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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Complaining to the Choir
September 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

Dear Friends! My friend in Chicago says that most conservative organizations go beyond preaching to the choir – they complain to the choir!

So let me indulge in a little – but it’s a “good” complaining.

So much is happening we need prayers that everything that needs to be happen in the next 52 days gets done. A few angels of Providence have come along in time.

Emails to Network America and Citizens for a Fair Vote Count are much, much more than I can answer – but we’re trying to fix that.

Because of trying to set up the framework of what needs to be done in the last two months of this election – the greatest opportunity our side has had in my lifetime --- I am still behind on these Network America ewires. But don’t miss the days ahead. MAJOR developments are taking place.

Tomorrow we carry the West Virginia Reform Party’s resolution to add a standing Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Committee to its state party structure. This is to be copied shortly by more state organizations, and is a major breakthrough. In a few days we will cover the implications of Chuck Geshlider’s break through victory in Pahrump, Nevada. He’s in the finals for town Council there. And Dan Gutenkauf’s prescription for working in YOUR county for a return to a fair vote count – will be covered soon.

And Reform Congressional Candidate Ken Lowndes of Michigan is going to make a valiant “David vs. Goliath” effort to break the cover-up regarding the 5 Big TV Networks, mysterious public opinion polls, exit polls, and computerized votefraud.

Further more, Reform Party Gubernatorial candidate Doug Schell of North Carolina is willing to make an issue of computerized elections vs. paper ballot, hand counted elections. . . . Stay tuned. (See correction below of part of a recent ewire.)

Correction: Our August 16th, 2000 ewire entitled: “More Proof that Nader’s Poll Numbers are a Lie” stated that while Buchanan turned in 70,000 signatures on time in Illinois, and this successfully achieved the 35,000 VALID signatures necessary to get on the ballot. This was correct.

However, we went one to state that Nader turned in only 2000 signatures. This was incorrect.  The actual fact is that Nader turned in 23,000 signatures on time, and 16,000 more after the deadline. The further development is that Nader took Illinois to court and forced them to accept the other 16,000 signatures. However, it is doubtfully still that this will qualify Nader for the ballot, as usually no more than 70% are valid of any signature lot.

The erroneous 2000 signature figure for Nader in Illinois was taken from a C-Span transcript on August 13, 2000 during an appearance by PJB. Perhaps I mixed up the state referred to. Can anyone help here?

Even using the correct figure of 39,000 Nader signatures in Illinois, I think this still demonstrates yet another time that whenever you measure with an objective standard – when one is available, -- but Buchanan’s supporters prove to be more numerous and have more vigor than the Nader supporters. And yet the Big Media Polls show Nader getting twice to 8 times as much support as Buchanan – which this ewire is asserting is preposterous. We assert that these Big Network TV public opinion polls are deliberate lies – and deliberate coordinated lies by the 5 Big TV Networks – in order to prepare the public for a less than 5% finish in the general election by PJB – thus denying the Reform Party matching funds and ballot access in the year 2004 – and thus protecting the evil Two Party Duopoly’s monopoly of American politics, American government, and America’s future.

This Network America ewire has been “crying in the wilderness” in vain that someone with a national microphone call the public opinion polls, the exit polls, and the computer generated vote count – a fake – and demand paper ballots, hand counted by neighborhood citizens – to prove it. We will continue. And we will work with all the regional candidates who are willing to do so. Stay tuned.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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Let fellow citizens, opinion molders, pastors, public officials, internet news outlets, and major news media outlets know -- that we will not believe the published results of elections until transparent, verifiable, honest vote counting methods are restored, i.e., paper ballots with citizen checks and balances, with the ballot counting under the control of the neighborhood registered voters in each precinct.  

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