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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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April 24, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
 Bad News from Georgia on Touch Screen Voting

I am sitting on all kind of items like the one below – actually I’m not sitting on this one, because I’m sending it out immediately. Here is the item, sent out by one of the movers of P.A.C.E. (Patriots Assuring Clean Elections)

Beginning of item:

Is Indiana next?

I just read a Washington Post article by David Broder in my Sunday paper yesterday 4/22/01 that on 2/18 “Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes, a Democrat, signed legislation requiring that every precinct in the state install up-to-date, touch-screen voting machines by the next presidential election. Officials at the National Conference of State Legislatures said it was the first such measure enacted this year.”

Now, see what I mean when I say we're running out of time?

By the way, let me give a clue to the patriot-types who think we won't have elections in 2004, 2008 or whatever. The UN-NWO types wouldn't be that stupid to alert the gun activists and militia. The plan is to have totally electronic voting with no paper trail.

Then what are you gonna do?

Folks, it's still Ballots or Bullets. With no ballots in 2004, 2008 or whatever, what do you think is the alternative?

/s/ Nick Landholt

End of item

NA Comment: 

Nick is absolutely right that the Ruling Elite is NOT – NOT – NOT going to do anything INCREMENTALLY to upset the brain-dead majority. There is not going to be any announcement that “the elections are off” unless the American public is first disarmed. Remember all those dire predictions that Clinton wasn’t going to leave office? Such predictions treated Clinton as if he really was the power behind the throne, when he was merely the puppet on the throne.

A reliable report has reached me that in the aftermath of a serious tornado in the Midwest a while back – the feds were shocked – yes, SHOCKED, at the amount of ammunition that was on the ground in the aftermath of the tornado’s path. That ammunition had been stored in the homes of American citizens. So there is not going to be any incremental announcements regarding the end of constitutional freedoms at this time.

But Mr. Landholt lays bare the agenda above. Yes, we already have elections in almost every county in which the people are not allowed to check the paper trail – but in most counties there still IS a paper trail. The Votescam syndicate is moving to doing away with a paper trail, and to centralize the controlling computer to a single room somewhere, with perhaps regional satellite computers (all of which will be unknown to the public, and never announced to the public).

As we have said before, the Modernized Oligarchy knows it is bad form to install a Dictator and then say – DO WHAT WE SAY – OR ELSE! They know is it “cool” to install a perfectly riggable voting system, such as touch screens with no paper trail, give their favored candidates a big Media Build-up, replete with some criticism to make it all look real, as well as to keep the puppets off balance and maleable – and then elect the chosen officials – and then say: “We are only doing what you have asked us to do! We are only doing what you demanded at the last election!”

Nick is also right that things are getting real serious. The “Communist” or “Monopoly Capitalist” or “Fascist”-- (let’s not split hairs, all three concepts were conceived and promoted by the same crowd of International Banksters and their hired writers (such as Karl Marx, Communism, Karl Ritter, National Socialism, and so on) -- regime is moving rapidly towards their goal in the Americas and Europe – Asia is a bit more of a problem, for several reasons, including the fact that the Chinese Communist regime is wanting to hold on to Communism – against the will of the Banksters, who want it to become another Monopoly 
Capitalist plucking zone, like the US and Europe are becoming.

When you combine the consolidation of every major area of human economic activity under a few chosen super companies, with the Fake Elections conducted by easily rigged computerized touch screen systems, internet, or phone voting – with no paper trail and no citizen checks and balances – you have two powerful prerequisites for a de facto dictatorship in all essentials.

The rule for the future of mankind, if these Ruling Elite banksters get their way (and I don’t believe they ultimately will) – is “Lust, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll --- high taxes, high usury rates, and remove and isolate dissenters from the general population.” 

In other words, you will be allowed to go to McDonald’s and rent your favorite Hollywood Movie, -- and go on vacation to the refuge of your choice ---- but you will NOT be allowed have any real say in what is going on regarding the direction of the world.

That’s if they get their way – and I don’t believe they will. But as they move closer to their goals, ESPECIALLY as they move towards running open, obvious MOCK elections – more and more Americans will be willing to listen to what’s going on, and somewhere along the way – we will get our break, or breaks.

Our job now is to alert and prepare as many truth-seeking Americans as possible.

One final offering: Isn’t it amazing that the Ruling Elite has been able to find so many brain dead and / or traitorous puppets like Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia, Governor Taft of Ohio, Governor Patton of Kentucky, Governor Davis of California (fill yours in here: _________ ) etc. etc. etc. ??

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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