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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The "Ruling Elite", through their five Big TV Networks, AP wire service, and two major papers, the New York Times and Washington Post, are making peaceful change impossible at the ballot box, -- via Vote Fraud, Media Censorship, and Poll Fraud, and the flood of illegal aliens who are becoming registered voters . . . President Kennedy talked about this:

"If you make peaceful change impossible..... you make violent revolution inevitable." President John F Kennedy 

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October 23, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Wall Street Journal Catching up on Votefraud -- Almost

The Wall Street Journal – on its Op-Ed page – has carried an article by one of its most famous correspondents, John Fund, who often appears as a commentator on FOX Cable News Channel and PBS’s McLaughlin Report. Fund’s article states that elections in the USA are indeed full of  loopholes and open to “sophisticated” votefraud.

While the article is a plus because it highlights the crude types of votefraud loopholes that must also be closed, Mr. Fund misses or suppresses the most important points regarding hi-tech, computerized votefraud possibilities – which constitute the main danger to our country.

Now, here’s the entire article – with our snide comments inserted where necessary in parentheses. The article is worth reading, and it confirms a key part of our message at Many thanks to Mr. Grant Noble, votefraud investigator in Illinois, and the other “watchdogs” who emailed Network America this important article. Mr. Noble was careful to include the entire article, the date it appeared in the WSJ, and on what page it appeared. This is the precise information we need in order to 
make articles and research useful to others who receive the Network America e-wire.

Beginning of Wall Street Journal article:

October 23, 2000
Wall Street Journal
Op-Ed Page

“Phantom Voters May Have Real Impact at Polls” By John H. Fund (a member of the Journal's editorial board.)

The audience laughed at the end of the third debate when George W. Bush closed by thanking his supporters and saying “for those of you for my opponent, please vote only once.” It was a joke, but one with serious overtones.

Many experts think this election could be as close as the one in 1960, when John F. Kennedy won by less than one vote per precinct. If so, this year's election could include similar allegations of vote fraud.

(NA comment: This year’s election ALREADY includes widespread charges of votefraud, made publicly over the internet and Radio airwaves by supporters of the Network America E-wire and, and by The Spotlight Weekly Newspaper – which is well read, albeit quietly, in the halls of power in Washington D.C. – which growing publicity spawned by the independent press may explain why the WSJ and the Washington Post feel the sudden need to allow some of its columnists to note a small portion of the obvious as election day nears. Now the WSJ can say that they have “covered” the votefraud issue.) 

“Just as in 1960, the temptation to steal votes in key swing states will be enormous,” says political scientist Larry Sabato of the 
University of Virginia. “Complacency is so great and enforcement so lax that the odds are we'll never know how much fraud was committed.”

Kennedy supporters used local political bosses in Chicago and Texas to pad vote totals. Vote fraud today is more sophisticated but may be just as pervasive. 

(NA comment: The last sentence goes immediately into contention for the understatement of the year.) 

“We have the modern world's sloppiest election systems,” says University of Texas political scientist Walter Dean Burnham.

Indeed, voter fraud has become a bigger problem since the 1993 federal Motor Voter law required states to allow people to register to vote when they get a driver's license; 47 states don't require any proof of U.S. residence for enrollment.

(NA comment: !!!!! This is criminal malfeasance on the part of the Clinton Administration, any Congressman who voted for it, and the venues which allow such a state of affairs to continue. Can you imagine – not being concerned with whether those who register to vote are citizens? The Ruling Elite wants as many dead people, as many illegal aliens, as many multiple voters as possible – the more votes cast, the easier it is to fix the computers – during the election night counting itself – to defeat any candidate that threatens to challenge the agenda of the Ruling Elite’s ongoing Permanent Revolution. This valuable and shocking revelation by Mr. Fund confirms the statements made by Orange County Board of Election’s Director Rosalyn Lever shortly after the 1996 election in the midst of the Dornan-Bixley votefraud investigation. (See “She said …. WHATTT?”, our March 5, 2000 e-wire in the News Section.)

Motor Voter has added some eight million people to the rolls, but the bipartisan polling team of Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake estimates that less than 5% of "motor voters" normally go to the polls. The Justice Department has often blocked states from weeding out people who have died or changed addresses.

(NA comment: The Justice Department has been one of the prime protectors of hi-tech votefraud, along with the big TV Networks, since the advent of the computer vote counting age. The criminal obstruction of justice in the arena of "votefraud vs. honest election” is documented in depth in “Votescam: The Stealing of America”. The Colliers detail their first hand experiences with obstructer-in-chief during the 1980’s, Craig Donsanto, and also with a woman, then stationed in Miami, Florida – who would one day be appointed to lead what is still called the Justice Department: Janet Reno.)

That's important because in most states you don't have to show photo identification to vote, making it quite easy for someone to vote in someone else's name. It also makes it easier to manipulate the growing number of absentee ballots. In 1998, more than 40% of ballots cast in Washington, Oregon and Nevada were absentee votes. Another 13 states saw between 20% and 40% of their votes cast absentee.

(NA comment: While it may seem shocking at first, absentee votes must be outlawed if we are ever to ensure integrity in our elections. I was informed while a guest on Mary Starrett’s excellent talk show in Oregon the other day – that EVERY ballot being cast in that state this year is an absentee or mail in ballot. WHAT --- A --- JOKE?  There is NO verifiability in such a system, and surely the election officials and public officials know it.)

In 1998, the mayoral election in Miami was thrown out after it was learned "vote brokers" had signed hundreds of phony absentee ballots. That same year, former Democratic Rep. Austin Murphy of Pennsylvania was convicted of absentee voter fraud. “In this area there's a pattern of nursing-home administrators frequently forging ballots under residents' names,” says Sean Cavanagh, a Democratic county supervisor who uncovered the scandal. He believes law enforcement turns a blind eye to voter fraud in many other places.

A number of hotly contested races this year could hinge on voter fraud. 

(NA comment: Like all of them!)

Rep. James Rogan (R., Calif.), a House impeachment manager, says that in this year's primary his sister-in-law accidentally discovered someone had cast an absentee ballot in her name. “The system is ripe for abuse,” says Mr. Rogan, a former municipal judge.

Mr. Rogan's biggest complaint is that California and many other states don't require voters to show any identification at the polls. This continues at a time when you have to show photo ID to cash a check, board an airplane or even get a library card. Those under age 27 now have to show ID to buy cigarettes, but not to vote. Four attempts to pass a photo ID requirement in California have died in the legislature.

(NA Comment: The above paragraph is the most important new information and new perspective offered in Mr. Fund’s article. The way he frames the problem cries out for corrective legislation. Photo ID should be required of all voters, as well as perhaps other forms of ID.)

Some politicians try to make the current system even more susceptible to fraud. Vice President Gore's office took the lead in convincing the Immigration and Naturalization Service to waive “stupid rules” on background checks so that hundreds of thousands of people awaiting citizenship would be “processed in time” for the 1996 election. It was later learned that 75,000 new citizens had arrest records when they applied. A spot check of 100 random new citizens by the House Judiciary 
Committee found that 20% of the sample had been arrested for serious crimes after they were given citizenship.

What can be done about voter fraud? This year, Virginia will require voters to show ID or sign a sworn statement of their identity. The Voting Integrity Project, a national watchdog group, is helping local governments clean up their voter rolls. 

(NA Comment: The Voting Integrity Project -- VIP -- appears to be the False Opposition group set up by the Ruling Elite to nibble around the edges of votefraud, while giving the “seal of approval” to each successive advance in votefraud establishment’s prime agenda, i.e. computer voting, internet voting, etc. I would be glad to hear a rebuttal of this charge from VIP leaders Deborah Phillips, or Morton Blackwell and/or his wife, Helen Blackwell – but their speakers at their 
conference held near DC in early 2000 -- read like a who’s who of those who are in the forefront of advancing and protecting the votefraud establishment’s prime agenda to thwart any possibility of verifiable elections with citizen checks and balances.)

Mike Rogers, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who is running for Congress in Michigan, says one precinct in his district has had a 109% voter turnout; he plans to employ off-duty policemen to check up on polling places.

(NA comment: Let Mr. Rogers try to get an off duty policeman and an off duty computer programmer to verify what the vote counting computers are doing, and he’ll run smack into the real problem!)

But anyone who combats vote fraud comes in for abuse. The Justice Department has become expert at raising cries of “voter intimidation” at any attempt to monitor polling places. Last week Justice dispatched investigators to Fort Worth, Texas, merely because a political activist there distributed leaflets alleging Democrats were casting absentee ballots on behalf of shut-in voters. When the Miami Herald won a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the fraud in that city's mayoral election, the Pulitzer jury noted it had been subject to “a public campaign accusing the paper of ethnic bias and attempted intimidation.” Local officials who've tried to purge voter rolls of felons and non-citizens have been hit with nuisance lawsuits alleging civil-rights 

Nonsense. A generation ago, the existence of insidious poll taxes and other forms of voter intimidation represented a real threat to local democracy. But those problems have receded, only to be replaced by old-fashioned ballot rigging. 

(NA Comment: Here the article becomes downright deceptive by omission. Old fashioned ballot rigging, yes, -- but that’s NOTHING compared to the opportunity for hi-tech votefraud, for which all the new computer systems are designed. Let’s press on . . . )

This year saw teams of election observers in Peru, Zimbabwe and Yugoslavia, countries where fraud has been rampant. 

(NA comment: Whoa! Here Mr. Fund is woefully deficient as a reporter. The election teams in Peru left that country in frustration DURING THE ELECTION -- because of irregularities they found in the computer software program instructing the computers how to “count” the ballots. This is the real issue facing elections in our time. Mr. Fund, or anyone else, can get up to speed on the Peru case by going to the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count section at – and reading the several 
articles covering the votefraud controversies in Peru during that country’s 2000 elections.)

Perhaps it's time for some election observers in our own backyard. Surely the right to vote includes an equal right not to have that ballot diluted by phantom or manipulated voters, especially when the stakes are nothing less than the presidency.

(NA comment: Yes, and those “election observers” Mr. Fund is gingerly suggesting should be the neighborhood voters from all factions in their own neighborhood precinct, whose representatives watch the ballots all day, count them when the polls close, and post the results at the neighborhood precinct BEFORE the paper ballots leave the precinct. Such a system, combined with verifying that all voters are actually citizens and eligible to vote in that neighborhood precinct, -- would make the rigging of an election from a central location impossible, and would make elections as honest and as verifiable as is humanly possible.)

End of Wall Street Journal Article on Vote Fraud

The above article by Mr. John Fund is useful because it makes the point that widespread voter fraud IS possible --- a thought discouraged by almost all Secretary of States, almost all local Boards of Election, and generally by all Major Media. Mr. Fund’s observations are true, as far as they go, -- but, as is typical of establishment hirelings and mouthpieces, he misses or suppresses the most important implications of the realities he has reported.

We at Network America e-wire are delighted to develop Mr. Fund’s worthy theme to it’s logical conclusions – and set the record straight for citizens seeking the WHOLE truth about how we can restore honest elections. If anyone has the energy, please forward this article to at -- and in the subject line put something to the effect of: For John Fund, or, Forward to John Fund. Thanks.

Mr. John Fund deserves credit for covering the subject, and for reporting accurately on what he has covered. But with so much at stake, we cannot allow the deficiencies in such Establishment Media reports to go by unnoticed. Not when the whole nation’s FUTURE is at stake.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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