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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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April 21, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
 The Truth About the Energy “Crisis”

The bluntness of this e-wire will shock the eyeballs out of some heads. Others will be offended and quit the list. Others will say “Thank God somebody finally put it together and said it. And others will say – "who knows what"?

BUT FIRST: After the last Network America e-wire about the cover up surrounding Timothy McVeigh and the unsuccessful government operation known as “The Oklahoma City bombing” (unsuccessful because this deliberately staged mass murder in the very heartland of America did not stampede the American public into supporting the prepared “anti-terrorist” legislation, anti-Free Speech legislation, and anti-Second Amendment legislation in its wake), several readers wrote in and suggested a possibility I had thought about but had not dared say. 

They suggested the possibility that Tim McVeigh will not be killed in mid May, but that he will be put to sleep while the instruments show he goes dead – with the 160 or so family members of the victims watching via closed circuit TV to “validate” the execution. Under this theory, McVeigh is playing the part of patsy and is being told he will be put into a kind of witness protection program with altered identity. The reason this was suggested is that, according to these sources, McVeigh has requested “for religious reasons” that no autopsy be done on his body – and that the court has approved his request. If anyone can offer solid evidence on this point, I would definitely publish it right away. Such a request would be so ridiculous as to raise such suspicions. (Can you imagine? A man who wantonly murders 168 people -- suddenly has religious qualms about an autopsy!)

Time is short – so if anyone can document this “no autopsy” request by McVeigh, please do so with “McVeigh Autopsy” in the subject line so I will see it. The only thing I want to re-emphasize for now – is that McVeigh will not be allowed to speak to the public live, nor will any of his alleged audiotapes be made public. We are being told that McVeigh is being allowed 15 minutes a day to do press interviews. Who are these interviewers? What do you want to bet they are all the usual CIA 
approved suspects from NBC to Time Magazine. McVeigh will not be allowed to speak to the public, -- he might say something that doesn’t “fit.” However, my only feeling is that whatever McVeigh is being told, whatever role he thinks he’s playing – he will be killed on that execution table. If the “no autopsy request” story is true, -- it may have been done for McVeigh’s benefit.

Before moving to the energy “crisis”, I want to state again my revulstion at the sight of the the Big 5 TV Networks milking and 
shamelessly exploiting the stunned grief of the family members of the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing with their right hands, while covering up all the evidence of a government conspiracy around McViegh with the other.

On to the energy “crisis”:

There is one reason for our ongoing bouts with “energy crisis” since the 1970’s: the almost all powerful “Zionist” Lobby needs Americans to believe that “we must have oil from the middle east” so that we will be willing to send our sons and daughters to the middle east to defend the state of Israel against the Arab world.

In conjunction with this explosive revelation, the following points should be covered:

1. Before some of you start hurling the now diminished charge of “anti-Semitism” at this writer – please realize that there is a whole raft of intelligent, articulate Jewish groups and individuals who are adamantly opposed to the way the government of the State of Israel has been operating in the middle east, and the way its “Zionist” lobby arm operates in the United States. 

Researchers can go to the website: -- for starters. Then go over to the MER site --- – hosted by Jewish writer Mark Bruzonzky. Then find the book “The Zionist Connection” by Jewish author Arthur Lillienthal. Then go to -- which specializes in suppressed information --where you can find such first rate books as “Open Secrets” by Jewish scholar Israel Shahak and “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism” compiled by Palestinian activist Livia Rokach, which is based on the personal diary of the late Israeli mover and shaker, Moshe Sharett (who opposed many of the policies that were eventually followed by the Isreali government in the decades following 1948). Incidentally, the forward in this book is written by Jewish activist and Professor at MIT – Naom Chomsky.

I’m not sure any of the above sources have ever said -- or would agree -- with my analysis herein – but my point is that we are long past the time when discussion about and criticism of the state of Israel or the Zionist Lobby can be called “anti-Semitic” with any degree of credibility. Those who hurl that abused charge these days are almost always trying to prevent and open and honest discussion of important issues.

2. Why did I say in item #1 that the accusation of “anti-Semitism” was now diminished? It is because the strident and frantic partisans of the Zionist Lobby on the 5 Big TV Networks, such as Ted Koppel and Geraldo Rivera, ruined themselves when they tried to pin the charge on Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran. 

If you’re not familiar with Joe Sobran, America’s foremost and most talented columnist, -- you can catch up with him at – he had been a senior editor at Bill Buckley’s National Review for over a decade, when Buckley forbid him to write anything on the middle east – and then eventually fired him in an ignominious act of subjugation to neo-cons Irving Kristol (dad of the Weekly Standard Conservative Charlatan) and Norman Podoretz.

Pat Buchanan became the first voice in the United States of America since the inception of the Isreali state in 1948 to speak out in criticism of Israel, not apologize for that criticism, and survive in the public arena for more than a year or so. 

The book “They Dared to Speak Out” by former Congressman Paul Findlay details the type of smear terror and persecution that individuals from left to right have suffered for even one criticism of the state of Israel -- or of the so-called Zionist Lobby in this country. 

I am as disappointed as anyone that Pat Buchanan and the Buchanan campaign did not effectively combat the malicious censorship and burial of their message and campaign by the Big Media in last few months of the 2000 Campaign due to the failure to take up the coordination of news by the 5 Big TV networks and the issue of the centralized rigging of elections by computerized votefraud, and by the failure to use resources effectively to organize the grassroots troops along the lines of 
precincts and counties – but some of the harsh criticism being heaped on Buchanan fails to take into account WHY the Big TV Networks so thoroughly censored and attacked him. The “WHY” has to do with Buchanan’s stands regarding the Middle East, so called “Free Trade”, and our meddling New World Order foreign policy. The Big Media attempt to stick the well known, jovial, well spoken and manly candidate Buchanan with the “anti-Semitism” charge, -- all because he “dared” to disagree and criticize Israel and the domestic Israeli lobby on a few issues -- has just about made the charge meaningless. 

3. But, not to limit the evidence presented here to Jewish writers and researchers, I must also recommend the intrepid Michael A. Hoffman’s website and its “virtual museam” of what Israel is doing to its neighbors. While all of Hoffman’s material is at – you can go straight to the Palestinian picture section at: 

4. Due to the massive brainwashing which has enslaved most Americans on this issue, I felt it necessary to lay the above groundwork complete with impeccable scholarly works and citations – to at least establish for the fair minded that there are certainly two sides to this discussion. Only one side of this discussion is aired on the 5 Big TV Networks, and that’s the Israeli side and the so-called Zionist lobby’s side, albeit with ineffective, effeminate “opposition” from straw men like the pathetic former Senator Alphonse D’amato. To hide a real discussion of this issue is one of the key purposes behind the Ruling 
Elite’s promotion and/or toleration of Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, the FOX Cable TV News Network, and the Worldnetdaily website.

5. The utterly false interpretation of Holy Scripture by charlatans like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson has led millions of Americans astray, convincing them to look the other way regarding the evil doings of Israel and/or the so-called Zionist lobby here on our shores, -- on the basis that God will smite those who oppose “the Jews.” By this logic, the first One to be smited was Jesus Christ Himself (see St. John, chapter 8, circa verse 44).

6. And just to complete the circle, and to offend as many people as possible – as a Catholic laymen I cannot fail to mention the disgraceful occupants of the Catholic Bishops’ chairs in the USA -- who have proven they would rather avoid criticism and remain silent on the injustices in the Middle East, than stand up for honor and justice. (And let’s not forget the current occupiers of the Vatican itself, who have appointed all these men occupying the US Bishops’ chairs, and who continue to 
tolerate them.)

Onto the ongoing bouts of “energy crisis”.

In his book “This Age of Conflict” by the late Ivor Benson, he persuasively argues that the power structure in the western world since the 1920’s or so has been the Zionist Ruling Elite (the senior partners) and the Anglo-American establishment (the displaced senior partners, now the junior partners). 

He further argues that the Zionist faction became the “senior partners” during the 1920s because they had the spiritual energy of a world vision, while the Anglo-Establishment had degenerated into a collection of powerful families interested primarily in money and power for themselves. (Another relevant book by Ivor Benson is “The Zionist Factor.”)

Benson does not link the Anglo-American establishment to the secret society of Freemasonry, but I will do so here so that the “glue” which holds it together – in conjunction with money and power – will be laid in public view. This is a subject for another day.

Do you remember in 1976 or so when the President Carter crowd started turning somersaults because the snail darter or some such creature was allegedly in danger – so they had to STOP the Alaskan pipeline. Remember that? Pastor Lindsey Williams was the Chaplain on the scene for those men working on opening up the Alaskan pipeline in the 1970’s -- and he 
wrote his incredible eye witness reports in his book, “The Energy Non-Crisis” – which is still available on and perhaps elsewhere. Here is some of the material in the introductory parts of  that book:

Pastor Williams speaking: After only one week on the North Slope of  Alaska, Senator Chance had said to me, “Almost everything said to me [about the energy crisis] by those briefers from Washington, D. C. was a lie.” . . . 
[After proving the find at Gull Island an ARCO executive] went on to say, “Chaplain, America has just become energy independent!” . . . The energy crisis had just come to a screeching halt -- this ought to hit the front page of every newspaper in America . . . but before an announcement was made the government forced them to cap it and seal the records which documented the find...WHY!?” (End of quote from introductory words to “The Energy Non-Crisis” by Pastor Lindsey 

I personally heard Pastor Lindsey Williams speak at Holy Family Monastery in Berlin, New Jersey, circa 1994.

Quite frankly, I don’t know if Pastor Williams ever put together the “why” of that incredible event and the subsequent swift and brutal government and media cover-up. But I will tell you here. The Zionist Lobby and its allies in the Trilateral Commission and Big Oil Companies could not afford to allow the United States to become energy independent through the massive quantities of oil and natural gas in Alaska, or in the Gulf of Mexico.

Furthermore, the United States of America would not be allowed to develop safe and clean nuclear energy, as is powering so many countries in Europe. Why?

Because the Zionist Lobby doesn’t need the countries of Europe, nor does it trust the people in the countries of Europe, to be the strike force for the Isreali state in the mideast. It needs and uses the United States to fill that role.

So every manner of SILLY excuse has been propounded to prevent America from becoming energy independent. We must protect the snail darter, the “this”, the “that” --- NOW, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against protecting any such wildlife that may be so threatened. I just don’t believe any such wildlife is so threatened by drilling for oil in a few places, or running a pipeline from here to there.

Notice the clue above that the Ruling Elite was involved: all the Big TV networks, and all the absolutely disgraceful Big Daily Newspapers suppressed the find witnessed by Pastor Williams. There’s the clue that something is amiss. There’s the clue that a vicious conspiracy is afoot against the American people.

Now, in the news, we are told that the “Environmentalist” movement is so powerful that it “forces” this and that to happen. We are told that the Environmentalist movement has kept California from building nuclear power plants to avert the current energy “crisis.” . . . 

Do you want to know how powerful the environmental lobby is?? Look at Seattle. Look at today in Canada.

When the environmental lobby comes up against the Ruling Elite – up against the World Trade Organization (WTO) or some form of a NAFTA or GATT so-called Free Trade agreement, -- they get smashed like a bug. The police are called out to guard the “movers and shakers” of the hoped for New World Order, the environmentalists are portrayed as whacked out 
crazy nutcase anarchists (some of them are) – and they are sent packing without consequence. That’s how “powerful” the environmentalists are.

The “Green” movement and the environmentalists are used as a cover for the real reason why energy solutions are thwarted – to keep America dependent on middle east oil. And why must America be kept dependent on Middle East oil? So that duped Americans will believe that we must be willing to station our soldiers over there to “protect the free flow of oil” – when the real reason is to side with and protect the state of Israel, especially in its expansionist phase -- which is straight ahead. (The Sharon faction of the Israeli government believes they have a right to a much larger portion of the land, so those who like to flirt with 
the next Great War – by all means continue to turn a blind eye to the aggression of the Sharon forces in that part of the world against the Palestinians and anyone else in the way.

In the meantime, the allies of the Zionists in the Big Oil Companies (I think Dick Cheney fits in here, with his year 2000 $36 million income -- just revealed last week) are making RECORD PROFITS as the same time rolling black outs and brown outs are being imposed in California, as a test to see if the nation as a whole will tolerate such artificial manipulations. (If this message gets wide enough circulation, you can expect to see all talk of black outs, brown outs, and energy crises stop for the foreseeable future.)

And how about the laws in California that allow the prices to rise TO the California power companies, while capping the prices those same power companies can charge the public? Talk about a contrived formula for certain bankruptcy -–which at least one of the California companies have filed for!!! And while this California power company is declaring bankruptcy – the BIG OIL COMPANIES ARE POSTING RECORD PROFITS !!!!

And how about the incredible fluctuations in gas prices. $1.29 this week, $1.79 next week, $1.59 next week – and all the gas stations in each area raising and lowering prices in tandem! And while prices are high in Ohio, they are low in Georgia, and then go through the roof when you cross the border into Florida! It appears the Big Oil companies set parameters for each region, and then the regional companies in each state operate within those narrow and every changing guidelines. 

Hey! I’m not against free enterprise, I’m against ensconced monopolies working in tandem with the federal government to stifle free enterprise – and that is what is going on in the oil business, the natural gas business, and the energy business in general.

Nor do I believe that the current high oil and energy prices are necessary. The phase has come to reduce the American middle class even further into a bunch of debtors. In this unprecedented age of material prosperity, the manipulation of money, unnecessary taxes, usurious interest rates, and monopolies or near monopolies on vital resources – sink America’s middle class ever deeper into debt.

Time out: For the visionary and the scientific minded, the day is coming when the suppressed inventions of Nikola Tesla (find his inventions by punching in his name at the search engine) will be made known and available to the public. Tesla worked for Thomas Edison – but financiers such as Jacob Schiff decided to fund Edison’s inventions because they could make recurring big money, where, credible sources say, the full development of Tesla’s inventions would have made each family self-sufficient with virtually free energy through the use of the electro-magnetic laws of the universe. Also, you visionaries and 
scientific minds out there, -- consult the book “Alternative Science: Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment” by Richard Milton. The chapter about the war against the cold fusion experiments of Professor Martin Fleischmann of Southampton University and Professor Stanley Pons of the University of Utah – is worth price of the book, as are the chapters on how the early flights of Orville and Wilbur Wright were treated by the press, as well as the invention of the television. The website has more on the cold fusion experiments. End of time out.

This last section has nothing to do – directly -- with the current power shortages, but I don’t know when I’ll write about energy again, so hopefully this information will reach brighter scientific minds who can help do something with it towards decentralizing energy production.

Well, a lot more could be said – but now you know why so many absolutely silly and absolutely ridiculous reasons are put forth to mask the real reason behind the frustration of America becoming energy self sufficient on our own continent: it is because the real reason cannot be said. If the real reason was said out loud: We, the Zionist lobby, our allies in the Big Oil Companies, and in the Big Five TV Networks, must keep you Americans dependent on Mideast Oil so you will send your sons and daughters over to the mideast to fight for Israel against the Arab world – a healthy, peaceful, but irresistible revolt would finally be underway in these United States.

The answer remains the same: arrest the heads of the five big TV networks, and put them on trial for treason (ABC, CBS, and NBC would also be put on trial for corruption of minors due to their deplorable prime time offerings); arrest Alan Greenspan and all the owners of the privately held Federal Reserve Board, and put them on trial for treason and theft against the American people. Finally, institute an honest money system, in which all money was brought into existence interest free (to the nation), in the light of day so that all can see what is being done and why, based on the productive capacity of the nation, and 
with a dollar having a fixed value, such as being equivalent to so much gold, so many dozen eggs, or any other fixed value of real goods.

Until enough Americans find out about these problems and these solutions as explained above, then everyone had better prepare to enjoy high gasoline prices, rolling brown outs, and periodic wars.

And does anyone still reading believe that this Ruling Elite can risk the danger of honest, verifiable elections? Risk the potential of the catastrophe of paper ballots, ballot box, hand counts, and scrutineers – conducted by the voters in each neighborhood precinct? NO WAY! The Ruling Elite wants unverifiable centralized elections, conducted by off-limits computers and preferably over the internet, with no paper trail – so that all of us must look with mouth agape at TV anchors who will tell us the election outcome – as provided to them by the friendly folks at election command central.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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