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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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June 17, 2001 NA (Network America) ewire
 Cong. Gary Condit, Shandra Levy, Ted Nugent – and much more!

This is an e-wire which will hit in staccato fashion a lot of leftover 
subjects that need a bit of treatment – at least in my mind.

Item: Congressman Gary Condit is threatening to ruin my name on a 
national level before I can do it myself!!!

Comment: Seriously, -- I received last night an email from a yahoo 
political discussion group asking if I was related to Congressman Gary 
Condit – the Congressman who is under heavy fire for some unspecified 
association with the missing Shandra Levy, a young intern in Washington. 

The answer is no, not directly --- although Cong. Gary Condit does 
resemble a few of my uncles and I wouldn’t doubt if our families were 
more closely related four or five generations back in Ireland. (There is 
also a Condit who is, or used to be, President of Boeing, and who is 
quoted in Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Great Betrayal” – who is not 
directly related to our family.) 

What’s caught my attention about this “missing Shandra Levy” saga is 
that the Big Media is focusing in on it with an “OJ” “Elian” or “Tim 
McVeigh” vengeance in a minor kind of way. 

In a nutshell, young Shandra Levy, an intern at the Department of Energy 
as I recall, has turned up missing in a most suspicious manner. She’s 
been missing for a few weeks, after leaving a “work out” session at the 
gym; her bags were found packed and ready to go at her apartment. 

Because of her known association as a friend of Cong. Gary Condit 
(whether she worked at all with his office has never been clarified to 
my knowldege), the Congressman has issued a statement denying having 
anything to do with her disappearance, or with having an affair or other 
inappropriate relationship with young Shandra. He also put up $10,000 
towards the search to find her. Beyond that, the Congressman has cut off 
any comment to the press.

Has Congressman Condit, a Democrat, but also a founding member of the 
supposedly conservative blue dog democrats, -- run afoul of the power 
structure in some way? That seems probable, based on the way his name is 
being slurred by innuendo at this point. MSNBC has named him one of the 
eight legislators in the new Congress who can make or break President 
G.W. Bush’s legislative agenda. Congressman Condit voted to ban late 
term child murders via abortion, but this must be viewed in the context 
of his “pro-choice-to-kill” stand on abortion in general. 

Nevertheless, was Shandra Levy “sicced” on him like Monica was “sicced” 
on Clinton? 

(This is a subject I haven’t covered in the Network America e-wire, but 
the Monica saga was foreshadowed in the Movie “Wag the Dog” with was 
copyrighted in -- and which appeared in – the year of 1997. The 
Clinton-Monica saga did not begin until the next year; it began on 
January 20, 1998. “Wag the Dog” – a hilarious movie and a blatant, 
bragging Hollywood confession of how the Hollywood/Big TV Network axis 
manipulates the American people -- was based on a scandal caused by the 
President disappearing with a “firefly” girl into a small room off the 
Oval Office. 

The movie incredibly includes an exact replica picture of the President 
with his back to the camera greeting a young Monica figure WITH A BLACK 
BERET ON in a greeting line – just like the real footage we saw months 
after the movie was released when the real scandal broke. In the early 
part of the movie, a picture of this “prophetic scene” is glimpsed by 
Robert Deniro’s character on an airport monitor. 

The Monica/Clinton scandal served the purpose of forcing Clinton to bomb 
Iraq without provocation, thereby becoming the first President to make 
an unprovoked attack on a country that in no way was threatening the 
United States with war. This would take pages to explain in detail, -- 
but at least make note that I am insisting that Monica Lewinsky, a young 
Jewish girl from California, was “sicced” on Clinton as an ace in the 
hole scandal to use against Clinton -- if Clinton balked at making such 
an unprovoked attack on Iraq, which he originally did. Some commentators 
even referred to Monica Lewinsky as a modern day Esther (the Biblical 
figure who used her femininity to help advance her people’s cause). 

Please note also that Monica Lewinsky has been rewarded by being made a 
millionaire many, many times over by the Ruling Elite – for absolutely 
no reason whatsoever – if you don’t understand what I have related in 
this paragraph.)

So again, I ask, was Shandra Levy, also a young Jewish girl from 
California, “sicced” on Congressman Gary Condit for some lesser reason? 
And why would I raise this? The “Johnny on the Spot” obsession which all 
five Big TV Networks are exhibiting in this situation, replete with the 
celebrity style coverage which the Levy parents are receiving – media 
coverage you and I couldn’t get no matter what situation we were 
involved in -- cause me to raise it. I would not raise this possibility 
if there were not indications from Levy’s parents’ during their TV 
appearances that they know Shandra is still alive. I have seen them 
being interviewed, and there is really no other way to interpret their 
mood and some of the lines the mother has dropped.

Did the Congressman have an inappropriate affair – or did he just find 
the girl intriguing and interesting -- and let her spend the night at 
his apartment without incident? This last scenario would be reason 
enough for the Congressman’s stonewalling of the press – as Gary Condit 
is a married man with children, who has never been the target of any 
specific allegation of infidelity, and -- even if the more innocent 
scenario were the case -- clearly he wouldn’t want his wife and kids to 
find out.

I surmise these things because, without something to hide, his cut off 
of comment to the press does not make any sense. At the same time, 
everyone seems to agree that it is not possible that Congressman Gary 
Condit would have anything to do with foul play against Shandra Levy, or 
with her disappearance.

In any case, there is no excuse for the associations Gary Condit has 
gotten himself into PUBLICLY. He should get OUT of the Democratic Party, 
-- what kind of company is that to keep? --- Now here’s the very weird 

Shandra Levy’s parents, appearing on many a talk show in the last few 
weeks, seem -- if not quite bubbly and happy – at least like they know 
something, are part of some bigger story, but can’t say so. 

Mom Levy seems to know that her daughter is alive, as she has none of 
the signs of panic one would expect at this point, with her daughter 
missing as the days tick on – and on one occasion she just as much as 
said that her daughter was still alive. Her lawyers – now she has 
lawyers -- have cut off all further interviews as of June 16, 2001.

Or is this being given such extensive coverage just because it’s a 
“rivoting” media diversion for the American public – a la the ice skater 
saga of Tanya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan. We shall see soon enough. 

In any case, we certainly hope that young Shandra Levy is found alive 
and well, and that she has not been the victim of any foul play. . . . 
And if the parents actually don’t know where she is at this moment, then 
our utmost sympathies go out to them, as there can be nothing more 
terrible for parents than that.

The reason I have treated this at such length is that a) Congressman 
Condit bears my name, or vice versa; b) my instincts are that when all 
five networks make a situation into an ongoing day to day news drama (as 
opposed to treating it once on 20/20, which some Congressional scandals 
have been relegated to, or ignoring it altogether, as is the case 
regarding MANY congressional scandals) – that there is an agenda beyond 
the story, even that the story is following a pre-written script. We 
shall see soon enough.

Item: David Hoffman’s book, “The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics 
of Terror” is now available on line at 

Comment: I’ve just read a little of it, and it’s full of bombshells 
about the cover up surrounding Tim McVeigh and the trial. This is the 
book that was ordered burned or pulped by a Judge in Oklahoma after 
Hoffman sent a copy of this book to all the grand jurors.

Item: Coming soon: An e-wire entitled, “The Truth About the Cincinnati 
Race Riots.”

Comment: This event has far deeper implications for the nation than 
might appear at first glance. Stay tuned.

Item: President G.W. Bush and the early days of his presidency.

Comment: Evidence is mounting that the Ruling Elite wants to make Bush a 
one term President. That’s deemed to be enough of a break for us 
American serfs – then back to the full bore Revolutionary program. Bush 
will be allowed to do a few relatively harmless things – like get 
through the recent tax cut – but everything he is allowed to do -- will 
be easily undone in the next administration of Demoncrats. Incidentally, 
on last week’s Meet the Press – pro-abortion Holy Man Senator Joseph 
Liebermann stated that a tax cut was “a government expense.” You’ll have 
to meditate on that one a while before the full arrogance of it hits 
home. The Ruling Elite looks at your money as their property, and 
returning some of it to you in the form of a tax cut is – according to 
Liebermann – a government expense. !!!

Item: Senator Jim Jeffords pulls a “one man coup” and changes the 
balance of power in the Senate by switching from Republican to 

Comment: I’m sorry to have to comment on this insufferable moron – a man 
of no consequence who has sold his soul in so many places he wouldn’t 
know where to go to buy it back if his life depended on it. The real 
culprit here is not the insipid Jeffords – the real culprit is the very 
corrupt Republican Party from top to bottom – which coddles THOUSANDS of 
no-count lefties like Jeffords, while ruthlessly excluding anybody who 
has more conscience than party loyalty. The reason for Jeffords’ 
“defection” is to stop Bush’s judicial appointments as far as is humanly 
possible. Even though Bush’s appointments will be a sampling of Masonic 
climbers – the Ruling Elite doesn’t even want too many of these to be 
appointed. Clinton packed the courts at all levels with radical Zionist 
judges (two on the Supreme Court in the persons of 
wicked-witch-of-the-west body double Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen 
Bryer), and the Ruling Elite doesn’t want to lose too much ground to 
even the more conservative Masonic elements during the W. Bush 

Item: Demands have been on the rise for reparations from the American 
government by some media anointed black leaders.

Comment: If you hurry, you can go to in the columns 
section and find another one of Joe Sobran’s incomparable columns, this 
time about slavery, entitled: “Slavery in Perspective.” The column takes 
as a starting point what Sobran calls the impressive history of the 
slave trade by Hugh Thomas, published by Simon and Schuster, and 
entitled, “The Slave Trade.” This column is well worth reading.

Item: The Release of “The Animal” with Rob Schneider – and the lawsuit I 
think I heard about today.

Comment: This movie is more demonic psycho warfare from Hollywood – with 
a goal to lower the American people’s standards to include a wink at 
bestiality. What I know about this I know from CNN and FOX news spots – 
and from where you can get objective run downs on 
what’s in any newly released movie. This is a crude comedy, heavy on 
sex, with suggestions of bestiality – as Schneider’s character, who has 
received organ transplants from animals after an accident – exhibits all 
kinds of animal characteristics, -- and at one point is attracted to a 

NOW, I think I caught a news item that some parents in Florida are suing 
the movie industry in some way for rating this movie PG – 13. I think I 
heard that they were outraged with what they saw when they took their 
children. I hope I got this item right – and if I didn’t, will somebody 
please make it come true. Hollywood and Big Network executives should be 
sued and brought to trial for corruption of minors – and then they 
should be sentenced to at least as harsh a jail term as the dirty old 
men used to get -- when they were found in trenchcoats hanging around 
schoolyards with dirty literature.

Of course, the Hollywood execs are millions of times more dangerous as 
they are corrupting millions of times more young adults and children.

Item: Ted Nugent, rock star and outspoken 2nd Amendment advocate, makes 
rounds on the TV talk shows for his new book.

Comment: Does anybody know anybody who knows anybody who knows Nugent? 
Whatever his musical faults (and they sound pretty serious to me from 
the few bars I’ve heard from on of his heavy metal offerings) – here is 
a guy with guts, a guy who speaks his mind in a very convincing manner 
on the 2nd Amendment issue. WHAT’S MY POINT? I believe Nugent might take 
up the “votefraud vs. honest elections” issue if some one can reach him 
with the message. He seems like his own man, which means he would see 
the connection between elections rigged by centralized computer 
votefraud – and the loss of our freedoms as expressed in the first ten 
amendments of the Bill of Rights. A man who puts on his website the following: “Ted grants terminally ill children 
their last wishes to HUNT!
"Make-A-Wish just makes me want to puke my guts out!" -Ted Nugent” – 
such a man has got the proper level of anti-Political correctness – to 
be willing to stand up to the Ruling Elite on the votefraud issue. 

(Make-A-Wish grants many wishes, but refuses to grant a child’s last 
wish if it is to go hunting. On the other hand, a newer foundation, Hunt 
of a Lifetime, begun by a Pennsylvania mother has attracted support from 
Ted Nugent and country comedian Jeff Foxworthy, both of whom take dying 
children out hunting if that is their wish. ), commenting on 
Nugent taking dying children hunting, reported this additional gem: “Let 
me tell you, when you go hunting with Ted Nugent, there is no Janet Reno 
around to stop you. There is nothing more beautiful than that.” 

We badly need such a nationally visible spokesman on the “honest 
elections” issue. A man like Nugent, who also has a flair for language, 
can raise the visibility of “honest, verifiable elections” in time – to 
stop the Senator Charles Schumer-let Votescam Syndicate. The “Honest 
Elections” issue is a natural tie-in to the 2nd Amendment issue. If we 
don’t restore honest elections to save this country peacefully, then 
some day true patriots will be using their guns to fight a tyrannical 
government that will be trying to take them away. The reason we at 
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, as well as those associated with the 
International Voters Coalition and Patriots Assuring Clean Elections 
(P.A.C.E.) – are fighting so hard now – it to save the Bill of Rights 
and the 2nd Amendment peaceably.

Item: Energy Crisis over so soon? I got gas on June 16th, 2001 for $1.35 
a gallon at a BP Oil station.

Comment; Hey! What happened to that Big, Bad Energy crisis that was 
going to drive prices up to $3.00 a gallon? Over already? Apparently the 
outrage was so great that the evil Ruling Elite decided to back off for 
now. We would like to think that our little e-wire, “The Truth About the 
Energy Crises”, -- which can still be found at, Red Hot 
News on the navigation bar, E-wire by month, April, then April 21, 2001, 
-- had at least a little part in the sudden reversal of policy. (he, he, 

End of this e-wire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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