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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

Power of Internet: How Perot Was Forced Out of Running

  First, sorry for the hiatus in our election year series of Network America e-wires. I have not been able to send out any e-wires since I went to Charleston, South Carolina for the Southern Party Convention on July 1 – which is actually 8 days ago as this is being mailed. (See report on that convention in a day or two.)

On Friday night just before midnight June 30, 2000, I turned on CNN headline news in my Quality Inn Hotel room in Charleston, South Carolina – just in time to see a report that billionaire Ross Perot announced he was not going to seek the Reform Party nomination in Long Beach, California – and, furthermore, he was not going to ask that his name be placed into the unverifiable internet-vote / mail-in ballot sweepstakes now being conducted by the quizzical eBallot.net, Inc.

THIS WAS A DEFINING MOMENT IN MY MIND. A billionaire and (de facto) key operative for the New World Order – had just been defeated by the power of the internet and the “volunteers” he had so often invoked over the last eight years.  In my judgement, this WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED pre-internet. It would not have happened because there would not have been “real time” exposure of the maneuvers of the Verney Wrecking Crew, and many Old Guard Reformers of good will would have not seen through the incredible treachery against the Reform Party that was going on --- BY ITS VERY FOUNDERS!

I truly feel for those in the Reform movement who are experiencing the deep wound in the soul that comes the first time you realize that YOU have more devotion to truth and idealism – than your hero! How could this be? It can’t be! But there it is. Right in front of you. Impossible to deny. I have experienced this acute betrayal several times in the last 21 years, and the previous experiences never make you less vulnerable the next time around.

And now – “None of the Above!”

As he dropped out, Perot did advocate that a “None of the Above” option be placed on the absurd internet-vote / mail in ballot. This was a clear last ditch attempt by Perot to somehow stop Patrick J. Buchanan from getting the Reform Party nomination. If “none of the above” or “no endorsement, “won” the mail-in / internet ballot phase – then it would take 2/3rds of the delegates to override it --- a tall order at any convention.  

Let’s hear from one good man who, in all charity had held out as a Perot supporter no matter what . . . until . . . until:

Beginning of recent letter to Ross Perot from Cliff Cofer, as posted on buchanan.org by Linda Muller:

Mr. Ross Perot:           July 1, 2000

It was you who inspired/motivated me to join the Reform Party and take an active part in trying to take back our country from the Special Interest groups who now control it through the politicians they have 'bought & paid for'.

I stuck with you through 'thick and thin,' relying on what I perceived to be a man of integrity.

When the Verney & Co. skullduggery & maneuvering was going on I presumed that you were not a part of it. I reckoned that you were busy running your businesses and were not aware of, nor an active participant in, the low-ball stunts that Verney & Co. and the Reform Leadership Council were pulling almost daily.

When the Reform Party meeting was held in Nashville in February, it quickly became obvious that Verney & Co. were going to oust Jack Gargan (the duly elected National Chair) and that they were going to use every duplicitous, underhanded trick they could to get it done. It became known as the Saturday MASSACRE... a name that fits the event to a "T."

When the Nashville meeting was in progress, I wrote you and asked whether or not you sanctioned what Verney & Co. were doing. You passed my letter on to Mike Hicks to answer on your behalf. I specifically wanted to know whatever happened to your own life guide, "DON'T ASK IS IT LEGAL... ASK IS IT RIGHT?" ...as applied to what was happening at Nashville.

Frankly, Mr. Hicks gave me no straight answers. Again, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and presumed that you were not aware of all that was happening at the Nashville MASSACRE.

I have since observed a long list of tricks and underhanded, duplicitous acts perpetrated by Verney & Co .... and NOW. I see that you have joined in the trickery with them.

With your letter to the Reform Party nominating committee asking that you be listed on the ballot as "No Endorsement" you have finally lifted the veil ... ROSS, you are as duplicitous as the rest of the Verney gang. As long as you were silent, I gave you the benefit of the doubt... now that you, yourself, have spoken, I see you for what you are. Judas is too kind a word to call you! Shame, shame on you! Disappointment doesn't come close to describing my feelings.

You may waste your breath putting a different spin on your ballot request, but its purpose is clear ... to encourage the voters to declare nobody as a nominee to run for the Presidency in the November election.

Ross, your action is like that of a lion who kills its offspring rather than see them grow up to become potential rivals. Goodbye, Ross Perot, 'twas nice knowing you. I do not envy you the position you will find yourself in when you have to stand before your Maker and try to explain the double-dealing you did in the Reform Party's efforts to select a candidate for the year 2000 election.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" -Sir Walter Scott

At least, I no longer have to keep asking the question, "WHERE'S ROSS PEROT IN ALL OF THIS?" Sadly, I now know where he is... sitting at the head of the table with all the other underhanded, low-ball schemers who torpedoed the Reform Party!


Cliff Cofer
West Des Moines, Iowa

End of communication of Cliff Cofer to Ross Perot after Perot asked that “No Endorsement” be put on the 2000 Presidential mail-in / internet ballot.

And if your editor may return to gently remark: This is the reason we at Network America have hammered on the concept of “false opposition.” This disappointment in Mr. Cofer’s soul as expressed above is too painfully obvious. Often the realization of such betrayal causes those who are new to the world of hardball politics to – simply drop out.

Mr. Cofer is providing an inspiring example: he obviously intends to press on in faithfulness to the ORIGINAL ideals which motivated his involvement.

False Opposition sometimes comes in the form of those who know and love the evil they are doing (i.e., Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard) and sometimes in the form of those who have accepted 30 pieces of silver – or more --- (i.e. Ross Perot) to get involved in alliances and entanglements which entice them to embark on a path which ultimately results in the abandonment and betrayal of the noble idealism of their youth.

Quick Re-Cap

The Buchanan Brigades had been invigorating the Reform Party from coast to coast. This invigoration was motivated by a sincere enthusiasm for their candidate, but there was something more.

Both Buchanan Brigaders AND Reform veterans saw a formidable 3rd Party vehicle which seemed to have a chance to break up – or even overthrow -- the treasonous One Party system, -- that is, that Ruling Elite fashioned Frankenstein “bird of prey” -- sporting one “Democratic” wing and one “Republican” wing.

Almost no one will deny that Perot and Verney had left the “volunteers” in the field as little more than Orphans since 1996.

When Buchanan and the Brigades came along in late 1999, the sheer enthusiasm and numbers that flocked into the Party threw the Ruling Elite / Perot inner circle forces badly off their game in the early going. A (thankfully) short-lived foray into the Reform Party by the political absurdist Donald Trump ended in an embarrassing meltdown for Donald, who, we might say, was “trumped” by the Buchanan forces.

Then New World Order fifth columnist Bill Kristol of the Fabian Socialist Weekly Standard -- and a host of other False Opposition operatives in Big Media – pulled out all the stops to create a “groundswell” for McCain to stay a Republican but go after the Reform Nomination.

For whatever reason, that didn’t come together. (It cannot be underestimated, neither Trump, nor McCain, NOR Perot relished the thought of the abject embarrassment and routing they would likely experience if they some day found themselves on a debate platform with Pat Buchanan.

And then there was another problem: without the employee base (yes, Virginia, I mean county employees held as economic hostages by their patronage jobs) used by the Republicans and the Democrats to manufacture “good” turn outs for yawners like Bush and Gore, Perot, McCain, and Trump would have had no way to fake a consistent “groundwell of support” from region to region. Only Buchanan consistently turns out large, enthusiastic crowds just by showing up in an area. The net result of small crowds for a Perot or a Trump or a McCain – would have been to further strengthen candidate Buchanan.

Linda at buchanan.org

What finally stopped Perot and his handful of true confidantes cold in their tracks – was the glaring internet “spotlight” as focused on them by primarily Linda Muller at buchanan.org – supported by a host of others.

With that internet spotlight, or news service, the constructive efforts of men like Robert Bowes of Maryland could be broadcast across the country in almost “real time”, as could the destructive maneuverings of the Verney Wrecking Crew – and this news could go out whether the Big TV Media or Ross Perot liked it or not --- and, trust me, they didn’t like it.

In light of the known facts at this hour, I think it is clear that Linda Muller is a visionary with regard to the power of the internet. Many concerned Americans now engaging in this epic struggle to win back the country from the Ruling Elite have no idea of the persistent, quiet dedication – and the endless hours --  which Linda Muller has put into laying the groundwork for internet communications for the patriotic movement over these last 4 years – in preparation for this moment.

Not only has Linda built up buchanan.org (not an official organ of the Buchanan Campaign) into the force it is, she also set up the Constitution Party’s first website in 1996. AND – as soon as she had heard that we proved the votefraud perpetrated by Voter News Service and the Big TV Networks against PJB in Dubuque, Iowa in Feb. 1996, she set up our first “votefraud vs. Honest elections” website in March 1996, completely on a volunteer basis --- or, as she would say, “for the cause.”

And then there are the literally hundreds and hundreds of internet news reporters (such as many of you)  – who also double as warriors in the real world, who are end running the Big TV Media by spreading the word through emails on a daily basis.

And I would like to think that such essays as our own Network America e-wire “R.Perot. R for Rat” – have played a significant role. One person told me that so many people were forwarding that Network America e-wire to friends and associates that she had received over 100 copies of that e-wire in her e-mailbox! The title was harsh, but time was short. The Ver(mi)ney Wrecking was in full swing -- and hoping to operate in the dark.

Our Network America “counter” version of reality on the real role of Ross Perot had to be put out there so that the sincere Old Guard Reformers could judge for themselves as events developed.

At the moment I don’t think we need to retract one word of that 8 thousand word essay. But . . . but . . . but I still have at least a trace of a feeling that, to quote the song again, “I threw that last punch too hard” – against Ross Perot.

Because, ultimately, Perot, -- in my judgment, in not the underlying problem. Perot -- the little boy from Texas who wanted his name pronounced “Pee-row” until his teacher corrected him – had high hopes. But along the way he ran into the “world powers of this darkness” and – probably without seeing what was coming --- let them get their hooks into him.

The real underlying problem, the power that makes and breaks the Perots, and compromises them, --  is what I euphemistically call “The Ruling Elite” -- that cohesive band of cutthroat Money Lenders and their Enforcers, the spiritual descendents of the Pharisees and Sadduccees who engineered the crucifixion of Christ 2000 ago – the same ones who are planning a Big TV Media crucifixion for Pat Buchanan, the Buchanan Brigades, and the Reform Party.

In fact, the Ruling Elite may try a thing or two more to Stop Buchanan from getting the Reform Party nomination, but they’ve probably moved on to the next phase: ignore, distort, smear, and destroy all opponents of Bush/Gore in the general election.


Shortly on the heels of the Perot announcement, Reform Party official Farris announced that it was against the Reform Party Constitution to include “None of the Above” on the “internet voting / Mail in” ballot.

Thus, the “Stop Buchanan” nomination appears to have failed with regard to the Reform Party nomination – but there are still potentially some rocky rapids ahead. The Buchanan Brigades, and all Reformers of good will, must keep their guard up -- and remain on red alert. More on this in the days ahead, including practical advice for every step of the way. Stay tuned.

And tell your friends and associates across the “fruited plain” to get aboard on this Network America e-wire from now till Election day 2000. Without getting our information – and Linda Muller’s daily emails, I don’t know how anyone can really stay informed as (and even before!) events develop.

The “bottom line” is that the internet communications system allowed the “good guys” to spotlight Perot and the Verney Wrecking Crew as they were trying to treacherously destroy the Reform Party rather than let Buchanan have the nomination.

As Vince Ryan often says in his column in the Spotlight: “Your influence counts. Use it.” The main battles are still ahead in rapid succession – with four months till election day, 2000

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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