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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin
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March 30, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
How to Read the News – March 30, 2001

These “How to Read the News” sections are meant to help the extremely busy but interested American (that’s you) read the news being pushed by the Big 5 TV Networks.

I am also hoping to attract an ever larger group of Americans who will ACT together. We thank those of you who forwarded our last e-wire, “Victory in Colorado”, to important public figures. Please, everyone go back -- and use your “forward” button -- to forward that e-wire to some important public opinion molder – with a copy to us at – (action at votefraud dot org). 

We are preparing a document on our welcome page to list all those who have been sent that ewire – so they can’t plead ignorance on why internet voting is ridiculous. I’ll do an ewire on WHO has been sent that email by all of us put together, soon. Let’s not let any public official or media person plead ignorance on the excellent testimony given by Lotus and Dr. Charles Corry in Colorado – testimony which contributed to the defeat of a bill that would have moved Colorado closer to internet voting. Just use your forward button to be part of 
the fun!

In the “How to Read the News” features, I won’t always give all the “Whys and Wherefores” because I won’t always have the time – you can keep score in your head as time goes by. If we are right on how to read the news – over a period of time – maybe you might conclude we just might be right on what action we all need to take as opportunity arises. If I get something wrong, I try to remember and admit it in the future, and why I missed the call. Again, this analysis is NOT based on the Psychic Friends Network – but on clues coming over the Big Media.

Some of these issues are dreadfully dull to the busy American because the 5 Big TV Networks and their co-workers in the Senate are running a scam on the American people, so they don’t give you enough information 
to make it interesting. Hopefully our insights will “bring the news to life” for many.

1. President G.W. Bush will get his tax cut through in pretty much the form he wants. It is not that significant of a tax cut, -- and it does not, of course, in anyway address the subject of doing away with the IRS as a whole (which is what is needed). The W. Bush tax cut will give the gullible among the conservatives a chance to shout and cheer. As we stated during the 2000 election, this is a pre-coordinated concession by the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution in New York and Washington -- as part of the two steps forward (Clinton), one step back (W. Bush) 
program that is now underway.

2. W. Bush will absolutely not be allowed to do away with the inheritance tax (or death tax) as we predicted during the 2000 campaign. This death tax is one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx, as is the progressive income tax. It is a key way to defraud the Christian middle class. It is an essential tool (to the 
Ruling Elite) to cause a disconnect between generations within our families, in the event that one generation becomes successful. The idea is to keep the vast majority of Americans as close to serfs as possible, within the bounds of modern technologies and inventions. Most Americans are happy being serfs, even if very well off serfs, as far as creature comforts. Meanwhile, the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution protect their millions and tens of millions from generation to generation through little known laws, thus passing on a continuity of “Captains and Kings”, which constitute the current shadow government in the US and in the world. One economist I respect says there will be some relief on the inheritance tax for small businessmen and farmers --- I hope so, but must reserve judgment till it happens. 

3. NIGHTLINE has run key shows with multi-millionaires such as David Rockefeller’s son, and Bill Gates’s Dad, --- saying they LIKE the inheritance tax. This is to provide the W. Bush administration an excuse to reverse Bush’s strident campaign promise to do away with the death tax – and one Bush Administration official has already indicated they will not even try to do away with it. W. Bush will be convinced by the advisors around him that he must back off and settle for a severe compromise. The total hypocrisy of the multi-millionaires who have come on TV supporting the continuation of the Marxist inheritance tax – is that these people protect their wealth in elaborate trusts based on little known laws, and therefore are in no danger of losing their fortunes to inheritance taxes. The confiscation of family assets is reserved for the the real targets of the Marxist inheritance tax: straight shooters in the Christian middle class who can’t even conceive the evil of minds that would try to deprive a family of the father’s life work. The “joke” is still on us, -- but it’s no joke. (Marx was a writer, a pretty good reporter, who was hired by the Ruling Elite of that day to write the Communist Manifesto for them. Marx’s name didn’t 
even appear on the Communist Manifesto until 1873 – 25 years after he wrote it. Also, Pope Pius IX condemned Communism in an Encyclical in 1846, two years before Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto – proving Marx 
did not found Communism, but was picked to be its point man by the background bankersters.)

4. The McCain-Feingold bill is something the evil Ruling Elite really wants bad. The almost humorless “Manchurian Candidate” McCain cannot help betray an underlying sadness, even though the media tries to 
portray him as the funniest man since Will Rogers. As many of you know, McCain has used every soft money trick in the book to promote his “anti-soft money” bill. In 1974, the demonization of ole’ Nixon allowed the “reformers” to begin to put in place all the corrupt soft money practices which Clinton brought to fruition. Now McCain is using the inherent abuses in the “Watergate Reforms and later developments” -- as an excuse to vastly curb the right of “issue” groups to weigh in on issues during elections.

5. The campaign donation rules were also changed in 1974 to make the national parties supreme, and neuter the state and local parties, which are disgraceful shells of their former selves where the brain-dead and traitor-prone congregate.. I don’t pretend to be able to tell you right now all the evil edges to the McCain-Feingold bill – but I know it is a sleight of hand because of the forces backing it. Last night I saw votescam point man Sen. Charles Schumer standing furtively behind McCain and Feingold at a press conference, supporting them. That can never be good. Incidentally, in 1998, I called the winners on the day before the 1998 election --- with 100% accuracy -- in the top six or seven senate and gubernatorial races. One of those calls was that in Wisconsin Feingold would “come from behind” to defeat Congressman Neumann – who was a good man. Feingold, in my judgement, had to be kept in the Senate for the moment we are now witnessing. Of course, as long as good men like Neumann don’t protest easily rigged computerized vote counting - -they deserve to lose. Howard Phillips publications do the best job I’ve seen of detailing the real story behind McCain-Feingold and other campaign reform efforts. Let’s hope Congressman Tom Delay can defeat McCain-Feingold in the House, as he pledged to do on Meet the Press last 

6. Tim McVeigh: It is of vital importance that Tim McVeigh be put to death as the lone bomber for the Oklahoma City bombing -- just as it was essential that “Lee Harvey Oswald” be put to death so he could be blamed as the lone gunman in the John F. Kennedy Assassination. McVeigh has all the earmarks of another “Manchurian Candidate” brainwash victim to act as the Patsy. Micheal A. Hoffman has written about this on his website, Yesterday national radio news played a voice calling the 19 dead children in the Oklahoma City bombing as “collateral damage” – the listener was supposed to believe it was McVeigh’s voice – but it was not. Last night 20/20 on ABC did an interview with two authors who interviewed McVeigh. Again, as far as I could tell, McVeigh’s voice was never heard; we had to trust the Big Media chosen “two authors” for what McVeigh said. The Big Media is weaving a satisfying Fairy Tale for the American people with McVeigh as the lone villain, and the gullible Americans can experience “closure” (gag, gaaaag) when McVeigh is put to death.

7. The Oklahoma City bombing went bad for the Ruling Elite’s evil intelligence sqaud that pulled it off --- on a number of fronts:

a) Too much information leaked out about how there were more bombs and how the Ryder Truck story was not an adequate explanation.

b) The wanton cruelty of the affair enraged a significant minority of the American people against the criminal nature of the Ruling Elite that has usurped most of our government and media. Thus, not even Super 
Communist puppet Al Gore dared push gun control during the Presidential campaign.

c) The immediate attempt by Clinton (who was so grateful for this opportunity to come out and perform on stage as Compassionate Daddy – he was bursting with joy, almost like the glow a pregnant woman has, when he came out to announce his “dismay” with the Oklahoma City bombing, and that “we will find and execute the perpetrators” huff) – the immediate attempt by Clinton and the Big Media to blame talk radio and the NRA, and historian David Irving - -and who knows who else --- completely backfired and blew up in their face. Rush Limbaugh, quite frankly, did a good job and turning this around on the very big media.

d) The evidence against the “official story” became so voluminous, so fast, that the government bulldozed the rest of the Murrah Building and carted the rubble away where it remains behind barb wire fence and off limits to everyone. They did this under the pretext of “dangerous to the public” – even though they left another half torn building stand right behind it for weeks after. This was a cover-up to prevent the disproving of the Ryder truck story. There is not one architect who has published a paper defending the “Ryder Truck only” story to my knowledge. Numerous architect and demolition experts have published papers discrediting the Ryder Truck story. McVeigh was in the works somewhere – like Lee Harvey Osward was – but certainly was not alone. AGAIN, the cover up of relevant details by the 5 Big TV networks prove this was NOT a random act of violence, but a high level operation of the Ruling Elite, right in the heart of America -- as an act of physical and psychological 
aggression against the American people.

8. It is important that McVeigh, the Aryan White kid, is pinned with the most horrible act of domestic violence in US history. This is meant to send a message to middle America: “the enemy is us” – a little Tim McVeigh lurks in all of us, and we’d better be ready to take our daily dose of guilt trip from the 5 Big TV Networks – and they’ll tell us when we are doing something which indicates the “Tim McVeigh” is popping out of us – like if we get the idea to try to do away with the IRS, expose and put the Federal Reserve principals on trial, demand fairness in US 
mideast policy, or try to count our own ballots, etc.

9. Finally, I hope no one is buying that “times” and the stock market have suddenly, inexplicably, and by the inexorable rules of nature ---- gone bad since W. Bush got in. The evil Banksters at the Fed – the “world rulers of this darkness” use expanding or tightening the money supply as a tool to psychologically condition the American people. I must soon do a whole e-wire on this. Since the W. Bush years are “one step back” on the domestic front for the Ruling Elite, we are subtly being given the message that even little moves toward freedom bring economic hardship; please be aware that, as this ewire ends, I am absolutely asserting that Alan Greenspan and the FED are cynically and criminally manipulating our currency. Kudos to Bill O’Reilly of FOX for aggressively going after Alan Greenspan and the FED for their secrecy – O’Reilly is the first VISIBLE guy except Pat Buchanan who has stepped outside the bounds of what is allowed in the Big Media. (Ralph Nader will not touch the Fed in a serious way.) Permanent Revolution insiders Mike Kinsley of and Al Franken of Saturday Night Live fame, 
have attacked O’Reilly as a “liar” – which proves O’Reilly is causing real concern in the real halls of power. 

10. And another big “F minus” grade for hypocrite Al Gore for inviting Alan Greenspan to speak at his journalism class at Columbia University – and then stepping in -- during the questioning by the journalism students -- to run block for Greenspan so he didn’t have to answer any questions regarding what he is doing to the money supply and in regards to FED policy. THIS IN A JOURNALISM CLASS!!! O’Reilly of Fox is all over this also. Two students from that Algore Columbia University class, including Heather Nauer, have been on FOX to expose this incredible 
parody of an intellectual atmosphere being run by Al Gore and his bosom buddy co-conspirator Alan Greenspan. 

So much for now.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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