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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

November 20, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

Today we bring you a second and even more devastating testimony – from Curt Tomlin, Major USA retired -- against the offical “chad” stories being pushed by the Big Media. While I both appreciate and respect the source of this testimony, -- since we only have limited time and space – I must bluntly correct two glaring imprecisions in the conclusions at the end of this invaluable testimony. I hope Mr. Tomlin will please not take offense, as certainly none is intended. His testimony is devastating -- not only against all the Board of Elections that have used this fraud-fraught IBM punch card system for the last 25 years, but 
also for the inexcusable Big Media cover-ups in the past, and the Big Media spin on the chad stories we are now hearing.

If the uncritical parroting of these “chad” spins in virtually all the comments by virtually all the anchors and reporters at the Big 5 TV Networks proves anything, -- it proves that these on screen actor-anchor people simply repeat the research and stories handed to them. Those who decide what facts and what investigative reporting reaches the anchors to repeat on screen -- are unknown to the public, and are the real controllers at the major networks for the Ruling Elite.

Although some or many of you may have seen this Tomlin testimony on the internet, keep in mind that our Network America e-wires go up on the World Wide Web at – to be preserved for the future for all to see.

Yesterday we posted the testimony of Sarah Foster – a typical citizen (as far as participating in the election process is concerned) who has worked at a number of polling places on election day, and who testified that chad was never a problem when the IBM punch cards were used. Sarah’s testimony coincides with John Weistkittel’s who worked a polling place in Cincinnati this November 7th, with this writers (as someone who has voted on the IBM punch card system for 27 years), with my father’s, with my ten brothers and sisters, with the testimony of everyone I have ever been able to talk to about this in Cincinnati, or in Ohio, or in the United States of America. “Chad” has never been a problem. Not pregnant chad, not hanging chad, not dimpled chad, not swinging chad, not partially punched chad. The mere litany of the above indicts all the Board of Election officials and Secretaries of State who have continuously approved and continuously kept such a system -- and the 
local and national controlled Media which has brutally covered up the facts for 25 years to to protect all these election officials.

The following is a second testimony about the CHAD hoax that is being perpetrated on the American people right now. It is published by a former military man who was assigned to President Kennedy's personal battle staff as Technical Adviser on information collection and processing. He was in charge of all mechanical/computer processing of all information processed by his Battle Staff. 

Here is this testimony on the reality of chad. At the end we will quote 2 parts of the conclusions the retired Major offers at the end of his testimony, with our comments on why we believe these conclusions are incomplete, and therefore unintentionally underplay the seriousness of the hoax in progress.

Mr. Tomlin’s article and testimony begins here:

So Called "Chad" Problem With Count Is A Smoke Screen

{ Online Format: }

By Rev. "Curt" Tomlin
Major USA Ret & Pres. of The Christian Alert Network
November 16, 2000

It is not very often that I avail myself of the opportunity to write an exposé on any given subject. However in this particular case, I feel that I have an obligation to my fellow Americans to explain, clarify, and clear all the "smoke and mirrors" confusion that has been fed to the American people concerning the recounting of punch card votes in Florida.

The controversy primarily centers around a tiny thing call a "chad." A "chad" is that tiny piece of paper (card) that is removed from the (IBM) punch card when a person records their vote or any other character of data.

FIRST: For over 24 years this writer was deeply involved in processing information on ALL types of punch card processing equipment. For example, some years ago I was part of the operating staff of the Personal Accounting Machine Installation for the Pacific Fleet (PAMI PAC FLEET- normally referred to as PAMI) stationed at NAS, North Island, San Diego, California.

During the several years I was part of the operating staff at PAMI, our mission was to maintain, on a daily basis, over 255,000 Navy personnel records for the entire United States Pacific Fleet. At that time, each personnel record consisted of not less that five (5) IBM punch cards which resulted in the personnel master file containing a minimum of 1,275,000 punch cards. Each of those punch cards contained 80 columns. Each of those 80 columns could contain a single character of information. The sum total of possible characters of data recorded in this master file of 1,275,00 cards, equates to 102,000,000 (one hundred 
two million) characters.

Each column contained twelve (12) possible punch positions. A single alphabetic character required two (2) holes in a single column. A numeric character (0-9) required only one hole in a single column. Assuming that all 80 columns, in a single card, were fully punched with alphabetic characters, a total of 160 holes in each card would be required. That would create 160 pieces of "chad" or waste that was discarded.

Given the fact that each personnel record contained not less than five, eighty column cards, and assuming that all 80 columns in each of the five contained alphabetic information, four hundred (400) pieces of "chad" would be created for each of the 255,000 personnel records.

Now, given the fact that the PAMI maintained 255,000 personnel records with each record creating up to 400 possible pieces of "chad", during each update of the master file, a total of 102,000,000 (102 million) pieces of "chad" were created during each update cycle, which occurred every day (not just on election day).

To prepare the punched cards for processing on the various pieces of tabulating equipment, the operator went through a standard procedure of "fanning" the cards. Fanning is a simple procedure of holding a deck of approximately 300-400 cards in one hand and fanning (flipping) the cards with the other hand. This procedure is ALWAYS required for two reasons: (1) to remove the "static electricity" which can cause two cards to cling together and misfeed into the machine and, (2) to dislodge and remove any "chad" that "might" still be clinging to the back side of those cards that have not been previously processed since they were originally punched.

This procedure is absolutely necessary simply because every punch card processing machine, regardless of it purpose, has a very narrow opening through which the card must pass, from the input hopper into the machine for reading and processing. This opening is normally referred to as "the throat". The opening of "the throat" is microscopically adjusted to the thickness of the particular brand of punch cards (IBM or other) being used so as to allow only one card to feed into the machine at a time. 
This opening can only be adjusted by a mechanical engineer, technically trained to maintain the particular brand of punch card equipment being used. It cannot be adjusted by the usual equipment operator.

Any time a card entering "the throat" is thicker than that allowed for a single card, the machine will not accept the card and will cause a "jam" at the "throat" before the card enters the machine to be processed. Normally the card causing the jam will be damaged to the extent it must be duplicated and reentered into the process. Reconstruction of the jam card requires very careful effort on the part of the operator. This reconstruction activity is where MOST errors occur simply because the operator fails to reconstruct the card as it was originally punched.

Errors created during this process are extremely rare and far between. The vast majority of errors introduced during this activity occur when reconstructing a damaged card that contains mostly alphabetic information or two (2) holes per column in the card. Errors introduced as a result of reconstructing cards that contain mostly numeric (0-9) information, or only one hole per column are extremely rare, as is the case with most voting punch card systems.

ITEM TWO: During the several years as an equipment operator, stationed at the US Naval Station in New Orleans and responsible for maintaining some 50,000 multiple-card personnel records of those Naval Reserves living in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas, "CHAD" was not a problem.

ITEM THREE: During the four years being responsible for processing tens of thousands of multiple-punch card personnel records for ALL US Army personnel stationed in Europe "CHAD" was not a problem.

ITEM FOUR: During the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, being responsible for the processing of thousands of multiple-punch card records pertaining to highly classified atomic weapons, missiles, enemy targeting, etc., "CHAD" was not a problem.

ITEM FIVE: During the year that I was responsible for maintaining some 18,000 multiple punch card personnel records and payroll records for the US 9th Infantry Division in South Viet Nam, working under conditions FAR from ideal or satisfactory in terms of moisture, equipment maintenance, untrained equipment operators, poor supplies, etc., "CHAD" was not a 

NOTE: Some advance the argument that "pre perforated" voting cards were used in Florida and were MANUALLY PUNCHED with a hand held stylus and NOT punched with an IBM Key Punch machine. While that is indeed a fact, 
it is irrelevant simply because (1) the procedure for removing the static electricity before placing the cards into the input hopper for processing, is exactly the same for both types of cards; (2) the procedure of "fanning" the cards to remove any "chad" that may be still clinging to the back side of the card is exactly the same; (3) BOTH types of cards are processed by the SAME piece of tabulating equipment; (4) the input "throat" of the tabulating machine IS NOT readjusted to allow for processing the different types of punch cards, (5) and finally, as the card passes through the various "reading stations" inside the machine, it must also pass through other "throats" which are "gaged" to prevent more than one card at a time from passing through the 
reading station. Therefore it is highly unlikely and virtually impossible for "CHAD" to follow the card through the machine, past the various reading stations and cause the data in the card to be mis-tabulated.

CONCLUSION: For over 24 years, this writer, using punch card processing equipment to process every thing under the sun, from local church membership to highly classified information pertaining to atomic weapons, missiles, enemy targeting and much more, "CHAD" was not a problem .

Given the vast amount of personal and practical hands on experience as noted above, this writer can guarantee and, given the opportunity to work with the actual punch card ballots in Florida, can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that "CHAD" was not a problem in obtaining an accurate machine tabulation of all votes cast in the state of Florida by means of the punch card.

FINAL CONCLUSION: Given the above, I can assure the American public that any manual count of punch card ballots will, without question, be far less accurate than any machine count, especially if those tabulations are conducted by volunteers, untrained and inexperienced in "punch card processing."

It is more than obvious, that the Gore contingent, realizing that the vast majority of average Americans have never been exposed to the "actual punch card processing" beyond simply seeing a punch card, have seized upon this opportunity to mislead the average American as to the real problem with the vote counting.

The so called "CHAD" problem with the count is simply a smoke screen, employed by a very sore loser and in so doing is casting the averageAmerican as a blooming idiot.

Wake up, America, and pay attention to what is happening in the world around you.


(Rev. Tomlin was assigned to President Kennedy's personal battle staff as Technical Adviser on information collection and processing. He was in charge of all mechanical/computer processing of all information processed by his Battle Staff. During those years our equipment was predominantly punch card equipment augmented with a high speed IBM 101 Statistical Card Sorter that we used to compile highly classified and critical information for the President's Battle Staff.)

**** End of Mr. Tomlin’s testimony and end of his impeccable credentials in the matter of handling, overseeing, and processing IBM punch cards.Here are the two corrections this writer wishes to offer.

>From Mr. Tomlin’s testimony: “FINAL CONCLUSION: Given the above, I can assure the American public that any manual count of punch card ballots will, without question, be far less accurate than any machine count, especially if those tabulations are conducted by volunteers, untrained and inexperienced in ‘punch card processing.’”

Network America comments: It is true that a machine count of the IBM cards conducted honestly and with programming checks and balances to detect any accidental programming errors -- would be more accurate than a hand count, as machines when properly used are generally more accurate than humans, and because the IBM punch cards are totally UNFRIENDLY to humans with regards to hand counting. However, the dangers of accidental and, most important, DELIBERATE misprogrammings of the computers counting the IBM punch card ballots in real elections – is the main problem we Americans face. When Major Tomlin was keeping personnel data and other data 40 years ago, no one had a motive to falsify the data en 
masse. In Elections, many factions have a motive to falsify the data in various elections.

Let’s recall, especially for new readers: all of the IBM punch card voting systems in use have been controlled by one company. That company was Computer Election Services (CES) out of California in the late seventies and early eighties, which became Business Records Corporation (BRC) headquartered in Texas from then until this year, when Election Systems & Services, Inc. now out of Oklahoma city. 

This company, under whichever name, sends experts to “help” with the count, and ONLY their expert – not the local Board of Elections people – can read the source code of the computer program which instructs the computers what to do one election night. We believe that this mysterious mega-corporation fixes the certain key elections by built in techniques, outlined in several scholarly articles by Ronnie Dugger and Phillip O’Halloran, -- which techniques alter the count on election night when 
it is necessary to block an independent, honest candidate from winning, -- which is why the citizens are not allowed to count their ballots on election day, but are only allowed access to them after they have disappeared from sight for three days to 3 weeks. End of Network Ameica comment on this point. Next:

>From Mr. Tomlin’s testimony: “It is more than obvious that the Gore contingent, realizing that the vast majority of average Americans have never been exposed to the "actual punch card processing" beyond simply seeing a punch card, have seized upon this opportunity to mislead the average American as to the real problem with the vote counting.”

Network America comments: It is not only the Gore campaign but the Republican party as well. The Bush forces cannot expose the “chad” hoax because the Republican party has been every bit as guilty in upholding this chad scam and the abuse of the IBM punch card system over the last 25 years. I am persuaded that this was one reason the IBM punch card 
system was chosen by the crooks running our election system: the trusting voters can vote in the precinct on election night; then the punch cards can be run through the computers, with adjustments occurring in middle of the count, often during breakdowns, on election night – to insure that victorious honest candidates are “defeated” – and to insure that those establishment agents, hacks, and crooks who have in reality lost, will be announced as “winners.” 

Furthermore, the Gore forces do NOT have the power to pull this over on the American people – only the controlled Big Media does. But the big media cannot expose the real truth, as contained in Mr. Tomlin’s testimony, because IT has been the number one culprit in keeping the truth about these systems from the American people. 

The fact that CHAD has been a “major problem” in all cities where the IBM punch card system has been used -- is proof that the system is being abused and manipulated, as indicated by Major Tomlin’s (ret) testimony. Remember that the news media has had access to, and has refused to air, actual film footage of IBM punch cards being altered with sharp styluses 
(Miami, Florida 1982) and common household tweezers (Cincinnati, Ohio 1985). We still have this footage today, if any news media is interested – BUT – of course, THEY were present, at least in Cincinnati, watching the massive removal of chad by tweezers – but took no footage and asked no questions, despite the fact that each tweeze of chad constituted an objective felony under Ohio law.

So, to repeat from previous e-wires, we have both parties needing to cover up the real story regarding the IBM punch cards systems, and their abuse in US elections between 1975 and 2000. And, these two parties are complicit in the crime against the American people because they are only “two wings on the same bird of prey” – to borrow a phrase. See our archives in “The Full Story Behind the Radio ads” to read “Only Six Corporations Now Control All Major Media” and “Motive, Votefraud, Opportunity” and “What is the Hayfield Research” – to get an understanding of what constitutes the “bird” in the “bird of prey.”

One more thing: Did you notice this part of Mr. Tomlin’s testimony: “Some advance the argument that "pre perforated" voting cards were used in Florida and were MANUALLY PUNCHED with a hand held stylus and NOT punched with an IBM Key Punch machine. While that is indeed a fact, . . 

Wwhhhoooaaaa! Light Bulb Moment! The retired Major is telling us that the USUAL and NORMAL way to punch out these IBM cards is BY MACHINE with an IBM Key Punch machine. And I wonder how many votes can be punched out per minute by the IBM Key punch machine? What do you want to be bet its thousands, or even tens of thousands? In other words, after the results have been announced on election night, when the IBM punch card ballots disappear for a few days or a few weeks, it would be child’s play for new ballots to be punched so that the MACHINE key punched ballots could 
REPLACE the real ballots punched by the voters. And the new machine key punched ballots would be ready by the time any hand count was done a few weeks later. Incidentally, it is very difficult to get a hand count done. When one is granted under stringent conditions, only about 3 per cent of the precincts are counted. For one thing, the candidate must specify weeks 
in advance which precincts he wants to have recounted. (Why would that be, unless the authorities need to check those precincts, and re-punch new ballots if necessary – to make sure they coincide with the announced computer count which was released on election night?.

I witnessed such a hand count of about 13 precincts out of the total of about 480 precincts in Cincinnati, Ohio with regard to the 1979 City Council race.. There was no chad whatsoever in that hand count in Cincinnati in 1979 such as we are seeing in Palm Beach, County today. There was no chad in that hand count even though two dozen ladies had been removing chad from thousands of ballots on election night at the Board of Elections after the polls had closed a few weeks earlier. (At the time the implications of all I was observing was lost on me.) 

At the end of the handcount, each precinct was run through a little machine which counted the ballots at lightning speed – as fast as those money counters that are now in the banks – as a double check on the hand count. The recounted ballots of those thirteen precincts on that day three weeks later, matched the computer count with a few very slight discrepancies. BUT WERE THESE THE SAME BALLOTS WHICH HAD BEEN PUNCHED BY THE VOTERS ON ELECTION DAY?

It is impossible to say exactly what is happening in Florida right now. Fraud could have been committed at the following levels: 1) when the ballots were brought downtown from the precincts, some batches of ballots could have been switched – replaced by ballots clumsily punched in masse by punch card machines, such as the one found in the car of a democratic operative within the last week; 2) ballots could have been switched en masse after they got down town and before they were run 
through the computers on election night -- by some covert operation within the election establishment itself (unbeknownst to the vast majority of election workers and officials) – thus meaning the ballots which re-emerged into the light of public view for the hand count were NOT the ballots punched by the voters; 3) the computers could have been falsely programmed, with newly punched ballots substituted for the real ones after the fact by time the ballots re-emerged three day laters – to make the computerized “results” come true.

The whole scandal of “chad” and the above factors is one powerful reason why the Supreme Court today in Florida may call a halt to the handcount by ruling the deadlines for submitting results has passed.

So, to conclude, I believe the key to this election we are witnessing consists of understanding the following: 1) contrived razor thin margins in many states, generated by pre-programmed computers, with Florida as the showcase state of “too close to call.” 2) contrived reversals on the calling of “winners” and “losers” on election night, including the contrived projection of Bush as the winner, and then the reversal of the call of Bush as winner by all 5 Big TV networks; this was done to destroy the credibility of the growing number of voices exposing votescam, and for many other reasons we will cover in an e-wire when 
this 2000 Presidential contest is over; 3) At this point, the Democratic theft machine, manned by second tier and low level Democrats, goes into motion in Florida to somehow get the votes Al Gore needs, threatening to overthrow the plans of the Ruling Elite; 3) James Baker III and Warren Christopher are dispatched to Florida to make the deals necessary to bring the situation under control; 4) We now await for the curtain to go up on the next act, which will be the hearings today before the Florida Supreme Court, and that court’s eventual decision.

End of ewire.

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