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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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June 16, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
5 Big Networks Say They’ll Stay with Voter News Service

Despite the crocodile tears shed by all five Big TV networks about the 
way their joint exit polling company – Voter News Service – had “misled” 
them on election night 2000 – all Five Networks announced on June 1, 
2001 that they would stick with Voter News Service after all.

How nice. No firings. No heads are rolling. Just like when the Communist 
governments in Eastern Europe and Russia “fell” in 1989, and all the 
communists turned up the next morning running the various countries as 
Social Democrats, or whatever. 

On an appearance on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” last night on FOX 
Cable Network, Patrick J. Buchanan ticked off the background of some of 
the European Leaders President Bush attending meetings with this week 
--- this one was a Trotskyite 20 years ago, this one ran with that 
socialist gang, and so on, and so on . . .

As we stated at the time (see our November 2000 e-wires in the “Daily 
E-Wire” Section at, the entire election night scenario 
was orchestrated by Voter News Service, one or more of the computer 
players providing or manipulating software in Florida and elsehwere, 
those running the 5 Big TV Networks who told their anchors to read the 
Voter News Service projections. and other parties unknown. 

The Network Anchors proved that they are just the guys and gals who read 
what they are handed on TV, all of them apologizing for what happened. 
O’Reilly of FOX was the most forthright, saying he was sorry he read the 
Voter News Service projections. On the other hand, I doubt if O’Reilly – 
among the best of those on air at the Big TV Networks – will be making 
Voter News Service one of his ongoing investigations. (You have to come 
to for that much of the truth – remember, -- we start 
where “Rush Limbaugh’s unstoppable pursuit of truth” – leaves off.)

For new readers, the Big TV Networks prepare our minds for months before 
an election, with mysteriously done public opinion polls. The corrupt 
crew at Voter News Service – a joint effort of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX 
an AP wire, -- in New York City provide Exit Polls as soon as the polls 
close – and the Big TV Networks announce them to prepare our minds for 
what the pre-programmed, and -- easily rigged, -- computers will tell us 
a few hours later.

It is no shock that the 5 Big TV Networks, those dutiful mouthpieces of 
the Shadow government, are sticking with their jointly owned corporation 
– are sticking with their creation – Voter News Service. 

But -- I am a little surprised though that there wasn’t at least a show 
of firing somebody. The Big TV Networks have never offered a coherent 
explanation for WHY Voter News Service misinformed them all several 
times on Election Night 2000. How could they? Any analysis of how Voter 
News Service does its job would begin to reveal the absurdity of being 
able to call close elections at all. A good treatment of this is in the 
book Votescam by the Colliers in chapters 13 and 16 entitled “A Piece of 
the Puzzle” and “The Thirteenth Floor” – and on in our 
January 23, 2000 e-wire, “Senator Grassley Spills the Beans – how it 
really works!”

Veteran readers of this e-wire are familiar with how in 1996, the 5 Big 
Networks, all taking their exit poll info from Voter News Service, 
accurately called EVERY computer counted race correctly for Senate, 
Governor, and President in each state – BUT – BUT – got the only close 
race in a HAND COUNTED state – WRONG.

All of the 4 Big TV Networks (FOX didn’t exist yet) called Sen. Bob 
Smith the loser in the US Senate race in New Hampshire. However, when 
the HAND COUNTED VOTES from the outlying areas of New Hampshire (70% of 
the state) were counted – Senator Smith in fact won re-election. 
Conclusion: Voter News Service cannot predict results reliably in 
handcounted races, even while they predict infallibly when dealing with 
COMPUTER generated election results. 

Appearing on C-Span in 1999 for an interview, Senator Bob Smith stated 
with a chuckle in regard to his 1996 Senate race that all the Network 
anchors had to eat crow, and that they looked good eating crow. He then 
offered up this super profound line: “They forgot that in New Hampshire 
we count the votes before we declare the winner.” We at Citizens for a 
Fair Vote Count have this interview on tape, and showed it at the 
Citizens for A Fair Vote Count Convention in August, 2000.

So the Big TV Networks are sticking with their corrupt little 
psycho-warfare operation, Voter News Service. This development 
completely supports what the Colliers said in “Votescam: The Stealing of 
America” – and what we have said on all along.

What follows is the first part of one of a news articles about the June 
1 announcement by the networks. It was posted on – and was 
sent to us by the internet investigator known as the Rad Man:

Egg-Faced News Divisions Stick With VNS Despite Election Fiasco

by: Warren Cohen

After the networks' election night debacle of incorrect victory calls 
last November, there was an unprecedented period of self-flagellation.

All the networks commissioned internal studies about what went wrong 
during the Presidential race [regarding] Voter News Service, the 
maligned polling and vote tabulation consortium founded by ABC, NBC, 
CBS, CNN, Fox and the Associated Press. 

Fox and NBC went the furthest, threatening last November not to renew 
their contracts with VNS unless there were reforms that would '”ensure 
the accuracy and integrity of the data,'” according to NBC. 

So much for the tough talk. According to network news executives, . . .

End of portion of the article from –

In conclusion, recall that this writer has maintained from the beginning 
– in real time, as the “election” was unfolding – that the entire 
“Florida fiasco was a pre-planned hoax/play to accomplish several things 
(new readers may want to consult our November 7th, 2000 ewire – written 
early on the morning of November 8, 2000 – entitled: “Election 2000 
Overnight Report: ‘The Roller Coaster’, A Made for TV Movie.” – This 
e-wire can be found by going to, then red hot news in the 
navigation bar, then news by month, pick November, pick November 7th.).

Those pre-determined objectives of the Ruling Elite included: 

1) Give the opportunity for the Big TV Networks to go to confession 
about their pretended Election night “projection of the winners and 
losers” fake competition, admitting that they’ve all been using the same 
source all along: Voter News Service. They were in the process of being 
exposed anyway, and even many 2nd and third level people in their own 
news organizations knew the truth. This simultaneous confession by all 5 
TV networks in the week following the 2000 election (don’t worry, we 
have many of those on videotape, also) was necessitated by 
a) the near 40,000 copies of the Collier book in circulation by that 
time, many copies of which have been covertly read by second and third 
tier election officials, and 2nd and third tier news people; 

b) our e-wires which have been re-distributed in the 
hundreds of thousands – maybe millions all told -- by all of you good 
people; these e-wires brought, again, many prominent mainstream 
newspeople and radio hosts to; 

c) Most importantly, the radio ads which were run through popular 
conservative talk radio shows in the Midwest by Congressional candidate 
Ken Lowndes of Michigan; these ads played day and night for one month 
prior to the election, reaching 38 states at night (9 PM to 5 AM) via 
50,000 Watt clear channel voice WLW radio out of Cincinnati; millions of 
people heard these radio ads over radio and over the internet – which 
you can still hear at – as well as a lot of the back up 
material listed on the home page of under the section “The 
Full Story behind the Radio Ads.”

2) To allow every news person working for the major networks to say 
things for weeks like “I’ll never again think my vote doesn’t count” and 
“Now we know that every last vote counts!” etc. etc. etc. This was 
deemed wise to re-cloud the minds of many of the almost intelligentsia 
in officialdom that were beginning to wake up due to the factors listed 
above – but more importantly to combat the widespread feeling among the 
general population that “my vote just doesn’t matter anymore.”

3) To make sure G.W. Bush was elected, as the fix was in at every level 
of the state of Florida for the Republicans; this is not because Al Gore 
was any good – he’s an unindicted felon, a serial liar, and a hard core 
Bolshevik Revolutionary Frontman – to say nothing of an awkward and 
insufferable geek – but because the Ruling Elite knew that the American 
middle class needed a break from the Clinton vomit. The affable, if 
shallow, G.W. Bush would fill the bill for a four year hiatus in the 
Ruling Elite’s hard core Revolutionary program for America. This is why 
the totally sincere and frantic initiatives by the hardcore Democratic 
left in Florida to steal the election for Gore, were ultimately 

4) To discredit hand counting ballots by showing America the absurd 
spectacle of 12 people trying to count 300,000 punch card ballots with 
little holes punched through them. While this farce was in progress, 
Canada had an election night in late November in which 13 million 
ballots were handcounted without serious incident, with the result 
posted accurately 4 hours after the polls closed. (See the November 
27th, 2000 e-wire at

5) To discredit the thoroughly corrupt computer vote counting systems in 
use now, -- in order to make way for even more corrupt, even more 
centralized systems – systems consisting of internet voting and/or 
“computers with two-way modems in them.” This technology is now ready, 
and agents of the Shadow government, like Senator Charles Schumer of New 
York, are out front trying to bribe state legislatures to adopt them. 
(Any law maker who votes for any of these easily rigged computerized 
methods should be put on trial at the earliest possible date – for 
TREASON against the American people. See our November 24, 2000 e-wire “A 
Trap is being set for the American People.”)

The big laugh is, that while the 5 TV Networks were overdosing on the 
pre-planned Florida fiasco – even more ballots were being disqualified 
and nullified in Illinois – 125,000 in Cook County alone, according to 
free-lance investigator Christopher Bollyn, who also writes for the 

This outrage got a mention here and there on the Big Media – but scant 
mention indeed. Illinois was not part of the pre-planned post election 

I’m glad the boys at the 5 Big Networks decided to keep Voter News 
Service in tact – this makes for better evidence at the those other 
eventual treason trials – the treason trials for the greatest enemies 
the American people have ever known: those who own and run the 5 Big TV 

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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