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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 10, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
The Control Room 

Michael Hoffman of Independent History & Research alerted me to the existence of a 1999 hard cover book by CBS insider Martin Plissner called, “The Control Room: How Television Calls the Shots In Presidential Elections.”

While this is, in a way, an establishment book -- endorsed on the back by Walter Cronkite (CBS), Diane Sawyer (ABC), Robert Novak (CNN), and Mark Shields (PBS) – it is also remarkably candid and promises to “spill many beans” if you read between the lines.

On the surface, the book treats the five Big TV Networks and Voter News Service (covered in about a 10 page section) as legitimate, earnest news operations.

But somebody’s not happy. The book sold when it appeared in 1999 -- just one year ago -- for $25.00. Obviously, despite treating CBS et al as legitimate news organizations instead of the propaganda war machines they are, -- the “powers-that-be” were not happy with what Martin Plissner inadvertently revealed.

Plissner had worked at CBS from 1964 until early 1999 in the news control room dealing with the Presidential elections.

Plissner’s book is already “remaindered” which means it is out of print and has been sold for next to nothing to used book dealers, such as Edward Hamilton Books (you can get a copy at hamiltonbooks.com for $4.95 plus $3.95 shipping).

I’ll be referring to this book off and on, but here’s a sample:

From the book jacket:

Thirty five years ago, sad to say, CBS, NBC, and ABC created the modern New Hampshire primary.” So says “The Control Room”, a gritty look at how network news has come to dominate every stage of presidential selection from the earliest announcements to the final swearing in. As we embark on another of the quadrennial circuses that determine how the world’s most powerful country passes the crown, “The Control Room” shows us who really cracks the whip. . . . As the race for the White House heads toward a new century, Plissner reveals how television news coverage will decide who gets the attention and when, who is on the rise and who is down the chute, when the race begins and when it ends, and what you care about when you vote for president. “The men and women who call the shots at the network news divisions do have an agenda, writes Plissner.

End of quote from “The Control Room” book jacket.

The challenge to all third parties, independent candidates, and concerned Americans in this year of 2000 is this: can the public consciousness be raised to realize that the 5 Big TV Networks are not news organizations, but occupation government broadcasting centers? --- can the American people be made to realize that we no longer have verifiable elections, but that Americans in 49 states are barred from having anything to do with counting or double checking their ballots on election day.

Watch our daily e-wires and I will reveal how this “consciousness-raising” can be started, -- and maybe completed with God aiding, -- in this election cycle. And look for more from this interesting book, “The Control Room.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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