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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention was a great success in launching the beginning of a nationwide network to restore honest elections. See special report at updated and improved website. Go to: 

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true.

September 5, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Victory! Geshlider Proves Clean Elections a Winning Issue

Victory! Chuck Geshlider wins primary – and a spot in the General 
Election Pahrump Super Bowl!

In the September 5th primary “playoff” round of the town board election 
contest in Pahrump, Nevada – Chuck Geshlider, -- (a Nevada delegate at 
the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention 2000), -- won 3rd place 
out of 12 contestants. The top four primary finishers will now run off 
in the November 7th election. Two of the four will be elected to the 
Pahrump town board. 

Geshlider has ONE issue: “I want CLEAN ELECTIONS.”

Thus his primary campaign gives the lie to the position that bringing up 
the “clean election” or “honest election” issue is bad strategy. As we 
at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have always known, talking about the 
necessity of transparent, honest elections – is an empowering, 
ENERGIZING issue which electrifies the populace.

When asked about any other issue, Geshlider says, “Why should I comment 
on any other issue until I know we have an honest count? When we return 
to an open, honest count of the ballots, I’ll take questions on other 

We need a victory somewhere – and this will be it -- with enough help to 
Chuck right away. 

The Geshlider strategy in Pahrump and Nye County is the proper one: pick 
an area in which you can win, and in which you can force the “clean 
elections” issue before a small enough voting population that the county 
clerk who wants to count the votes in secret – is really on the spot; 
where the county clerk who wants to count the votes in secret – must 
worry about whether a candidate like Geshlider will be able to produce 
MORE voters willing to give an affidavit saying they voted for him --- 
than the official published “count” gave him credit for. (There only 
about 7,000 votes cast in the average Pahrump election.) If Geshlider 
gets 5,000 signatures on his petition --- how does the County Clerk 
explain that the SECRET count only gave him 3000 votes in the final 
“count”? An interesting situation.

You wanna do something? You wanna help make a difference on a national 
scale this election? Read on and take ACTION as specified at the end of 
this ewire.

Geshlider’s fiery oratory, -- demonstrated on Saturday night at the CFVC 
convention in Cincinnati, -- is carrying over to the campaign. His 
rhetoric is the best in the nation on this issue right now; it’s the 
most passionate (as the issue demands) – and I believe he is almost a 
sure winner, for the reasons stated in this ewire -- with a little help. 

Why is he almost a sure winner – despite the secret computerized count 
which apparently is going to take place on November 7th, in Pahrump?

Because his large signs have made him by far the most visible candidate 
so far (he runs a sign making business) and because he is openly 
challenging the County Clerk on the one local TV station -- to let him 
(and everyone else) see how the votes our counted.

So if Chuck can keep up his high visibility, and continue to demonstrate 
public support in Pahrump through the “Clean Elections” petition he is 
passing around – the County Clerk, is really on the spot to let him win, 
or to have a lot of explaining to do.

For one thing, there is the real danger in such a small venue that 
Geshlider will be able to produce more voters AFTER THE ELECTION who 
will provide affidavits that they voted for Geshlider – than the number 
of votes the County Clerk credits to Geshlider in the secret 
computerized count.

In this sense, Chuck is now the MOST IMPORTANT candidate in the nation 
for the “votefraud vs. honest” elections fight --- and his election in 
November is of paramount importance. We need a victory.

It will be a local victory, a “small” victory – but a victory upon which 
other local candidates can build in all areas of the country. 

There is another aspect in Geshlider’s strategy: in some small counties, 
it takes about 5 percent of the electorate to sign a petition and call a 
grand jury against a County Clerk who won’t allow an open, verifiable 
count. In these certain smaller counties --- if which Nye is one, -- we 
do not need to depend on the Sheriff – who might be as crooked as a 
county clerk who wants to count the vote in secret. In these certain 
smaller counties, a verifiable number of signatures on a petition can 
call the grand jury. 

This “citizens call the grand jury” strategy also keeps citizens out of 
the way of those crooked judges who are slapping voters -- who are also 
“honest election crusaders” -- with outrageous fines and expenses for 
the “crime” of trying to break the dishonest election syndicate and 
restore clean elections. – 

Such outrageous fines, -- clearly imposed by crooked judges who are part 
of the dishonest election syndicate – have, according to reports we’ve 
received, been slapped against CLEAN in Washington state for exposing 
the illegal counting of absentee ballots, and against the Boise, Idaho 
citizens who exposed blatant retail votefraud there, complete with sworn 
admissions from Board of Election workers in that county. (See the 
August 11 and August 23, 2000 ewires on the Boise situation in our 
“news” section at )

Back to what actually transpired so far in the Geshlider case:

Immediately upon his primary victory, a prominent local newspaper 
reporter walked up to Geshlider and asked him what he thought of the 
vote counting system now that he had won a winning position in the 

Geshlider, refusing to take the dive that even prominent conservatives 
have taken after winning (“I guess I can’t complain too much about the 
system if I won, yuk, yuk, yuk”) – immediately responded that he STILL 
had no idea if the votes were counted properly or not – and he would 
continue to make open, honest, transparent elections – his ONLY issue – 
until such an election process was restored to Pahrump and Nye County, 

Geshlider explained to this Network America e-wire that the reason he 
was announced a winner – despite the secret computerized vote counting – 
is that he was by far the most visible candidate in a small town where 
only about 7,000 people usually vote. Furthermore, he was well covered 
on the only television station in Pahrump, as his promotion of the 
“clean election” issue has fired the local public imagination. He is 
circulating a Petition with the Seven Rules for Clean Elections, which 
is being signed by many, many of the local residents.

He also is the only candidate with an omnipresent sign campaign. He has 
erected fifteen huge signs that can be “seen for miles around” – some 
are 4 feet x 8 feet --- some are 4 feet x16 feet.

Now, here’s what Chuck needs to force a victory in the next month – 
despite the secret computerized vote “count.”

He needs to erect 20 to 30 more signs -- which run in materials and 
labor about $80 a piece. (Chuck runs Gold Standard Press, so he can 
print the signs for material and labor only, avoiding the usual retail 
price of about $250 per sign for such large signs, -- which he would 
have to pay if he couldn’t print them in his own business.)

He also would like to erect about 100 smaller yard signs in strategic 
locations for about $3 each. 

The signs say:

Taxpayers Watchdog
Elect Geshlider
Assure Clean Elections

(An actual replication of the signs will be posted any time now on the 
discussion group” fairvote at – [remember, I have to write 
email addresses in such a way so as to trick the topica system, which 
scrambles regularly written emails and websites in the body of topica 
managed messages] To subscribe to the discussion list where Chuck is 
posting the look of his actual signs -- send a message to: 
fairvote-subscribe at

Secondly, Chuck can buy 2 minute TV ads on the only local television 
station in Pahrump -- KBVM --- for about $40 !!!!! --- One minute 
television ads cost about $20.

The villain in this drama is democrat Samantha Merlino – who lists 
herself as “Sam” Merlino on the ballot. She’s the County Clerk who is 
still ignoring and stonewalling Chuck’s public requests -- and who still 
intends to “count” the ballots of the citizens of Pahrump in secret this 
November, despite the newly created widespread public awareness of this 
crooked operating procedure in this small town. 

“Sam” was a direct assistant to the then Nye County Clerk, Arte Robb, 
who denied the legitimate request of several losing candidates for 
Sheriff in 1998 – to see the unused ballots after the election. The 
county had announced before the election that 21,000 ballots had been 
printed. 7000 were used in the election by voters. 

After a highly suspicious result, two of five losers, Don Lee and Ray 
Mallow, asked to see the 14,000 unused ballots. County Clerk Robb 
personally refused their perfectly legal demand. (They went with statute 
in hand.) How’s that for straight out criminal activity? (See the 
September 3rd, 2000 Network America e-wire on Dan Gutenkauf’s research, 
a part of which proves that any request for public records must be 

Amidst growing pressure over this criminal act and other improper 
practices --- pressure created in large part by our candidate, Chuck 
Geshlider, on his local radio show, The Taxpayers Watchdog, on the now 
defunct KFOX talk radio – Arte Robb resigned the County Clerk position 
in November, 1999 --- citing “stress” after 17 years of faithful service 
to her masters. The local newspapers couldn’t heap enough praise on her. 
(The same two newspapers, the Pahrump Valley Times and the Pahrump 
Valley Gazette -- which refused to investigate her criminal act cited 
above and much else, despite mountains of evidence presented by 
Geshlider at that time.)

To this day, the two local newspapers and the local TV station (Channel 
41, KPVM-TV) refuse to investigate or ask Merlino any questions, -- even 
after having been presented with postcards returned as undeliverable by 
the post office – postcards addressed to “people” who VOTED ABSENTEE 
BALLOTS in the 1998 election!

Now that we understand some the background, and before we look at the 
text of the two minute TV ad Chuck has prepared, -- the candidate 
explains why he is going to do the on screen work himself, rather than 
hire a media personality to read his message: “General Patton had 
nothing on Geshlider – because I can get the women to listen to me too, 
-- and my boxer dog, Bruno, is tougher.”

Here’s the text of the TV commercial:

“Hi! My name is Chuck Geshlider. I’m running for Pahrump town board, in 
case you didn’t know. 

“My sole campaign promise to you, that I will promise on my life that I 
will accomplish for you, -- will be to assure clean elections. 

“Now everyone of you who is watching this, I can guarantee, is somewhere 
between KNOWING for a FACT that our ballot boxes have been tampered with 
-- or – you at least suspect it. 

“We have a problem. You have no way of knowing whether that’s true or 
not. There are seven windows of opportunity for people who want to rig 
elections to take advantage of in Nye county. This is not saying that 
they did it – but it’s as if you were a customer in a restaurant and you 
started feeling a little queasy after eating the soup. You then ask the 
owner of this restaurant to be allowed to look at his kitchen. What 
would you think if he stood in front of the kitchen door and said, ‘No 
way.’ ??? 

“You would know darn well he’s hiding something. Well, this is what 
we’ve got going in our elections. Our county Clerk, “Sam” Merlino, 
presides over a DIRTY kitchen. I intend to clean it up. I intend to 
force her to allow you to see everything that’s going on. 

“No more absentee ballots hidden from public view. No more computer 
machines which can be pre-programmed, and pre-rigged for a 
pre-determined result. We could never know that. 

“We must have all ballots hand counted in public view before moving them 
away from the neighborhood precinct. We must have transparent plexiglass 
ballot boxes. I don’t even want to SUSPECT that there might be already 
marked ballots in those ballot boxes before the voting day starts. 

“Last and most important, I don’t ever, ever again want to see someone 
counting her own votes for her own election. That’s a joke. Even a judge 
understands to recuse himself when there’s a conflict of interest. 

“I am Chuck Geshlider, Taxpayer’s Watchdog. I’ll see you on November 7, 

End of Text of Geshlider TV ad.

I know that all of us on the internet are basically “information 
freeloaders” (while on the internet, anyway). We’re not looking to spend 
any money when we go on line.

But I’m asking everyone to consider sending at least $10 to Chuck’s 
campaign effort – $10,000 can win this election because Chuck will be so 
much more visible than the others. (Chuck tells me he will personally 
guarantee a victory if he can activate a $10,000 war chest – that if he 
loses he will personally pay it back.) Also, if he can put his demand to 
see the ballots counted in public – prominently before the Pahrump 
citizens through TV ads on the local station – he will put the County 
Clerk in an impossible situation before the citizens. How does “Sam” 
tell the citizens – a huge number of which are signing the Clean 
Elections petition and are giving affidavits of who they are going to 
vote for in a variety of races – that they counted the votes in secret? 
– and how can she possibly fix the election knowing that her “count” 
will be compared against the local citizens’ affidavit!? Especially when 
seemingly everyone in Pahrump (not now holding office) supports his ONLY 
issue? And when he is the most visible candidate in terms of sheer sign 

We at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count are committed to raise $1000 in the 
next week for Chuck outside of this Network America email list so he can 
make at least half of his large signs and get them up for the last four 
weeks before the election. If most of the people on this ewire list – 
which now stands at 957 subscribers! –would send Chuck $10 or more – he 
would have every chance of winning this critical election.

For everyone that sends $50 or more, you will get a copy of all Chuck’s 
TV ads on videotape, plus several hours of information on “Clean 
Actions” on the same tape. 

If a few of you can send Chuck $1000 or $500 or $250 or $100 – do so. 
This victory will put the Clean Elections movement into a new gear. It 
will mean a victory upon which to build in all parts of country. 

Also, in case Bill Gates happens to be on our list under a pseudonym, 
there is no limit on how much non-federal candidates in Nevada can 
accept from one person. ---- In other words, one person could send Chuck 
$5000 or $10,000 for his campaign effort, within the law. Just thought 
I’d mention it. But it’s the $10, $20 and $50 donations that will make 
this happen. 

All donations can be sent to:

Chuck Geshlider c/o
820 West Fairbanks
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

If you want to contact Chuck by email, he can be reached at --- gsp stands for Gold Standard Press.

Chuck’s victory will help you where you live because of the momentum it 
will create, the example it will set, and the model it will become for 
many other small counties.

Please jump into the front lines of this battle and help Chuck Geshlider 
win in Pahrump, Nevada!

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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