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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention was a great success in launching the beginning of a nationwide network to restore honest elections. See special report at updated and improved website. Go to: www.votefraud.org 

The three prongs of Big Media election manipulation are: Massive coverage of favored Candidates, and Censorship of all other candidates -- including warped Public Opinion Polls for months before the election; phony exit polls done by joint effort of the Big TV Networks on Election Day, and easily rigged computerized vote counting on election day -- which make the polls and exit polls come true.

October 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Information SuperHighway Road Rage

For the first time I am sending out Network America e-wires out of  order. Messages from September 6 to September 30 will be marked “pending” until they are filled in – hopefully soon.

For those of you who wonder where I’ve been, you can find out by going  to the new, excellently updated votefraud.org --- however, it may be a few hours to a day before you can hear the Radio ads that will begin airing on Monday overnight, October 9-10, 2000.

I promise some good “Information Super Highway Road Rage” from yours truly in the next 30 days until the Election and a bit after. The whole “Presidential Process” is such a total insult to the American nation – that I can’t find any one phrase to adequately express it.

One of the great HOAXES of the hour is the DRUM BEATING by all 5 TV Networks of how EXCITING this Presidential race is, how CLOSE it is, and how it’s going to be the closest Presidential race in 40 years. (add exclamation points to indicate great excitement ! ! ! ! ! )

Two reasons why the well paid Ministers of Propaganda at the Permanent  Revolution’s 5 Big TV Networks are pushing this Info-eyewash are:

1. They are hoping to cover the fact that this is a totally boring drag of a race between two candidates that essentially agree on everything (excluding the critical issue of whether to hug, on the one hand, or kiss, on the other, Oprah on the way to the interview chair on that 
fluffy show.) These dreadful bores do not inspire interest in the American people – at all. And their handlers know it, and panic is just beneath the surface. They are probably continually amazed that so few Americans seem to be onto their scam.

2. They are hoping to keep the potential Buchanan supporters in the Bush camp, or at least make it believable that less than 5% voted for Buchanan. This is the only thing the Money Changers behind the news actors care about -–they want to make sure the Reform Party gets no ballot access and no matching funds in 2004. Why? Because they control the Dems and Repubs, and do not control the Reform Party, which has become the gathering place for some of their worst nightmares.

Now, please let me emphasize: this is all scripted as tightly as a sitcom. There are, I submit to all of you, about 5 to 10 writers who write the script, which is handed to the news actors at the 5 Big TV Networks, in one way or another, and then the propaganda actors execute 
the script. The polls done and released -- are phonied up as much as need be to go with the script, and the treasonous script writers can be confident that they can write any story line they want – because they know that the computer software gurus their bosses work with will make it come true on election day.

This week Bush is ahead, next week Gore, was the kiss too long, did Bush get rid of his smirk, were Al Gore’s annoying sighs during the debate too annoying, --- it’s all like the movie WAG THE DOG.

A few years ago, we watched as five sleazy New York denizens sat in the Voter News Service offices on the night of February 12, 1996 and stole 13% of Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque, Iowa that night. (Go to votefraud.org archives and read “A House without Doors” for the full story.) These same crooks pretended they were under “bed curfew” that night and 
announced they had to stop the tabulation of that Iowa Caucus at 11:15 PM – have you EVER heard of such a thing? That was so they wouldn’t have to report Buchanan’s two strongest areas, Dubuque and Sioux City – thus these slinky night thieves nullified the efforts of thousands of man hours and thousands of dollars of Buchanan supporters and the tireless 
campaigning of Buchanan himself. 

The only news that reached the public across America that night -- was that Dole was winning, and won – which was probably also a colossal lie – because if we KNOW they stole 13% of Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County, one of 99 counties in Iowa – and then stonewalled us when we caught them red-handed, with the full stonewalling cooperation of the Iowa Republican State leadership – then we can reasonably postulate that they stole 4% from Buchanan statewide, and thus stole victory from the Buchanan Brigades in the 1996 Iowa Caucus.

Surely myself and the other 100 or so participants at our recent Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention – surely we are not the only ones who are not willing to take the theft of our country lying down-- by this HANDFUL of traitors and crooks in New York City at Voter News Service, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. 

Just a handful of people – about 30 I surmise – at the above treasonous organizations -- are about to tell you with a straight face that 95% of  Americans voted for those dreadful puppets Bush and Gore – and whether it’s true or not – they will MAKE it come true. What a “magic act” – breathtaking in sheer chutzpah – but easily dealt with if honest Americans will simply focus their gaze where these Network America e-wires suggest they focus – and then formulate any one of a number of plans of action to remedy the situation. 

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count - Go to: http://www.votefraud.org
Network America - go to http://www.networkamerica.org

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To write us with information or order by educational tapes and materials by mail, write us at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

To contact us, e-mail to: jconditjr@votefraud.org or jconditjr@networkamerica.org

Please forward our messages to friends and opinion molders, and tell them about our websites and daily e-wire communications. This information, especially in election season, offers an opportunity to de-stablize the New World Order Ruling Elite and restore honest elections with citizens checks and balances, true Freedom under God, and true Free Enterprise in America.

Let fellow citizens, opinion molders, pastors, public officials, internet news outlets, and major news media outlets know -- that we will not believe the published results of elections until transparent, verifiable, honest vote counting methods are restored, i.e., paper ballots with citizen checks and balances, with the ballot counting under the control of the neighborhood registered voters in each precinct.  

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