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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

January 25, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire
The Risks Digest: Up to Date Scientific Inquiry on Computers and Elections

Good friend, writer, and Network America e-wire reader John Weiskittel has found a CRUCIAL resource for the movement for honest elections.

The excellent research done by Ronnie Dugger in the New Yorker magazine piece of 1988, and by Roy Saltman in the Department of Commerce 132 page study in 1988 – has been (improperly) dismissed as outdated. It is not, but it is over 12 years old now. Even some of the newer information uncovered by Phil O’Halloran in Relevance Magazine is over four years 
old. Needless to say, “up to date” inquiry and research sources are always welcome. This is exactly what Mr. Weiskittel has found and passed along.

The resource is called “The Risks Digest”, and here is a brief description:

The Risks Digest: Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems

To find this source on the internet:

<> --  You can also search on the search engines, such as copernic, for “The Risks Digest”.)

The Risks Digest – Edited by Peter G. Neumann, described on the website as the principal scientist at Computer Science Laboratory in Menlo Park, California. From his picture, Mr Neumann appears to be a youthful and congenial man, somewhere between the ages of 45 and 60 with black hair and a greying beard. I mention this because the movement for honest elections desperately needs the type of objective, professional research that Mr. Neumann is providing by editing The Risks Digest.

I have not read much of it, but note that this forum provides quite a bit of critical analysis of computer and internet voting – the very type of inquiry and analysis that the professional computerized election establishment pretends does not exist.

On the home page are all the issues which have appeared since August 1, 1985. There appears to be almost 2000 issues in all! It is not immediately clear to me why the Volumes begin and end when they do – as the volumes due not appear to relate to year or subject. Anyway, they are all there.

The reason we want to rush this out on the web is because we continually find that this type of information is being utilized by people who are taking initiatives which no one else is taking.

In a minute, we will list all the articles related to voting on site of The Risks Digest. But, first, here is part of a sample analysis from Volume 20, Issue 85:

>From Adam Shostack Sun, 19 Mar 2000 12:53:10 -0500 Regarding the question Steve Wildstrom poses in Risks 20.84, "Once you are authenticated on line, how do you cast a secret ballot?"

One answer lies in a set of technologies called minimal disclosure credentials. These were invented by David Chaum, and substantially enhanced by Stefan Brands. The core of it is, you authenticate to some server, and are granted a single-use credential which can not be linked to your authentication. The inability to link back to the authentication is provided by a technique called blinding, where the client takes a set of actions to prevent the server from knowing what it is signing. This technique forms the basis for anonymous electronic cash, and can be used to create a 'coin' whose value is 'one vote.' The 
state can allow each voter to withdraw one coin, and ensure that each vote is 'paid for' with one valid coin, thus assuring one person, one ballot, per election. (This proposal has a number of flaws, but is useful as a straw man if you understand electronic cash.)” [End of excerpt from The Risks Digest, Volume 20, issue 85, March 24, 2000; note that the writer admits at the end that the proposal has a number of flaws; even if it had no flaws as far as privacy was concerned, that would make it all the easier for those at Vote Tabulation Central to manipulate the vote totals without anyone having a prayer of detecting it.]

You can do your own search if you want. I did one on The Risks Digest site for the word “voting” --- and below I have “cut and pasted” the results of the search for “voting” so that our readership and those they forward these emails to can glance down it in case they need information or commentary on any particular subject listed.

There are also issues of volume 21 of The Risks Digest out, which is not reflected on the search engine yet. For instance, Volume 21, Issue 10 came out on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 and covers several issues on voting. It would be most interesting to see what has been written since and what will be written in the future in light of the Florida voting controversies.

Best Wishes – and we end this e-wire with a rather lengthy list of the articles related to “voting” found on The Risks Digest search engine.

Here are the results I got when typing in “voting” on The Risks Digest search engine feature:

Search Results for: voting

Volume 1 Issue 01

Volume 1 Issue 37
Re: IEEE TSE Special Issue on Reliability -- Part 1 

Volume 2 Issue 12
[BERLIN: Computerized Voting] 

Volume 2 Issue 13
Computerized voting 

Volume 2 Issue 16
volunteers to study security of computerized voting booths? 

Volume 2 Issue 17
Computer Voting Booths
 Data Encryption Standard 

Volume 2 Issue 18
Computer voting booths 

Volume 2 Issue 20
Low-Tech Computerized Voting 
Risks in ballot-counting systems

Volume 2 Issue 21
Computerized Voting Booths 

Volume 2 Issue 22
Voting receipt 
Re: Voting booths Computerized Voting 

Volume 2 Issue 23
Computerized voting 
Computerized voting 
Computerized voting 

Volume 2 Issue 24
Computerized ballot stuffing 
Progress report on computerized voting 

Volume 2 Issue 25
Canceling ballots 

Volume 2 Issue 26
Integrity of the Electoral Process 
Ballot Secrecy 

Volume 2 Issue 27
Ballot Integrity; Specialization in Decision-Making 

Volume 2 Issue 31
bounced mail - i bet that this is for y'all? [THANKS] 

Volume 2 Issue 42
"Computerized Voting -- No Standards and a Lot of Questions" 

Volume 3 Issue 29
Risks: computers in the electoral process 

Volume 3 Issue 33
Survey of Computer Professionals [REPLY TO KURT, NOT RISKS] 

Volume 3 Issue 34
Re: Survey of Trust in Election Computers 

Volume 3 Issue 42
Computer Vote Counting In the News [SOME NEW STUFF, SOME OLD] 
Volume 3 Issue 59
Report from the Computerized Voting Symposium 
Volume 3 Issue 90
(Voting) Machine Politics 
Volume 4 Issue 02
Computers in elections 
Volume 4 Issue 05
Computer causes chaos in Brazilian Election 
Volume 4 Issue 08
Re: Computer causes chaos in Brazilian Election 
Volume 4 Issue 11
Computerized voting in Texas - from 4-Nov-86 New York Times 
Volume 4 Issue 12
Gwinnett County Voting 
Volume 4 Issue 28
Call for papers - Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing 
Volume 4 Issue 58
The Sperry Plan, FAA Certification, and N-Version Programming 
Volume 5 Issue 42
Confusing Input Request in Automatic Voting Systems 
Volume 5 Issue 52
Program trading (Re: RISKS DIGEST 5.51) 
Volume 5 Issue 84
Missouri Court Decision on Computerized Voting 
Volume 6 Issue 04
More on Missouri Voting Decision 
Volume 6 Issue 21
Missouri Voting Decision 
Volume 6 Issue 23
Re: voting 
Volume 6 Issue 33
Computerized voting & punch cards 
Volume 6 Issue 81
Congress, computer breakdowns, and the SDI 
Volume 7 Issue 13
Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing - DIAC-88 
Volume 7 Issue 18
Re: N-Version Programming [response to Jim Valerio] 
Volume 7 Issue 31
Disaster Exposition 
Volume 7 Issue 54
IEEE approval voting 
Volume 7 Issue 70
Comments on the New Yorker article 
Volume 7 Issue 71
Comments on vote counting 
Volume 7 Issue 81
Computerized voting problems in Toronto 
NH State Republican Convention Computerized Voting Standard Resolution 
Volume 7 Issue 82
Troubles with automatic vote counting in Toronto 
Privacy vs UK vehicle-identification systems 
Volume 8 Issue 46
Volume 8 Issue 54
Election tampering and illegal surveillance 
Volume 8 Issue 60
Computer voting at Stanford 
Volume 8 Issue 62
Computer Voting (RISKS 8.60) 
Volume 8 Issue 70
Re: An Atlantis spacecraft computer problem resolved nicely 
Volume 9 Issue 09
Voters Left off Electoral Roll 
Volume 9 Issue 17
Training & Software Engineering, a reply... 
Volume 9 Issue 32
Keeping up with the [Indian(a)] Joneses in elections 
Volume 9 Issue 40
Rome: Operator error causes publication of wrong election results 
Volume 9 Issue 42
Re: "Computer Error" in Durham N.C. election results 
Volume 9 Issue 46
``Play it Again, Yonkers'' -- more election funnies 
Volume 9 Issue 50
Vote counting problems - experience in Michigan 
Volume 9 Issue 51
Computerized voting machine misbehaves 
Volume 9 Issue 61
risks of vote counting 
Volume 9 Issue 78
British tax tales 
Volume 10 Issue 22
Thailand computer system 
Volume 10 Issue 25
Re: Electronic house arrest units (Gong, RISKS-10.22) 
Volume 10 Issue 60
Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Volume 10 Issue 61
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Voting by phone risks in error 
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Re: Computer Mishap Forces shift in Election Coverage (RISKS-10.60) 
Volume 10 Issue 64
Re: Voting from home electronically (revisited) 
Voting (Re: RISKS-10.61) 
Voter registration isn't always pre-registration 
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Becoming over-sensitive to risks (vote by phone) 
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Voting by phone 
Voting from home (Re: RISKS-10.61) 
Re: Voting electronically from home (revisited) 
Re: Voting electronically from home 
Re: Election coverage software 
Volume 10 Issue 67
Voter identity and Dial-A-Vote 
Voting electronically from home 
Voting from home electronically 
remote voting: the Oregon experience 
Re: Voting (Re: RISKS-10.61) 
Re: Becoming over-sensitive to risks (vote by phone) 
Volume 10 Issue 70
Telephone Voting 
Voting Technology 
Volume 10 Issue 72
The topic that wouldn't die: telephone voting 
Voting Technology 
Re: Voting Technology 
telephone voting 
Volume 10 Issue 73
Re: The topic that wouldn't die: telephone voting 
Volume 10 Issue 78
Voting by Phone 
Voting by Phone 
Volume 10 Issue 81
Random Voting IDs and Bogus Votes (Vote by Phone) 
Re: Voting by Phone (RISKS-10.80) 
Volume 10 Issue 83
Re: Random Voting IDs and Bogus Votes (Vote by Phone) 
Voting by phone and buying votes 
Volume 11 Issue 01
Voting by Phone & public-key cryptography 
Re: Random Voting IDs and Bogus Votes (Vote by Phone) 
Volume 11 Issue 03
Phone Voting -- Really a Problem? 
Re: Voting by Phone (Ravitz, RISKS-11.01) 
Volume 11 Issue 05
Re: A risky gas pump 
Volume 11 Issue 08
Re: building very reliable systems 
Volume 11 Issue 09
Vote-by-fax plan before Legislature 
Volume 11 Issue 12
More on very reliable systems 
Volume 11 Issue 27
Examinations by Phone 
Volume 11 Issue 28
Census Bureau Seeks Changes 
Volume 11 Issue 31
The true risks of computerized voting 
Volume 11 Issue 32
Report on ACM's position on privacy (in response to Lotus Marketplace) 
Volume 11 Issue 37
Sierra Club and Electronic Voting 
Volume 11 Issue 38
Open forum on computer voting system standards 
Volume 11 Issue 42
Re: Computer Ballot Tally (Richard Wexelblat, RISKS-11.38) 
Volume 11 Issue 45
Computerized Vote Tallying report 
Volume 11 Issue 55
1st CFV: comp.lsi.testing 
Volume 11 Issue 69
Electronic Ballot Voted Out in World's Largest Democracy 
Volume 11 Issue 71
Voting By Phone 
Volume 11 Issue 75
Vote-by-Phone - Promises and Pitfalls 
Volume 11 Issue 76
Re: Voting by phone 
Re: Vote by Phone 
Re: Vote-by-Phone 
Vote-by-Phone ( Security) 
Re: Voting By Phone (Huggins, RISKS-11.71) 
Vote-by-Phone - Promises and Pitfalls 
Re: Vote-by-Phone - Promises and Pitfalls 
Volume 11 Issue 77
Vote by Phone (RISKS-11.76) 
Volume 11 Issue 78
Re: AFTI-F16 (RISKS-11.61, 62, 64) 
Re: Voting by phone 
Re: Voting-by-phone (RISKS-11.75) 
voting by phone 
Volume 11 Issue 80
Re: the FBI and computer networks 
Re: vote by phone 
Re: Voting-by-phone (Campbell, RISKS-11.78) 
Volume 12 Issue 02
Columbian Constitution 'lost' due to lack of data backup procedures. 
Volume 12 Issue 08
black boxes in autos for accident "facts" 
Volume 12 Issue 22
Volume 12 Issue 40
Bell V-22 Osprey - correct sensor outvoted 
Volume 12 Issue 41
Re: Bell V-22 Osprey (Wodehouse, RISKS-12.41) 
Volume 12 Issue 58
Re: Swedish election results were delayed (Minow, RISKS-12.56) 
Volume 12 Issue 60
Certified Voting Program 
Volume 13 Issue 44
Puzzle-box patent abandoned 
Volume 13 Issue 54
Voter-registration computers know best 
Volume 13 Issue 56
Vote-by-telephone disaster in Nova Scotia 
Phone-in Voting in Nova Scotia 
Volume 13 Issue 58
Update on vote-by-telephone disaster in Nova Scotia (RISKS-13.56) 
Volume 13 Issue 60
Houston Chronicle Crypto Article 
Volume 13 Issue 62
CPSR Challenges Virginia SSN Practice 
Volume 13 Issue 63
Voting by Phone in Nova Scotia 
Volume 13 Issue 71
Re: computer scoring at olympics (RISKS-13.69) 
Volume 13 Issue 72
Electronic Voting Machines Alert 
Volume 13 Issue 73
Re: Voting (Mercuri, RISKS-13.72) 
Volume 13 Issue 74
Voting machine failure reveals lack of backup plan 
Volume 13 Issue 84
15th National Computer Security Conference trip report 
Vote Early, Vote Often 
Volume 13 Issue 86
RE: Vote Early, Vote Often 
Volume 14 Issue 02
Voting Machine Horror Story 
phone voting in NM 
Volume 14 Issue 04
When "yes" means "no" (More voting screwups) 
Re: Voting Machine Horror Story (Stangenberger, RISKS-14.02) 
Volume 14 Issue 05
Voting fraud (is it an accident?) 
Papers accepted for AUSCRYPT'92 -- Schedule 
Volume 14 Issue 06
Re: Detecting Voting Problems (Stevens, RISKS-14.05) 
Volume 14 Issue 07
Re: POLL FAULTING recommended for RISKS folks (Baube, RISKS-14.07) 
Volume 14 Issue 10
Re: Election HW/SW Problems (Mercuri, RISKS-14.09) 
A rec.humor.funny post about voting machines 
Volume 14 Issue 11
Re: Computer Security Act and Computerized Voting Systems 
Re: Computer Security Act and Computerized Voting Systems 
Volume 14 Issue 13
Computerized Voting 
Volume 14 Issue 15
Name Confusion and Democratic Concept of Limited Government 
Volume 14 Issue 16
Name confusion and its implications. 
Volume 14 Issue 21

Volume 14 Issue 25

Volume 14 Issue 36
Third Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy, CFP 1993 

Volume 14 Issue 42
Technological Manipulations in Political Advertising 

Volume 14 Issue 61
Testimony to Boucher's House Science Subcommittee, 11 May 1993 

Volume 14 Issue 85
Re: Crash of JAS 39 Gripen 

Volume 14 Issue 86
NCSC 16 Announcement for RISKS 

Volume 14 Issue 87
InfoTech Security and Control, Conference Report 

Volume 15 Issue 20
Breakdown in computerised voter support, Oslo 

Volume 15 Issue 21
Re: Breakdown in computerised voter support, Oslo 

Volume 15 Issue 29
Not-voting-by-phone Boulder over 

Volume 15 Issue 31
Voting by Fax 

Volume 15 Issue 33
Review: "Digital Woes" by Lauren Ruth Wiener 

Volume 15 Issue 34
Re: Corrupted Polling, Inside Risks, Comm. ACM 

Volume 15 Issue 42
CFP'94 (fwd) 

Volume 15 Issue 46
Re: Clipper Petition 

Volume 15 Issue 47
Re: Clipper Petition 

Volume 16 Issue 14
RISKS in UK Election Voting Process 

Volume 16 Issue 15
Re: RISKS in UK Election Voting Process 
Re: Voting Systems - UK, US 
Re: RISKS in UK Election Voting Process (Rushton, RISKS-16.14) 
Re: RISKS in UK Election Voting Process 

Volume 16 Issue 20
Re: Scary (Denning on Agre, RISKS-16.18) 

Volume 16 Issue 22
Re: Risks of vote fraud (Rushton, RISKS-16.14) 

Volume 16 Issue 36
Politicians Join the Internet 

Volume 16 Issue 42
Re: Computer disk crash causes misprinted ballots 

Volume 16 Issue 43
Re: Mexico election (Sullivan, RISKS-16.36) 

Volume 16 Issue 44
Re: Mexico election (Sullivan, RISKS-16.36) 

Volume 16 Issue 52
Re: FEC Voting "Standards" (Jones, RISKS-16.52) 

Volume 16 Issue 53

Volume 16 Issue 56
Alberta vote-by-phone fiasco 

Volume 16 Issue 57

Volume 16 Issue 79
Telephone RISKS 

Volume 17 Issue 32
Voting by Phone in the Netherlands 

Volume 17 Issue 34
Re: Voting by Phone in the Netherlands (PAT, RISKS-17.32) 

Volume 17 Issue 37
Vote by mail 

Volume 17 Issue 50
Montgomery County, PA, experience with new voting machines 

Volume 17 Issue 56
Re: Montgomery County, PA, voting machines (Finegold, RISKS-17.50) 

Volume 17 Issue 72
The CDA: Has It Fallen? Can It Get Up? 

Volume 17 Issue 92
Re: jury duty (Bruhin, RISKS-17.91) 

Volume 17 Issue 95
A note on E-mail, e-mail, and email 
On-line vote-taker overwhelmed 

Volume 18 Issue 15
Security by accident 
Senate Hearing #1 on Information Security: GAO Report issued 

Volume 18 Issue 34
Re: Fault-tolerant software, "upgrade hell" (Nuri, RISKS-18.33) 
Re: fault-tolerant software for escaping "upgrade hell" 

Volume 18 Issue 40
Re: Karpov v. the Internet" game 

Volume 18 Issue 49
Re: Lexis-Nexis P-Trak (RISKS-18.44) 

Volume 18 Issue 77
The Millennium problem: another too-young case 

Volume 18 Issue 95
RISKS of analogy: Elections Canada and the Net 

Volume 19 Issue 05
Re: Elections Canada and the Net (Kabay, RISKS-18.95) 

Volume 19 Issue 06
NY City electronic voting machines: $20 million wasted 

Volume 19 Issue 08
Re: RISKS of Mail Merge for Ontario Tories (Brader, RISKS-19.07) 

Volume 19 Issue 17
Risks of paying attention to uncontrolled e-voting 

Volume 19 Issue 18 suspends poll (Re: RISKS-19.16) 

Volume 19 Issue 29
No Surfing on the Senate Floor (Edupage) 

Volume 19 Issue 46
College web surveys hazardous to your server's health 

Volume 19 Issue 73
Dutch ISPs forced by law to provide built-in wiretapping possibilities 

Volume 20 Issue 09
Organized mail theft in Seattle 

Volume 20 Issue 11
Electronic Vote Rigging? Shurely shome mishtake... 

Volume 20 Issue 48
Re: Garciaparricide in All-Star balloting? (RISKS-20.47) 

Volume 20 Issue 76
Computers, Freedom & Privacy 2000 Advance Program 

Volume 20 Issue 79
PFIR Statement on Recent Internet Denial of Service Attacks 

Volume 20 Issue 83
Arizona primary is first binding election with Internet voting 

Volume 20 Issue 84
Re: Arizona and Internet elections (Markowitz, RISKS-20.83) 

Volume 20 Issue 85
Re: Internet voting (RISKS-20.83-84) 

Volume 20 Issue 96
PFIR Statement on Internet Policies, Regulations, and Control 

End of the articles on The Risks Digest website related to voting. End 
of this e-wire

Jim Condit Jr., Director, 
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, --  via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Opinion Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . .

President Kennedy talked about this:
"If you make peaceful change impossible..... You make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

Go to to hear (or read the text) of the Radio Ads which aired in the month before the 2000 election over WLW Radio (which reaches into 38 states at night) and several other Midwest stations -- exposing the easily-rigged computerized elections which "elect" public officials in the USA, and also exposing the coordinated news and censorship of the 5 Big TV Networks. Thanks to Ken Lowndes for Congress, the radio stations were REQUIRED to air these ads. They're tough. They're "outrageous" -- and you've never heard anything like it on TV or Radio.

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day through Voter News Service, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true. (On Election Day, the people are barred from touching or counting their ballots; the election officials are barred from knowing what is in the software program that instructs the computers how to count the votes.) or -- you can go to either of those sites to subscribe to this e-wire list and signing in at the top or bottom near the topica logo, then answer confirming message) for a report about the recent Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention which took place Aug 25-27, 2000 and Action Steps. The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention was a great success in launching the beginning of a nationwide network to restore honest elections. See special report at updated and improved website. Go to:

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