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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 11, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Nader fake polls and coverage  

Unless you are watching the “Stop Buchanan” side of the campaign, you will not understand why Ralph Nader is suddenly getting coverage and “rising” in the polls.

Nader ran in 1996 on the Green Party and got nearly zilcho coverage. He has no money, and no prospect of federal matching funds. So why is he getting so much coverage all of a sudden?

Answer: In 1996, once Buchanan decided to endorse Dole and forego the third party route, there was no threat to establishment puppets Dole and Clinton. So coverage of Nader, Harry Browne, and Howard Phillips would have served no purpose to the Establishment.

But this year, with dreary Bush and drab Gore holding up the New World Order’s con game, and with the prospect that Pat Buchanan will get the $13 million in Federal Matching Funds and either will get in the debates, -- or be barred from the debates thereby waking up millions of Americans to the two party scam, -- coverage of Nader suddenly serves an Establishment purpose.

In order to Stop Buchanan, the Big TV Networks, --- “all together now” – suddenly discovered that Nader was “on the rise.” They “discovered” this by including Nader in their polling questions, and of course some people picked him over serial liar and all around phony Al Gore.

Also, with Buchanan in the mix, there was no way the Ruling Elite was going to get away with a dreadfully boring debate between Bush and Gore. Massive protests would have broken out at the hall and all over the USA at television stations carrying the sham debates. More importantly, 20% to 30% of the American public would have begun to get an inkling, however vague, that we are living under an Occupation Government trying to sprout into a dictatorship.

Solution? Muddy up the third party waters as much as possible. Start touting Nader as not only a contender, but as someone who is doing many times better than Buchanan. So we see the Big TV Networks claiming at times that Nader has 8% while Buchanan only has 2%! Other Big Network polls will show that Buchanan has 4% while Nader has 5% or 6 %.

This Big Media polling game has caused one observer to remark that maybe the Big TV Networks are inching Nader towards 15% so they can include him and exclude Buchanan from the Presidential Debates according to their bogus debate rules and bogus public opinion polls. (I do not think this will be the case, as the same big Media is running polls that show 64% of the American people want Buchanan and Nader in the debates. But it is a good observation to be kept in mind.)

All the while, other Presidential candidates who are on enough ballots to theoretically win the Presidency --- Howard Phillips-Constitution Party, Harry Browne – Libertarian – are totally ignored by the Big Media.

Keep your eye on the ball: if Buchanan cannot be credibly excluded from the debates, then the Big Media wants to muddy up the waters with “two minor candidates” and “two major candidates” on the Presidential Debate Platform.

More on this will be said later, but that’s the basic reason for the sudden coverage of Ralph Nader and the Green Party. If Buchanan loses the Reform Party nomination and the matching funds – look for Nader to be once again dropped from the radar screen.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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