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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 12, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
You want Conspiracy?

I started this Network America internet e-wire news service on January 10, 2000 to be able call the “play by play” to as many thinking people as I could reach by the time the final stretch came in this Presidential election year.

The big three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) are reaching 30 million viewing families per night. The cable news stations (CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX) are reaching a little less than 2 million viewing households.

And our Network America e-wire is reaching 800 thinking Americans at this moment. But on the internet, 800 thinking Americans can turn into reaching 20,000 -- and more -- directly through the forwarding of messages, and who knows how many indirectly as information is passed on.

But we, the internet information community, are on the playing field! And that is a seismic shift from 8 years ago. And the momentum is in our favor.

There is no greater “open” conspiracy going on in the United States today than the lock step “news and publicity” coordination daily engaged in by the NEWS departments ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX  --- all to convince the nation that this is a Bush vs. Gore race, in which large numbers of Americans really care about Bush or Gore. In fact, few Americans give a wit about Bush or Gore. The “few” who care are those shallow conservatives who feel they see the “key issue” – that Bush is not Clinton. In fact, Bush is Clinton in all essentials. The other “few” who care are hard core leftist ideologues, also shallow, who nonetheless pick up that Gore is a hard core Bolsehvik / Vulture Capitalist who will move faster in the attempted destruction of all the principles of Christianity and Western Civilization which made America. great.

This open media conspiracy consists of between 25 to 50 people – 5 to 10 at each news department at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, -- who coordinate what slant is to be taken every day and what is to be covered. Either that, or the most amazing coincidences happen each night, as all the Big Media news departments pick the exact same stories to cover -- from the exact same angle.

Even though the talk shows, such as FOX’s Hannity & Colmes and NBC’s Meet the Press, break the News embargo occasionally, the news departments never waver. They consistently, and ever more frantically, censor Buchanan, with occasional breaks in the censorship to put up polls showing him at one to four per cent. (This is to prepare you for the 4% they intend to give Buchanan on Election night – which small percentage will ensure that Buchanan and the Reform Party get no matching funds for the year 2004.

In order to make the third party challenge into a circus, Ralph Nader is being given pop up TV coverage and great poll numbers. And even Libertarian Harry Browne is now being mentioned. In reality, Nader and Browne should be mentioned and covered. BUT, so should Howard Phillips, who is on far more state ballots than Nader is going to be on. And Howard Phillips, despite his encyclopedic knowledge of the American political and governmental landscape, is being totally censored.

The fact is, that with $13 million coming to Buchanan if he wins the Reform Party Nomination, and a clearly earned spot in the Presidential Debates, Buchanan would have a real chance to win – if the citizens can force a fair count in the Presidential balloting.

Buchanan, unlike Nader, speaks the language of the people, and despite what the Ruling Elite wishes were the case, would win over tens of millions of people by the end of the first debate.

Frustration and seething rage against the Controlled Media and their puppet politicians is so great, particularly amongst the European American silent majority in the heartland, that even someone like baseball pitcher John Rocker, with his indelicate and wreckless phrasing as he speaks out against the visible contrived decline of our country, --- gets standing ovations DESPITE non-stop attacks by the Ruling Elite media.

Buchanan is eloquent, funny, knowledgeable, experienced, intelligent – and, worst of all for the Ruling Elite, speaks in a language the people can understand. Furthermore, because he is actually standing up for the people against the Money Lenders around the Federal Reserve Bandits, the IMF, and the WTO, --- Buchanan would rally who-knows-how-many minority (blacks, hispanics, Asians) thinkers who see the Big Media for what it is, and do not any longer accept the ethnic “leaders” they are told they must accept by their enemies behind the Big Media.

The Ruling Elite knows this, the RNC knows this, the DNC knows this, and the Ruling Elite’s Big Media know this. Even on Buchanan’s old shows, Crossfire and Capital Gang, there is a studied effort to never mention him unless absolutely necessary, and then only as a non-factor, also as “embattled” in trumped up (excuse the pun) turmoil in the Reform Party created by Big Media allies Ross Perot and Russ Verney.

The good news is that the Big Media has done this to Buchanan in 1992 and 1996. Always he starts out as a “fringe, non-serious candidate.” Then circumstances have forced them to treat him seriously for a while – until the computer vote counts kick in and show him – and us -- drowned in a sea of electronic flimflam 

The only question is, will the Buchanan campaign and the people let the Big Media Info-Tyrants get away with it yet AGAIN.

I recommend now that individuals email to the Big Networks and the Big Shows, such as Hannity & Colmes and Meet the Press. The message should be: “We know what you do and we know who you are. Your News Departments are conspiring against the American people to “fix” the news every night, to fix the polls, and to protect the rigged computer vote counting systems in use in 49 states. You, Big TV Networks, now constitute the GREATEST ENEMY AMERICA HAS EVER FACED. The crimes you are committing against the American people can hardly be more serious. You are censoring the candidates America needs to hear, especially Buchanan and Phillips, and sliming our TV screens with traitor puppets Bush and Gore. We know it. We want you to know we know it. We are letting others on the internet know we know it. And we are letting others off the internet know we know it.”

Awareness can spread like wildfire now, thanks to the internet. But someone has to point it out to those who have not yet focused on this one point of the Big TV Network info-war against the American people.

You want a conspiracy? This is a real, open, observable conspiracy: the coordinated control of news and publicity – and the grotesque censorship – exercised IN CONCERT by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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