been in use for over 25 years. Why? Because their bosses now have new technology ready which can more thoroughly fix an election with almost no chance of detection. As we have said in recent e-wires, in use in Chicago, and waiting in the wings everywhere, are computer machines equipped with two-way modems which can be accessed, queried, altered, and fixed from satellites orbiting the earth - utilizing the same technology as is used for cell phones, the wireless internet, etc.

Some time soon we will get up our Network America Action Board. On this board will begin to appear the email address, the state, the county, and the city of those who are willing to help in this desperate effort to contact the county leaders who can make the decisions in order to stop the satellite voting machine systems from going in, and to motivate them to install paper ballot, hand-counted systems.

Incidentally, when we filmed the hand count at a high school outside of Manchester, New Hampshire in 1996 on February 20th, the day of the New Hampshire Primary - the hand count went fine and was over by about 8:45 PM - less than two hours after the polls closed.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, -- via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . . President Kennedy talked about this:

"If you make peaceful change impossible..... you make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy

Go to to hear (or read the text) of the Radio Ads which are now airing over WLW Radio (which reaches into 38 states at night)and other stations -- exposing the easily rigged computerized elections which are about to "elect" the next President, and also exposing the coordinated news and censorship of the 5 Big TV Networks. Thanks to Ken Lowndes for Congress, the radio stations MUST air these ads. They're tough. They're "outrageous" -- and you've never heard anyting like it on TV or Radio.

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true. (On election day, the people are barred from touching or counting their ballots, the election officials are barred from knowing what is in the software program that instructs the computers how to count the votes.)

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