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June 11, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
More on the McVeigh / Oklahoma Cover-up

As accurately predicted on this e-wire last night, released to this list 
five hours before the execution -- McVeigh said nothing to the world 
when he had the opportunity to address the world wide forum right before 
his execution. Instead, he allegedly ordered the prison authorities to 
pass out a copy of the famous poem “Invictus” written by William Ernest 
Henley more than a century ago, which some news sources reported was 
passed out AFTER McVeigh was pronounced dead.

At the end of this shorter e-wire, there is the treat of Micheal 
Hoffman’s offering on the affair McVeigh.

The strategy of authorities to ruthlessly keep McVeigh from speaking 
directly to the public without an establishment filter -- held till the 
very end. Was he even told that he would have an opportunity to say 
final words to the onlookers? Did he know that the poem “Invictus” was 
being passed out in his name? Did he view himself as playing an assigned 
role in this whole incident, and would be merely put to sleep – and 
given another identity? Or did he expect to be killed? Was he killed, or 
wasn’t he? (While I don’t take this last possibility seriously at this 
point – no less a light than Colonel Bo Gritz stated on Chris Matthews’ 
Hardball on CNBC tonight that one observer claims to have seen McVeigh 
still drawing very shallow breathes after he was pronounced dead. Gritz 
was saying this in mild mocking and clearly NOT buying it himself, 
adding – “this thing is going to grow like the Kennedy Assassination.”)

Get this! According to MSNBC in the overnight news on June 12, 2001, 
--McVeigh has already been cremated (allegedly) at a funeral home in 
Terre Haute, Indiana! The truth about his cremation does not exactly 
provide the kind of irrefutable proof of McVeigh’s death I would have 
hoped for. Some news outlets said his body would be released to his 
family for cremation. NOT TRUE! Strangely, none of McVeigh’s family was 
even in the city of his execution. 

Take a look at this article from the May 4, 2001 Washington Post by Lois 
Romano: “After he is declared dead by a coroner, his remains will be 
released to Nigh for cremation. Nigh said that he will never reveal 
where McVeigh wishes the ashes to be scattered, but he denied rumors 
that McVeigh has requested they be left at the site of the bombing.” NA 
comment: Robert Nigh was one of McVeigh’s government approved attorneys. 

I don’t trust any of these government approved attendants around 
McVeigh. Why the rush to cremation? Kind of reminds me of rushed 
cremation of JFK Jr. and his wife, and her sister – at sea. 

Some of even the most faithful readers of this e-wire may feel it down 
right wacky to even raise the possibility that McVeigh was not killed 
today; I believe he was, although I do consider it a real possibility 
that he was double crossed by his handlers. I don’t see any percentage 
in the Powers-That-Be keeping him alive. 

All I know is that the depth of deception and cover-up being practiced 
by the Shadow Government and their Big Media in this matter causes all 
kinds of wacky questions to occur to my mind. 

The thorough gagging of McVeigh from speaking directly to the public -- 
is reminiscent of the placing of Adolph Eichmann in a glass, soundproof 
cage during his 1961 trial in Israel. Adolph Eichmann was the Nazi 
official in charge of the concentration camps. He was prosecuted for his 
part in the Third Reich in a 1961 trial in Israel after being captured 
by the Mossad (Isreali version of the CIA) in South America. 

The world was told Eichmann was kept in a glass cage because he deserved 
to be treated like a caged animal – of course a cage with bars would 
have more effectively gotten that message across. 

The real reason for the sound proof glass cage was so that the Israeli 
officials could cut off the sound at a moment’s notice if Eichmann 
started to say anything outside of the approved the World Revolution 
Party Line about World War II. 

Eichmann was instrumental in working with high level Zionists (at that 
time the future leaders of the Israeli state such as Ben Gurion and 
Menachim Begin) in the 1930’s to terrorize everyday Jews into leaving 
Europe for Palestine, as a prelude to the Zionist takeover of Palestine 
in shortly after World War II in 1948. 

Eichmann spoke Yiddish, visited Palestine numerous times during the 
1930s, called himself a Zionist according to several participants in 
that era, and was instrumental in setting up training camps in various 
parts of Europe for the Israeli commandos and “freedom fighters” who 
would be used in the brutal invasion and takeover of Palestine in 1948.

Hennecke Kardel, author of “Adolph Hitler: Founder of Modern Israel”, 
himself said to be an Austrian Jew by at least some authors, insists 
that Eichmann was himself Jewish. In any case, Eichmann, a player in the 
World Revolution at the beginning of his public career, had run afoul of 
the winning faction and was to be punished – but not allowed to say 
anything in public that would give the world a clue about the hidden 
side of World War II. (You see, you never know WHAT you’re going to find 
out when reading the Network America e-wire! For those interested in 
this forbidden territory of historical inquiry, see “The Transfer 
Agreement” by the Jewish scholar Edwin Black; “Perfidy” by Jewish 
Hollywood producer Ben Hecht, written in 1961; and “Zionism in the Age 
of the Dictators” by Jewish author Lenny Brenner, available at 
– amidst numerous other works on the Nazi / Zionist collaboration to 
force the everyday Jewish people out of Europe and down to Palestine 
during the 1930s and even during World War II. ) Back to McVeigh --

As Eichmann was a key player in the World War II drama, McVeigh was in 
the inner workings of the Oklahoma City bombing project – but, as a 
patsy, he clearly not going to be allowed to have the chance to say 
anything in public that would contradict the World Revolution’s Party 
Line on the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Everything he “said” to the public in the last 5 months was passed 
through one of the establishment’s human filters --- all of it was 
hearsay – none of it would be admissible in court. But the 5 Big TV 
outlets swallowed it whole and without question, as Gospel Truth itself.

The only thing I saw McVeigh himself say through this whole period was a 
replay from a Sixty Minutes interview from a few years ago in which 
McVeigh said, “It was terrible that there were children in that 
building.” Keep in mind, McVeigh never admitted his part during his 
public trial, or at anytime – until he “confessed” in the dubious book 
“American Terrorist” by the Fedgov approved weanies Lou Michel and Dan 
Herbeck – if you want to believe that. I don’t believe it because ABC, 
CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX all said that McVeigh’s confession in the Michel / 
Herbeck book was “what the American people had been waiting for.” 
Actually, it was what the Ruling Elite had been waiting for – to plant 
in the public mind that McVeigh had confessed to the absurdity that he 
was the lone bomber, with Terry Nichols as a remote helper.

Before going to the Hoffman piece, let’s recall the FBI’s sudden finding 
of 3000 plus documents in the McVeigh case a week before his first 
scheduled execution on May 16th, 2001. I could not comment on this 
absurd “find” because we had been knocked off the internet at that 

Many of you may have missed that it leaked out during that week that the 
FBI knew of these 3000 found documents, -- which they released a few 
days before the first scheduled execution of McVeigh, -- since January 
27, 2001 !!! Attorney General Ashcroft came out within hours to make 
sure the McVeigh execution would be postponed for a month, as was the 
purpose of the FBI “find.” Further, it was revealed that these documents 
were found at no less than 36 FBI offices around the country! What was 
the scenario? One FBI agent saw a box in Oklahoma City. “What’s this? 
Oh, my gosh, call Cincinnati and St. Louis and see if our offices there 
have any unmarked boxes sitting around with McVeigh documents in it.” 
How absurd.

A few comments and questions: The FBI clearly “found” these documents to 
postpone the McVeigh execution a month, to better focus public attention 
on it, perhaps to test the public opinion waters with more polls, to 
give the casual observer the impression that the FBI was being oh-so 
overly fair to McVeigh -- instead of orchestrating the cover-up, and to 
give the Fedgov and Big Media more time for damage control to quell 
those nasty “conspiracy theorists” who won’t ignore facts such as those 
in this e-wire.

Quite frankly, if I had been on the internet – I would have made the 
wrong prediction that the McVeigh affair would have been dragged out for 
months. I would have thought the Ruling Elite would have taken much more 
time to try and quell suspicions of the Fedgov’s involvement, perhaps 
even indicting another person. I personally think they have made a 
mistake by doing away with McVeigh so soon. Incidentally, if the FBI was 
holding all these documents back, why would anyone think they would 
release anything of a critical nature regarding all the information they 
are suppressing?

To rub salt in the wounds, the Big Media is parading “Alice the Goon” 
Reno, the Butcher of Waco, -- all over the tube to give her unctuous, 
prozacked pronouncements. At the very least, Reno should have been on 
the table next to McVeigh today to pay for her overseeing of the burning 
of the children at Waco.

McVeigh’s first attorney, Stephen Jones, has been about today on FOX and 
MSNBC reminding the country that a ninth unidentified leg was found in 
the rubble of the Murrah Building. Eight victims who had legs amputated 
were identified and matched with their severed legs. A ninth leg – in 
MILITARY FATIGUES – was never identified. Wwweeeeeeelllllllllllll --- 
how interesting. What could be the explanation of this other than that 
one of the bombers was caught in the crossfire, and given medical 
attention under the radar by a well connected intelligence community. 
Any other possible explanations of this odd-man-out leg? (Incidentally, 
while, thanks to 24 hours news stations, and reporters and talk show 
hosts who are not overtly part of any cover-up, incongruous facts like 
this are thankfully reported – but the coordinated NEWS line never 
varies on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX.) 

The Oklahoma City Bombing was an operation of our evil Shadow 
Government, with the purpose of moving the nation toward accepting the 
abridgement of the Bill of Rights. McVeigh was the designated patsy. The 
Oklahoma City bombing, targeting totally innocent people far removed 
from any wrongdoing at Waco, Ruby Ridge, or anywhere else, -- was 
calculated to make all decent minded people recoil in horror, and to 
cause the shallow to equate criticism of the evil Shadow Government, -- 
which runs the Big Media and so much of the Federal government, -- to 
equate criticism of the encroaching, alien Fedgov with such senseless 
acts of cruel violence.

And that’s as good a note as any to move to a close of this e-wire with 
the Michael Hoffman article; more of Hoffman can be found at – The article’s title is:

Six Suppressed Facts about McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing

Copyright ©2001 by Michael A. Hoffman II

1. McVeigh was a U.S. Government agent. To the end he has supported the 
ridiculous government line--that there was no conspiracy and that an 
ammonium-fertilizer truck bomb alone caused the enormous damage to the 
Alfred E. Murrah building. McVeigh also displayed "Masonic apoplexy" -- 
he asked to be executed.

2. Carol Howe was an ATF informant who overheard McVeigh and his 
numerous unindicted accomplices plotting to blow up the Alfred E. Murrah 
building. She told her ATF supervisor about the bombing before it 
occurred. Federal Judge Richard Matsch prohibited Howe from testifying 
at McVeigh's trial, saying her testimony might "confuse" the jurors. 

3. The FBI refused to investigate McVeigh's possible co-conspirators: 
"Witnesses also believe (Gregory) McCrea and (Chevie) Kehoe met Timothy 
McVeigh at the Shadows Motel shortly before the April, 1995 Oklahoma 
City bombing . . . A former manager of the motel has reported seeing 
McVeigh visiting Kehoe there a few weeks before the Oklahoma City 
bombing. . . . But the possible link between the Shadows Motel, Kehoe 
and McVeigh has been given little, if any, attention by the FBI . . . 
With McVeigh and his friend Terry Nichols convicted of the Oklahoma City 
bombing, there is reluctance to reopen the investigation, federal 
officials say." ("Spokesman-Review," April 11, 1999, pp. B-1 and B-6. ). 
Editor's note: Kehoe killed gun dealer William Mueller because Mueller 
had knowledge of the conspiracy behind McVeigh. Kehoe told the manager 
of the Shadows motel, in advance, of a catastrophe set to occur on April 
19, 1995. 

4. The book, "The Oklahoma City Bombing and The Politics of Terror" by 
David Hoffman (Venice, Calif: Feral House, 1998) was pulped by the 
publisher, on orders of the FBI, because this book gives the names of 
the government agents behind McVeigh. Nearly the entire print run was 
destroyed. This book commands $100 or more on the rare book market. If 
there was no conspiracy, why did the FBI move to have David Hoffman's 
conspiracy book destroyed?

5. Brig. General Benton Partin, the U.S. Air Force's leading authority 
on bomb damage, has repeatedly stated that the pattern of damage at the 
Alfred E. Murrah building in Oklahoma City "...would have been 
technically impossible without supplementing demolition charges at some 
of the reinforcing concrete column bases." General Partin said that a 
truck filled with ammonium-nitrate could not have caused the degree of 
damage done to the Murrah building. His complete report was reproduced 
in Hoffman's book. In other words, other bombs were placed inside the 
building because this was an inside job.

6. The Murrah building was quickly demolished and McVeigh quickly 
executed to cover up the trail of evidence leading to the government 
conspiracy behind the Oklahoma City bombing; a bombing which reaped huge 
rewards for the Federal police state in the form of legislation passed 
by Congress in the wake of the bombing, enabling the further curtailment 
of civil liberties and the further expansion of police powers and police 

"Your" media should be reporting these facts, exposing the Federal 
government and following up these leads. Instead, the media are partners 
with the government in the conspiracy--covering up the truth about the 
murder of 169 people--victims who are but pawns in the Cryptocracy's 

[Michael A. Hoffman II is a former reporter for the New York bureau of 
the Associated Press and the author of "Secret Societies and 
Psychological Warfare 2001," which will be published in July by 
Independent History and Research]

End of Hoffman column also found at – 

End of this Network America e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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