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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 9, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
WACO Fake Coverage; Buchanan in Arizona OK Corral

One of the themes of the Network America e-wire since January 10, 2000 has been how the Big TV Media and other allied Big Media manipulate the American mind through coordinated censorship and coordinated distortion.

As we have stated before, the news departments and owners of the Big 5 TV Networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX – constitute the greatest enemy the American public has ever faced. The real enemies of this nation have succeeded in taking over not only our Big Media, but our money supply as well (in 1913 through the privately held Federal Reserve Board).

This hostile takeover has been done through trickery and deceit. Regardless of how it was done, the treason committed by those running the Fed and the Big Media is so great that an arrest and treason trial of these individuals would be completely justified at any time.

What spawns this “outburst” at this time?

As I write the entire Big Media is in the process of covering up the real nature of the WACO trial going on right now. This is a wrongful death lawsuit filed by WACO survivors and families against the Federal government for its coordinated psychological torture and murder of men, women, and children at WACO at the Branch Davidian center.

Having seen one of the survivors on the Geraldo Show on CNBC, and based on other reports, this trial has followed the pattern that has been seen over and over again in the last 25 years by those seeking justice against the Federal Occupation government.

The criminal Judge (emphasis on “criminal”), assigned to the case, simply allows the Federal Government to place anything they want into the court record – while simultaneously barring all telling evidence against the Federal Government from the court record.

Thus the Jury hears no evidence which can be used to convict the Federal Government Agents, and is thus steered by the same Judge to acquit Government agents of all wrong doing. This has happened in this recent WACO trial.

Before getting to the point of this Network America e-wire, let me refer those interested in WACO to Carol A. Valentine, Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum at


Now the point is this: ALL the Big TV Networks, ALL the major media outlets --- are treating the trial and verdict as if things were run like an American trial --- when it was really run like a Soviet trial. (This is not that surprising, since our country is now ruled by the same crowd which enforced Soviet Communism on Russia in 1917. All they need now is to disarm the population so we will be helpless in the face of their tyranny – which is why the Schumers and Clintons of the world are incessantly screeching for “gun control.”)

It’s amazing that more people don’t ask: Why doesn’t one of the TV networks, or one of the Big City Newspapers protest against the criminal Judge’s exclusion of the very evidence that would convict the Federal operatives? Why do they all walk in lockstep – all the time? (Answer: Because they are run by the same crowd behind the curtain, operating through different front corporations, i.e. ABC, CBS, New York Times, etc.)

Another such example, among tens of thousands that could be cited, is the Big Media treatment of Pat Buchanan at the “OK Corral” in 1996. As readers may recall, Buchanan was coming off the win in New Hampshire, and the Big TV Media smear machine was revving up to full gear.

Buchanan, in good fun, donned a cowboy hat and some pistols, worn in the traditional style of Wyatt Earp, and posed for pictures at the OK Corral. While “Court Commentators” like Fred Barnes, Jonathon Alter, and Dick Morris are always trying to make whoopie out of some meaningless incident that allegedly humanizes stiffs like Bush and Gore, the entire Big Media immediately and joyfully proclaimed that Pat Buchanan had “hurt himself” by going to the OK Corral.

If Gore, Bush, or Dole would have done the same thing, the incident would have been ignored – or would have been celebrated as a great example of how these Establishment puppets “connect” with the people.

Tomorrow’s Network America e-wire will cite an “official” source from inside the Enemy works that spill the beans on this Big TV Network Manipulation

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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