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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

January 23, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire
“Here’s Why” and an incredible Movie Quote

Before giving the “Here’s Why” – read the following on target message I  received from long time anti-votescam Crusader Tom Stown of Nevada. I’ve been receiving a few of these, all of which I believe are on target. I will respond with the “Here’s Why” – but, as the Angel said to Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when “George Bailey” wanted to see what had become of his wife, Mary --- “you’re not going to like it.” 

Here’s Tom Stown’s recent message:


Why don't you include some coordination info to help those out here in the trenches with the basic directions to help fight the fight. You said awhile back that there were planned hearings in various states including Arizona on voting machines. But you failed to give names and contact numbers and times and places. Surely, this battle is not going to be won on editorials alone. Give some specific directions not generalities. Provide a forum for input from the troops, lets let the battle begin, and lets win.

Tom Stown (End of his email)

“Here’s why” – I cannot get any momentum to direct a national fight because there is not enough funding for me to do so, let alone to fund an organization to do so. For those of you who don’t know, I am 47 years old and in the middle of raising six kids between the ages of 9 and 21.

After a decade of moving ahead and trusting in Divine Providence, a lot has been accomplished, but I find myself in a position where I must turn near full attention to financial survival as well as trying to find a funding mechanism for the movement as a whole.

Some of you have given heroically, and a few of you have given to the point that it probably makes the Angels themselves weep for joy that such generous souls still exist on earth. But that’s not fair either – to have just a few carrying the weight for the whole country on this and other issues. Chuck Geshlider calls this “White Welfare” – millions taking whatever positive is accomplished for free while putting the burden of getting it done and funding the activity on a few.

I am not a pushy marketer. But I will tell those of you good people on this list what needs to be done if you want to see a real fight. If you want to see a real fight, we need to find about 10,000 people who are willing to give at least $10 per month to a nationally led organization which is committed to fund and direct state and regional full time coordinators. These coordinators would teach people in their areas two 10 minute lessons. One would be on how to push for, and recognize, honest elections; the other lesson would be on how to use the precinct system to plant a nationwide “third force” to either take over the 
dominant major Party in each of the 3075 counties, or to really animate a Third Party. When the confrontations eventually come, each area will have to have organized networks of men who are willing to demand justice at the county precinct meetings, and at the polling places. I mean justice ala Athens, Tennessee in 1946.

With the internet and other modern means, we SHOULD be able to set up such a nationwide network in one year IF there are a modicum of full time organizers to make the program go.

The truth is, that each undertaking leaves those of us who do it more broke and desperate than the one before. The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention has, despite very generous help, left us with still several thousands in debt to pay. The Ken Lowndes Radio Ad Campaign has likewise left us needing to focus all efforts on just getting back to even.

I’m trying to work on becoming a marketer and fundraiser for the cause. I can honestly say that when we have been able to really run the race for a time, I have, God aiding, been able to produce results: 1) In 1986 to 1990, on a shoestring, we took on the powerful Hamilton County, Ohio GOP and defeated them in 1990 – only to have it stolen from us in the courts, all the way up to the Ohio Supreme Court. It would be a different country today if we would have won and could have used 
Hamilton County (Cincinnati) as a base to spread the Precinct Strategy to the other 3000+ counties – but the local “Ruling Elite” had plenty of crooked safeguards in place to prevent that. 2) This year, I believe in all probability our Ken Lowndes Radio ad campaign made the Big TV Networks feel they had better “go to confession” on Voter News Service and their “election night competition”; in fact, I believe it plausible that the entire Florida “fiasco” was orchestrated to blunt the growing 
votescam noise, to “convince” the masses that their vote really did count (something probably 80% or more were doubting, without knowing exactly why), and to prepare the way for the new technology they hope to put over on the nation.

What should be in progress now is communication with the 10,000+ state legislators warning them of the scam that the Schumers and Harkins are about to try and put over on them, predicting that Schumer and company will demand voting systems with modems or internet technology – all of which can be rigged from central locations, or even from one central 
location. The state legislators should also be shown how the system SHOULD work, ala in Canada and most of New Hampshire. Furthermore, the Big TV Media should be attacked for their complicity in stealing our right to verifiable elections. When the credibility of the Big TV Networks really falls, victory will be close at hand.

We have the technology now to draft monthly donations of $10 or more from credit cards, from checking accounts, or by sending out monthly reminders with return envelopes. We have that ability. In such a system, the donor could drop out at any time. If there is any interest in mounting an internet campaign AND a person to person campaign to make this happen, please email me with “fundraising” in the subject line. If we could find 100 people who would be willing to mount an internet AND 
person to person campaign to find 100 people each who would donate at least $10 a month on a four year plan so we can impact America now through the next Presidential election, then “get ready to rumble.” But without such a commitment on the part of a large number of people, do not expect miracles.

In the past, God aiding, I have been blessed with the radar to cause a lot of “good trouble” for the “New World Order forces” with relatively few resources. At the end of the 1990 campaign to take over the Hamilton County GOP, after the courts had criminally stolen everything from us, I was beyond broke and still haven’t fully recovered. At that time both Cincinnati Right to Life, and Citizens for Community Values (CCV, a kind of local Christian Coalition), both of whom had 20,000 plus followers in the Cincinnati area on their mailing lists, did nothing to help, and by that inaction, sent a message to their followers that they should trust the Republican Party as then constituted – thereby doing more than the courts to cripple the effort. Nevertheless, we ran 500 precinct executives and actually defeated the Ruling Elite (Masonic) Republicans, even though we were outspent 100 to 1. Once I could no longer sustain myself while waging the fight, I went full time to trying to catch up financially, and the whole effort collapsed, never to be revived to this day. That’s the truth. Sorry if some don’t like it. But that is the truth.

God aiding, I can promise you all a class nationwide fight if we can get some reasonable funding, and than funding should come from a broad based group of people. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, and it would be ridiculous for me to pretend to you that this effort can be waged properly without at least regional full time organizers to teach those two ten minute lessons via audiotapes, video tapes, internet, and personal appearances. Full time organizers need travel money and phone money – the human interaction is absolutely essential.

Other organizations have succeeded in funding nationwide organizers, but have not engaged the battle for one reason or another. The John Birch Society at one time had 90 full time organizers, but has always limited its mission to education only – which meant living room education meetings, but no directing of the faithful to confront the establishment where all the power resides – in the precincts (the precinct executives elect the county chairmen, who pick the candidates generally, and elect 
the state party leaders). The Christian Coalition probably put 50,000 precinct people into the field (there’s 300,000 precinct positions nationwide) – and then directed them all around behind the New World Order wing of the Republican Party, burning many of them out in the process.

Chuck Geshlider and Nick Landholt, both of whom attended the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention last August, have started a new organization called P.A.C.E. (Patriots Assuring Clean Elections) which seeks to focus on winning a few county Board of Election races. This is a most worthy goal, and P.A.C.E. will soon have a website which we will announce when it appears. P.A.C.E. has a plan to raise funds. I hope they can do it, as it’s a big country and there would be several million 
people willing to donate $10 a month IF they understood that the nation can only be won back if we have clean, honest elections (we need people of good moral character also, but even a nation of people with good moral character will be unable to make themselves heard if the Chuck Schumer / Ted Kennedy crowd installs internet voting easily rigged from a central location.

So, if there are 100 people who are willing to mount such an effort through the internet and person to person, email me and we will get it going. We will lay out the program and how it will happen in an email, in a one page letter people can duplicate, on audio cassette, and on video tape.

Now, here’s the astounding movie quotation that one of our good e-wire members found and sent in:

I was recently watching a video of that old 1948 thriller “Key Largo” with Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, and Lionel Barrymore. I practically fell out of my chair at one point when Robinson (playing a gangster as only he could) says to the good guy (Bogart): 

“Let me tell you about Florida politicians. I make them out of whole cloth, just like a tailor makes a suit. I get their name in the 
newspaper. I get them some publicity and get them on the ballot. Then after the election, we count the votes. And if they don't turn out right, we recount them. And recount them again. Until they do.”

(THIS WAS IN 1948) 

(End of movie message from this good friend)

So long till next e-wire!

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, --  via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Opinion Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . .

President Kennedy talked about this:
"If you make peaceful change impossible..... You make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

Go to to hear (or read the text) of the Radio Ads which aired in the month before the 2000 election over WLW Radio (which reaches into 38 states at night) and several other Midwest stations -- exposing the easily-rigged computerized elections which "elect" public officials in the USA, and also exposing the coordinated news and censorship of the 5 Big TV Networks. Thanks to Ken Lowndes for Congress, the radio stations were REQUIRED to air these ads. They're tough. They're "outrageous" -- and you've never heard anything like it on TV or Radio.

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