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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

September 2, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Landmark VoteFraud Resolution passed by WV Reform Party, Heinemann

This development is so far the most important to come out of our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention. The West Virginia Reform Party has courageously led the way for the entire Reform Party to demand the most basic thing any such insurgent party needs: a fair and honest vote count.

Below you will find Linda Muller at who first carried this landmark resolution urging every state to follow suit. Then you will read the press release by West Virginia Reform Party Press Agent Jerry Heinemann who was a delegate to our CFVC convention in late August.

Then you will read the resolution itself. May I suggest that every state Reform Party pass a similar resolution and set up a similar standing committee, -- at least in regards to demanding paper ballots, handcounted in the neighborhood precinct by the neighborhood citizens, with the results posted at the neighborhood precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the precinct. Then use your standing Reform Party state committee to make as much noise as possible about this issue. You will give some state reps -- and maybe eventually some Congressmen the courage to join you in speaking out on this issue of honest vote counts.

The following from Linda Muller as she announced the West Virginia Reform Party resolution:

Dear Brigade,

Read this from the West Virginia Reform Party.  They are taking a stand, and implementing an action plan to ensure honest elections.  I hope every state organization will get a project like this going in their states.  I'm sure Jerry Heinemann will give assistance to all who need it.




Date sent:Thu, 7 Sep 2000 10:15:45 -0400


From: Jerome Heinemann <>


The West Virginia Reform Party, by unanimous consent of the Executive Committee, declared the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count a standing political committee so the state party can credential persons to be official observers in all precincts in WV to obtain an honest vote count in November.  The resolution approved by the ExCom will be presented to the general membership for approval and implementation at a statewide meeting on 30 SEP at the Mid-Mountain Conference Center, Flatwood, WV, at Exit 67 of I-79.  Once approved and implemented, volunteers will begin receiving credentials to be present for the counting of all ballots within WV. 

Since a private business cartel, known as "Voter News Service, Inc." (VNS), headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, is jointly owned by the media giants of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, The New York Times & The Washington Post, there is increasing documentation of electronic voter fraud and manipulation in all areas that use electronic voting machines, devices and tabulation.  The single exception is in those areas that still use "paper ballots", the only voting method that can be accurately counted and recounted by hand, and can produce an honest vote count.  VNS, Inc. has usurped a monopolistic power to dictate political candidates, parties, and ballot issues, according to its own globalist agenda, without any approval from Congress or any other governmental agencies. This power is a result of the vast media control over the nation's communications outlet, whereby the media giants consort to determine which candidates to give free daily media coverage, opinion poll recognition, exit poll attention, and final declaration of alleged winners.  This power even extends to which candidates can participate in televised debates!  From beginning to end, the whole process is flawed since now the media sells us our presidents as they do our food, clothing and cars! 

Electronic election fraud is well documented now in books like "Votescam: The Stealing of America", by Jim & Ken Collier, and by national organizations like "Citizens for a Fair Vote Count" (CFVC), headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, at: or 1.513.389.7700.  The only verifiable method to obtain an honest vote count is with "paper ballots", thus the WV Reform Party is calling upon using "paper ballots" in every precinct until such time as an honest electronic method can be determined and demonstrated. 

Once a person pulls a lever on an electronic voting machine, there is no way to verify or recount that vote --- no human eye can watch or protect an electronic vote --- thus any vote can be redirected via a software program, internal electronic switching, or via a percentage pay-out, whereby every second or third vote goes to an opponent, just like in casino slot-machines, which are manufactured by the same companies that make electronic voting machines! 

To add insult to injury, although candidates like Patrick J. Buchanan, Reform Party USA presidential candidate, obtained over a million signatures to obtain ballot access in all 50 states, the national media giants, who own Voter News Service, Inc., only give free media coverage around the clock to candidates like Bush & Gore, since both of them are members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, and/or the Bilderbergers, organizations of which the top media executives are also members.  Thus the media cartel only gives free coverage to candidates on their agenda ---- members of their private club!  American voters are being short-changed and cheated by the election process since electronically elections can be rigged from start to finish! 

Computerized voting gives the power of selection, without fear of discovery, to whomever controls the computers --- which in this case is the Voter News Service, Inc.!  The WV Reform Party is committed to honest elections and an honest vote count! 

Issued by:  Jerry Heinemann,

WV Reform Party Press Agent,





Unanimously Passed:  2 September 2000

WHEREAS,  The Right to Vote is deemed an unalienable Common Law Right for all Citizens of legal age, and is deemed necessary for a Free Republic to remain free and independent in the selection of both public and private officials;  and 

WHEREAS,  The historic use of "Ballot Petitions" and "Paper Ballots" have traditionally offered the surest methods of reducing "vote fraud" and obtaining an accurate and honest vote count after each election;  and 

WHEREAS,  The increasing use of unverifiable and easily rigged electronic devices, voting machines, and now computers, is well documented in books like "VOTESCAM: THE STEALING OF AMERICA", and by concerned organizations such as CITIZENS FOR A FAIR VOTE COUNT (CFVC), thus it is becoming painfully evident that the Sovereign Right of Citizens to duly elect persons of their choice, or to have an accurately accountable honest vote count for all candidates and ballot issues, is now in severe jeopardy of obliteration;  and 

WHEREAS,  The private-for-profit business cartel, known as "VOTER NEWS SERVICE" (VNS), headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, is now jointly owned by the media giants of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and has now usurped unto itself the

monopoly control to predict, tabulate, and declare the winners of all elections;  and 

WHEREAS,  The "Voter News Service" has never been authorized by any act of Congress, by any bureaucratic decree, or by any executive order to assume this controlling authority, and is currently operating without any public "checks & balance", without any public knowledge or scrutiny, without any public bid or approval, and contrary to existing federal and state statutory anti-trust legislation;  and 

WHEREAS,  Cumulative evidence over the past thirty (30) years has shown an increasing amount of "electronic election fraud" with corporate media manipulation and bias to the point that a handful of corporate executives, who control our nation's communications, can now also dictate our vote by determining which political candidates, parties, and ballot issues, receive media coverage, pursuant to their agenda, receive public opinion poll recognition, receive exit poll attention, and receive projected winner status, all with an unfair influence over every aspects of the electronic election process in all areas --- except where "paper ballots" are still used and accurately counted to verify an honest vote count;  and 

WHEREAS,  The manufactures of electronic voting machines are often the same manufacturers of casino "slot machines", who can "rig" and direct votes with the same kind of pay-out percentages, and thus render the casting of each citizen's vote meaningless and at the mercy of the programmer, while making the counting of all votes by "Voter News Service" everything, leaving citizens with no way of knowing or verifying exactly how their individual votes were counted;  and 

WHEREAS,  The fact a private cartel can control all phases of the election process, can now "rig" all elections so that only candidates sponsored by globalist corporations and internationalist organizations, such as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers, are selected as they choose, contrary to the will of the rank & file citizens of this country, and contrary to the best interest of American National Sovereignty, is egregiously undemocratic, un-American, treasonous, and in direct opposition to the unalienable Rights, endowed by Our Creator, as envisioned by Our Founding Fathers, of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all citizens; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT:  The West Virginia Reform Party condemns any voting process that can not be fully verifiable and fully protected at all times from fraudulent interference, and condemns the use of any electronic devices, voting machines, or computers that can be manipulated by any private business corporation or cartel such as the "Voter News Service";  and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT:  The West Virginia Reform Party has determined to associate with Citizens for a Fair Vote Count by making said association a standing political committee of the West Virginia Reform Party so that authorized persons can duly receive credentials, at each election, to become official observers at all voting precincts within the State of West Virginia to guarantee that an honest vote count is obtained at all times;  and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT:  The West Virginia Reform Party demands that until such time as any given electronic voting device, machine, or computer can be fully determined, and demonstrated, to prevent voter fraud or manipulation and provide a fully documented verification of each vote cast, the same as can be obtained via the use of "Ballot Petitions" and "Paper Ballots", that only "Ballot Petitions" or "Paper Ballots" be used in each and every public election, in every voting precinct within the State of West Virginia, since the West Virginia Reform Party is wholly committed to honest elections and honest vote counting.      

Passed unanimously on 2 September 2000 by the Executive Committee of the West Virginia Reform Party, to be offered for approval and full implementation to the general membership of the West Virginia Reform Party at its next regularly scheduled statewide meeting, currently set for 30 September 2000, at the geographical center of WV, in Flatwood, at the Mid-Mountain Conference Center. 

Agreed to by:

Daniel T. Stern, WV Reform Party State Chairman 

Jerome E. Heinemann, WV Reform Party State Vice Chairman

Martha Z. Zatezalo, WV Reform Party State Treasurer

Alan F. Balogh, WV Reform Party State (Interim) Secretary

--------- end  ----------

We wish to extend the heartfelt thanks of everyone associated with Citizens for a Fair Vote Count to Jerry Heinemann and all the folks in West Virginia who had the vision, courage, and follow through to pass this resolution for restoring honest elections.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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