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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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February 19 , 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
Geshlider on Verge of Forcing Grand Jury for Every Americans’ Voting Rights!

Many of our Network America e-wires have to do with news commentary and reports of how the crooks have corrupted voting rights in America. That is all fine and necessary – BUT TO WIN WE MUST EVENTUALLY ACT.

This E-wire deals with an ACTION that we can all take right now. PLEASE read this e-wire carefully from beginning to end, print it out, and give or send it to other people who might be able to help – especially concerned and patriotic businessmen. This is one of the very most important ACTION ewires we have ever sent out. It may turn out to be the most important ACTION E-wire to date.


Dear Readers of Network America E-Wire:

Fixed Elections will be much closer to being a thing of the past, thanks to the efforts of Chuck “The Taxed Payers’ Watchdog” Geshlider, -- but we all need to help him see this through – especially those of us on this e-wire who understand what is at stake. He has caught the Election Thieves red handed. 

As you will recall, and as reported in the Network America E-wire, Chuck ran a race for Town Board of Pahrump, Nevada in 2000... and he is still unsure whether he lost or won.

Mr. Geshlider ran his race on one issue: to Assure Clean Elections. He was vote frauded out of his bid for County Commissioner in '98, possesses the proof, and has since pledged his life towards publicly exposing that event and doing whatever it takes to assure that Ballot Tampering will become a thing of the past in his County of Nye, Nevada 
(home of Art Bell), and in the United States of America as a whole.

In the November 2000 general election, there were 4 victorious candidates left after the Primary, squaring off for 2 town board seats. It was reported – by the County Clerk (who also doubles as election supervisor) -- that there were just under 10,000 voters who cast a ballot from the Town of Pahrump. This is known because there were referendum issues on the ballot solely for Pahrumpians – and just under 10,000 Pahrumpians on those referendum. (These referendum issues were positioned right under the Town Board race on the ballot. In other words, any one who saw the referendum issues, was confronted immediately with the Town Board choices, and specific instructions to vote for TWO out of the four choices).

The vote tallies showed there were less than 15,000 votes cast for the Town Board race . . . the implication being that over 5,000 Pahrumpians chose to vote FOR ONLY ONE CANDIDATE IN THE PAHRUMP TOWN BOARD RACE 

Is it possible that 5000 people in Pahrump – FULLY HALF OF ALL VOTERS -- gave up their right to vote for a 2nd candidate in the town board race??!!! 5000 Pahrump voters allowed the second candidate to be chosen by others? Preposterous! 

Imagine the nonsense the local media and the County Clerk, Sam Merlino, are expecting us to swallow without suspicion: a scenario where 50% of  the people, who were already there in the voting booth, gave up their right to choose the two candidates they were entitled to choose. Are they stupid, like the people in "Floriduh" who were supposedly too dumb 
to figure out a ballot that numerous bunches of 3rd graders executed without flaw?

Let’s think about this: The PUBLISHED result by the Elections Supervisor was that in the Pahrump town board race, the two establishment “insiders” – (anointed and handpicked precisely because they will look the other way in the face of corruption) – each received about 25% of  the votes cast (about 5000 votes each); Chuck Geshlider was credited with about 15% or about 3000 votes; the other outsider received about 11% of the vote, or just over 2000 votes. The Pahrump establishment, 
through mouthpiece Sam Merlino, as we said above, is claiming that 25% of the votes in Town Board Race were BLANK ---amounting to about 5000 of the votes left blank.

The elitists who are stealing our nation through rigged elections know no bounds . . . because they are unbridled.

Well, that's not the case in Nye County, Nevada. The TaxedPayers' Watchdog (TPW) Geshlider never quits. In the end of October 2000, I, Nick Landholt, National Chairman for Patriots Assuring Clean Elections (P.A.C.E.), and Mr. Walt Myers, Chairman for Constitutionalists Networking Center (CNC), came to Pahrump and Las Vegas for a strategy meeting. Mr. Geshlider explained, “I introduced them to Dann Weeks, General Manager of the Pahrump Valley Gazette, hoping for an interview. Instead I got the greatest news... the final piece to the 1998 VoteFraud puzzle in Pahrump.”

Background info includes that Ray Mallow, and honest and avowed constitutionalist, and a 1998 Sheriff candidate, did a mailing to what the Elections’ supervisor claimed as the registered voters list in Nye County. He purchased a list of over 18,000 names from then County Clerk, Arte Robb (who quit under duress, making way for current Elections’ supervisor Sam Merlino – who was appointed by outgoing, corrupt Arte Robb!). 

When 1998 Sheriff candidate Mallow mailed to this registered voters’ list in late August, over 3,000 were returned to Mallow as “undeliverable” – that’s 16% of every voter on the list! Mallow had suspected possible problems, so he had hand written all 18,000 addresses on postcards and letters, and spent the extra postage to mail first class so that phony or outdated addresses would be returned to him by the post office.

When the election results were published, honest Sheriff candidate Mallow “lost” in the primary. After some other interesting angle we must skip here to keep the flow of this thread, Mallow turned over the envelopes of the 3000 “undeliverable” addresses of alleged Pahrump voters to “The TaxedPayers Watchdog” Chuck Geshlider. It is fortunate for us that he did.

Because it was easier to crosscheck voters who had allegedly voted by absentee ballot -- against the “undeliverable addresses” – that was done for first. HERE IS WHERE CORRUPTION WAS IDENTIFIED.

24 names on nineteen “undeliverable” envelopes had “voted” by absentee ballot --- according to the corrupt Elections Supervisor, who was at that time Arte Robb.. 

As it turned out, one of these envelopes which was returned as “undeliverable” was for an alleged absentee voter named Jessica Evans. Here was strong indication that someone had stuffed the ballot box – voting for “voters” who had never requested, and never received, an absentee ballot. Geshlider strongly suspected that Election Supervisor Arte Robb was responsible for allowing the stuffing of the ballot box through this method of voting on unused absentee ballots. (Once these 
charges were made public by Geshlider over a local radio station on his “TaxedPayers’ Watchdog” radio show, Arte Robb, mysteriously up and quit her $70,000 a year job in November 1999 – citing too much stress. This cleared the way for Sam Merlino, the current Elections Supervisor in Pahrump, cut from the same cloth – and HAND PICKED by the outgoing 
(fleeing) Arte Robb.

FAST FORWARD: During a candidate interview in 2000, candidate Geshlider showed the “returned postcard” evidence of the 24 suspicious “absentee voters” from 1998 to Dann Weeks, identified above as the general manager for the Pahrump Valley Gazette.

It turns out that Dann Weeks knows one of the people on the “undeliverable” post cards -- Jessica Evans. Keep in mind, Jessica Evans’ name was reported as “voted by absentee ballot” on the official list of those who had allegedly voted in 1998 in Pahrump. 

It further turns out that, during my (Nick Landholt’s) visit to Pahrump on votefraud matters during the last week of October, 2000, newspaper man Mr. Dann Weeks reported to Chuck Geshlider – in the presence of Walt Myers and myself, that in the intervening months he had called Jessica Evans. NOW GET THIS: Jessica Evans said SHE DID NOT VOTE in the 1998 
Pahrump election, that she was not registered to vote in Pahrump, and – to top it all off -- she was not even living in town.... 

Now the story picks up real significance, and this is where we need everyone’s immediate help.

On November 6th, TaxedPayers Watchdog Geshlider took this information and evidence to Mr. Bob Beckett, the Nye County District Attorney (DA). The question before the District Attorney was whether there was more than one Jessica Evans in Nye County. If there was not – if there was only one Jessica Evans – then clearly someone illegally voted on her 
behalf --- illegally created a ballot “for her” – thereby stuffing the ballot box. This one example would be strong indication that hundreds, -- or even up to 3000 -- of such “created” absentee ballots had been used as one device to alter the election.

24 days later, on November 30th, 2000 Geshlider went back to the District Attorney and questioned him as to why it was taking so long just to see if there was more than one Jessica Evans in Nye County. 

Nye District Attorney Beckett told Geshlider that he would complete the investigation by Feb 1, 2001 – which was still three months away at that time. Beckett pleaded to Geshlider that the issue is very serious and that the investigation can’t be done properly if he publicizes an early finding. Geshlider told him Feb. 1, 2001 would be fine.

FAST FORWARD AGAIN: When Geshlider returned to the District Attorney’s office on February 1, 200l, Beckett presented to Geshlider papers showing that Jessica Evans was sent absentee ballots – and they were returned as undeliverable -- both in the primary and general election of 1998 – and yet she had not requested them at all. (So why did the Board 
of Elections send absentee ballots to her, if not to set the stage for ballot stuffing?) Beckett next presented to Geshlider from the Board of Elections a voters list which purported to show that Jessica Evans had not voted in 1998 at all. This contradicts the official list of the 1998 Nye county voters which was already in Geshlider’s hands since 1999. The original, UNDOCTORED list showed that Jessica Evans had voted, and even included an affidavit for her vote.

Mr. Geshlider met again with District Attorney Beckett on Feb. 2 to hand him the final piece of the puzzle – a copy of the original, UNDOCTORED 1998 Pahrump voters list. District Attorney Beckett, at this point, said, “Wow. We’re now dealing with tampered public records also.” He also asked Geshlider to give him two more weeks. Geshlider said fine. BUT . . .

At that point, Geshlider showed the District Attorney a letter from Robert Glennon, a local attorney, stating that he would take the case on behalf of Geshlider, Landholt and PACE (Patriots Assuring Clean Elections) for $2000.

Now Geshlider has seen the evidence that someone is tampering with Public Records . . . and we are publicly asking how/why are they sending out these Absentee Ballots to people who don't request them.

With this new addition to the cauldron, DA Beckett said he would have the full investigation complete by mid February.

Geshlider went back on the 15th of February and was told Beckett was in a meeting. The same scenario repeated the next day, and again Beckett was unavailable. Geshlider is still waiting for his phone call.

IT IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND HERE that Nevada gives the voters of Nye County -- and voters in all other counties in Nevada under 100,000 population -- much more power than voters have in most states. 
In Nye County, Nevada the voters – if stonewalled by public officials can convene their own grand jury by petition. The petition only need contain the signatures of registered voters amounting to 25% of the number of ballots cast in the last county election. In Nye County that would mean only about 2500 signatures to convene a Grand Jury to get to the bottom of this corruption!

NOTE WELL: This is an OPEN Grand Jury, meaning it could delve into anything it likes once convened. This Grand Jury could expand the investigation into all aspects of suspicious vote county activity in Nye County. THIS HAS NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS! We have to make a breakthrough somewhere – and the stage is set in Nye County, Nevada for that 

As stated above, P.A.C.E. is seeking to retain the services of an attorney, Robert Glennen, who for $2,000 will initiate a Grand Jury investigation into the matter. This includes convening the Peoples’ Initiative Grand Jury. Attorney Glennen promised to lead the investigation and take care of P.A.C.E.'s interest in this matter to conclusion for no more than an additional $1,000 even if it goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We believe that attorney Glennen can approach newly elected Judge Robert Lane, an avowed Constitutionalist (YES!!!) – and that Judge Lane will grant PACE the Grand Jury, -- which will save the money it would take to get the 2500 signatures from the voters. If so, the Grand Jury will be limited in scope. However, if we are forced to go the route of the 2500 voters’ signatures, a Peoples' Grand Jury is unlimited in scope, therefore we can indict with a broad stroke on any issue necessary. 
Either way, the $2,000 will be more than well spent.

Now, a little bit about Attorney Robert Glennen. He was one of 4 candidates in the same race in which Judge Lane was a candidate. Attorney Glennen was the only NON-government employee. He came in dead last in the primary and is smoldering with suspicion of VoteFraud (VF). Now, add the non-sense in "Floriduh" that made national news and Glennen is totally in the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count/PACE sphere of credence. He has licked his wounds and is ready to get back in the fray. 

NOW HERE IS ANOTHER IMPORTANT FACTOR IN OUR FAVOR TOWARDS AN IMMINENT VICTORY IN NYE COUNTY! PLEASE FOLLOW US HERE: Mr. Geshlider and Attorney Glennen were in conference in early January and they ran into Mr. Don Lee.

Don Lee is the gentleman who helped unearth the criminal nature of Arte Robb, then County Clerk back in 1998 when Mr. Lee ran for Sheriff. Mr. Lee and Ray Mallow, mentioned at the beginning of this e-wire – were both unsuccessful candidates for Sheriff in 1998 in Pahrump. 

After they had “lost” the 1998 primary for Sheriff, both unsuccessful candidates -- Don Lee and Mr. Ray Mallow -- demanded to see the unused ballots from the 1998 primary. 21,000 ballots had been printed in Nye County for 1998, and only 7000 were used in the primary. THUS, there should have been 14,000 unused ballots. Both Lee and Mallow smelled a 

Now, incredibly, when Lee and Mallow asked to see the unused ballots, which public officials MUST make available to contestants BY LAW – Arte Robb ILLEGALLY refused to let them see the unused ballots! This more than strongly suggests that some of the “unused” ballots were used by the Nye County Corrupt Insiders to make sure that THEY WIN, the public 

.The significance of Don Lee is that he is willing to testify to the Grand Jury. Don Lee is chock full of reports of VoteFraud from that 1998 election. He informed Attorney Glennen of all the things he is aware of and where he can get more information about the improprieties. Glennen is now loaded and ready to fire away!!!!!! 

If  PACE does not get satisfaction from Beckett (the District Attorney) immediately, the apparatus for a Grand Jury will be set in motion.

This is situation where the odds are heavily on the side of the good guys, -- FINALLY. We have the evidence; we have a constitutional Judge, and we have the District Attorney caught between a rock and a hard place, and we have plenty of involved witnesses who are willing to testify.

This is why we urgently need your help right now, while this window of opportunity is open. For ONCE WE WILL WIN. 

Chuck Geshlider deserves the help for what he has done so far. Unless you are on the front line, you need to support those who are on the front line. When you’re not effective, they don’t’ care. When you ARE effective . . . well, . . . lives of one or more of the good guys – now or in the near future -- may well be in danger in Nye, County.

So . . . Please . . . send your urgently needed contributions to this most important effort of national significance today. Send your contributions to:

c/o Nick Landholt, Chairman
8464 Carter
Overland Park, Kansas 66212

You can email Chuck Geshlider or Nick Landholt for more information at: PACE1776@ .

[End of Report from Nick Landholt and PACE (Patriots Assuring Clean Elections)

I would endorse the all out importance of this issue.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, --  via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Opinion Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . .

President Kennedy talked about this:
"If you make peaceful change impossible..... You make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

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