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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

February 4, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
Election Officials Are Meeting

(Our game plan from now to 2004 and our prescription for a simple action that all can take – will be postponed a day or two. This ewire contains important news about the battle over how elections will be counted.)

Honest Elections Crusader Grant Noble sent the following article from the Associated Press about a big meeting in Washington D.C. this weekend. 

The article contains good news in so far as it is clear that the 50 Secretaries of State themselves are not hell-bent on nationally 
standardizing the election system. However, in the article, you can see that the Sen. Charles Schumer-led Votescam Syndicate is trying to “poke and probe” on how to maneuver the Secretaries of State into adopting the totally unverifiable, centrally -riggable systems. The article follows with our Network America commentary interspersed behind four stars (****) for easy identification.

It is worth reading because it gives a true picture of the current state of affairs.

Here’s the article:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Spurred by the memory of dangling chads, 38 of the nation's secretaries of state - including Katherine Harris of Florida -  are ready to recommend changes in the ways Americans cast their votes.

**** NA commentary: Katherine Harris, Florida’s Secretary of State who came under heavy media attack in the aftermath of Election Day 2000, said at the Inauguration night party for G.W. Bush and on Larry King Live recently that she had never heard of “chad” until the election problems began on November 7, 2000. Imagine that! This shows the level of ignorance most of these political operatives wallow in with regard to the systems they approve. Votescam investigators have been aware of the 
mysterious “chad” problem since 1980 or so. The late investigators and authors, James and Kenneth Collier, videotaped chad being punched out of thousands of election ballots ON ELECTION NIGHT at the Dade County, Florida Board of Elections on Election Night 1982. The punchers were members of the League of Women’s Voters who identified themselves on the 
videotape, and who were using sharp styluses to punch holes out of the ballots. The “chad” or little cardboard pieces that come out of the punchcard when the hole is punched out, were laying on the table and floor by the thousands on the videotape. Three years later, at the  invitation of this writer, the Colliers videotaped the same phenomenon in Cincinnati, Ohio – this time being performed with the use of common household tweezers. Harris’s comments about chad demonstrate that most of these election officials are relatively shallow, ambitious political operatives who accept the “expert” advice they get from the Mega-computer companies who are already advising their county when they take office. The Secretaries of State certify results in a fraudulent manner, because they have no idea whether the computerized results are true or false. HOWEVER, the good news is that most of these Secretaries  of State do NOT view themselves as enforcing the stealing of America and some of them may balk if they can be made to understand where the Votefraud Syndicate wants to go from here. The downside of these politicos is that they tend to not think for themselves and are willing to kill their conscience once they are “talked to” by party higher ups. Nevertheless, one or two Secretaries of State who balk can ruin the whole scheme of the Votescam Syndicate. -- End of commentary, back to article: 

Keeping the prolonged 2000 presidential election in mind, the National Association of Secretaries of State will release a report on election standards Monday at its winter conference, hoping to avoid uncertain election results like those recently seen in Florida.

The report, read in its draft form to The Associated Press over the phone Friday by one of its authors, makes 11 far-reaching 
recommendations and asks that the federal government provide the money to implement them. The resolution, which will be sent to Congress once it is formally adopted, recommends that states:

Conduct aggressive voter-education programs.

Expand poll worker recruitment and training.

Adopt and enforce Election Day rules and procedures to ensure equal treatment of voters.

Upgrade voting machines, equipment and systems as necessary.

Ensure equal and nondiscriminatory access to the elections system for the elderly, disabled and minorities.

Maintain accurate voter registration rolls and promote cooperation and communication among state governments as well as between the states and the federal government.

Ensure the integrity of the absentee ballot procedure.

Adopt and adhere to voluntary federal voting system standards.

Provide for continuous training and certification for elections officials.

Collect data and election information regularly.

Provide local election officials with increased allocations to implement the recommendations.

Nowhere in the report are there discussions of national uniformity in regard to voting standards, what constitutes a vote or endorsement for a particular voting machine or technology.

“That would be a veritable impossibility because of the millions and millions and millions of dollars (required). And then, of course, for us to pick one machine, one standard machine, it just doesn't make any sense,” said New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron, a member of the task force that wrote the report.

**** NA Commentary: The good news is that there seems to be a sentiment against national standardization at this point. Most of the recommendations are common sense. The request for Federal Funding is very bad, as it will be the first step towards national standardization. Bad news also is that there appears to be no thought of getting rid of computerized systems, only “upgrading” as “necessary.” Also bad news, although something we can probably not hope to deal with in legislation 
at this time, is the absurd suggestion to “insure the integrity of the absentee ballot procedure.” Absentee ballots are essentially “mail in” ballots and we contend there is no way to maintain integrity in this area. You either protect the vote of the legitimate voters by forbidding absentee ballots (military can be handled in other ways) so you can prevent the dilution of their legitimate votes (the price is disallowing sick and traveling voters the option to vote) – OR – you can dilute the vote of everyone by allowing absentee ballots and mail in ballots, at which point the public has no check and balance on the most unscrupulous 
element in each county system in manipulating, replacing, or adding to the real absentee ballots. The first option, which yields a verifiable count, at least maintains the integrity of the system. --- end of NA commentary, back to article:

She noted that the U.S. elections system comprises 200,000 polling places, 7,000 jurisdictions, 1.4 million poll workers and 700,000 voting machines.

**** NA commentary: Note that we use 1.4 million poll workers on election day – why not the same amount, or as many as needed on election night? The cost is irrelevant, as BILLIONS are being stolen or coaxed out of the taxpayers because we DON’T have honest elections. $5 Billions per year goes to the middle east state of Israel alone. Is our own country’s national security as important as Israel’s, or not? The votes could be counted by citizens at each neighborhood polling place for FAR LESS than $200 million on election night. Why do corrupt Votescam Syndicate mouth pieces and their stupid election official 
toadies balk at the “cost” of citizens' hand counts? Because SUCH ELECTIONS CANNOT BE CENTRALLY RIGGED BY THEM! – End of NA commentary, back to article.

Secretary of State Jim Bennett of Alabama, also a task force member, agreed that while uniformity is necessary within states, it is not vital across the country. ``I don't necessarily think any one voting machine and any one ballot might be appropriate for the entire nation. But certainly within states, uniformity ought to be encouraged,” he said.

The task force, which has four Democrats and three Republicans, includes secretaries of state from Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as the head of the Houston-based Election Center and the National Association of State Election Directors. That group also was meeting in Washington this weekend. Debate is expected to 
follow the presentation of the report; it's expected to reach its final form Tuesday.

Harris, the Republican political ally of George W. Bush whose election decisions benefited him during Florida's five-week vote-recount saga, made an appearance although her chief of staff had earlier said she had a scheduling conflict.

**** NA commentary: This is a little off point, but it is grossly unfair to report that Katherine Harris’s election decisions “benefited” W. Bush. With respect to deadlines and certifications, Harris did nothing more nor less than follow Florida law. She is not open to legitimate criticism on that. Her decisions in that respect benefited the rule of law. (BUT, the entire computerized vote counting system is a TOTAL and complete outrage against the rule of law, something apparently lost on 
Harris at this point.) End of Commentary, back to article:

During the four-day conference, some secretaries of state also plan to meet with congressional leaders and review various proposals for election reform being offered on Capitol Hill.

**** NA commentary: Oohhh! That sounds ugly; this is where the real trouble could begin. The Schumer-led Votefraud Syndicate is much more sophisticated, as a rule, than these politicos in the Secretary of State positions. Let’s hope and pray that one or two have integrity and vision – and will stand up for all of us! End of NA commentary, back to article:

The presidential nominee of the Green Party, Ralph Nader - considered by Some Al Gore supporters as the election's spoiler - will address the conference Saturday, as will a representative of John McCain, who challenged eventual victor Bush during the Republican primary and made campaign finance reform a cornerstone of his candidacy.

During the same session, NAACP representative John Johnson will discuss issues facing black voters, many of whom felt disenfranchised in the election.

**** NA commentary: this “black voters feel disenfranchised” scam, being pushed by the Big Media – is simply and totally without basis. The Jesse Jackson Brigade and its media backers in New York City have yet to produce the first black voter to testify that he or she was barred from voting. Meanwhile HUNDREDS of more responsible black spokesman at the regional level are censored out of publicity so that the Maxine Waters-Sharpton-Jackson crowd can help the Big Media Moguls ramp up the high tension quotient in America. Big Media Manipulators spotlight con-artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to provoke ill will and suspicion across the country. How amazing that these Big Media Devils can so thoroughly “grasp” and “explain” such non-problems in the voting arena, but can never quite “understand” the real problems with regard to our 
elections! Arrest the Big Media Moguls for subversion and treason, and as accomplices to Election fraud!  End of NA commentary, back to article.

The secretaries of state conference, which is in Washington, includes an exhibit of electoral equipment in which several companies hope to sell new technologies to the state elections officials. Among those businesses is Web Tools International of Newport Beach, Calif., and Election Systems and Software of Omaha, Neb., both of which are showing systems that would allow voters to cast ballots by touching their selection on a computer screen.

**** NA Commentary: Election Systems and Software is the largest company and the very one exposed by free-lance reporter Christopher Bollyn as having two-way modems in their machines. Of course these two Insider companies want us to vote on computer touch screens! There’s no paper trail and no way to check the computer software. If Americans accept this, then we will have to be classified as one of the most apathetic and just plain DUMB peoples in the history of the world. No people has ever had more access to information or more avenues to put pressure on their public officials. Although that pressure needs to take place in the form of  THOUSANDS of angry citizens attending county commission meetings and/or 
Board of Election's meetings and threatening consequences if the public officials BREAK THE LAW and continue imposing unverifiable vote counting systems. That’s what needs to happen, but will it? End of NA Commentary. Back to article:

Separately, the Federal Election Commission this week requested $3 million from President Bush and Congress to seed operations at the FEC's Office of Election Administration, which is in charge of helping state and local election officials develop standards.

****NA commentary: that’s really bad – the FEC is part of the corrupt Votescam Syndicate and many of the officials there over the last 25 years should be tried and convicted for their crimes against the populace with regards to the election systems they have been complicit in allowing and protecting.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, --  via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Opinion Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . .

President Kennedy talked about this:
"If you make peaceful change impossible..... You make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

Go to to hear (or read the text) of the Radio Ads which aired in the month before the 2000 election over WLW Radio (which reaches into 38 states at night) and several other Midwest stations -- exposing the easily-rigged computerized elections which "elect" public officials in the USA, and also exposing the coordinated news and censorship of the 5 Big TV Networks. Thanks to Ken Lowndes for Congress, the radio stations were REQUIRED to air these ads. They're tough. They're "outrageous" -- and you've never heard anything like it on TV or Radio.

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day through Voter News Service, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true. (On Election Day, the people are barred from touching or counting their ballots; the election officials are barred from knowing what is in the software program that instructs the computers how to count the votes.) or -- you can go to either of those sites to subscribe to this e-wire list and signing in at the top or bottom near the topica logo, then answer confirming message) for a report about the recent Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention which took place Aug 25-27, 2000 and Action Steps. The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention was a great success in launching the beginning of a nationwide network to restore honest elections. See special report at updated and improved website. Go to:

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