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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 16, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Karenna Gore Schiff

On the Sunday Night C-Span show called “Road to the White House” the nation was shown a fresh faced, post college Karenna Gore – who’s name is now Karenna Gore SCHIFF.

As Karenna worked her way with charm and grace around a room at a fundraiser and campaign rally for her father, presidential candidate Al Gore, C-Span flashed up on the screen, “Karenna Gore Schiff.”

Earlier this year, a column in the monthly newspaper Catholic Family News by author Robert Goldsborough revealed the recent marriage of Karenna Gore into the Schiff banking dynasty. Goldsborough is an author and a former staffer for the House Committee on un-American activities during the 1950’s.

Years ago Goldsborough founded and still directs the American Research Foundation. He publishes a bi-monthly column on a variety of subjects dealing with the nature and activities of the Ruling Elite’s efforts to transform America from a constitutional Republic into a province in the New World Order occupation government.

The Schiff banking dynasty, based in New York City, is well known to independent history researchers as one of the primary funders of the Bolshevik and Communist revolutions in Russia in 1917.

London Times reporter and author, Douglas Reed, an eye-witness to the Bolshevik toppling of the Romanov dynasty, reported from the scene that hundreds of revolutionaries had come from the United States, and most prominently from New York City, to form a large part of the new Bolshevik government in 1917.. Reed was shocked to find that his attempted submissions to the London Times from Moscow were being censored by revolutionaries from New York City who couldn’t even speak Russian!

Anyway, for those who have looked into the research of Terry Hayfield, who will be speaking at our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention, the Schiff banking dynasty will ring a bell as fitting the mold of one of the Super Vulture Capitalists who has always directed and funded Communism as one tool in the Permanent Revolution which seeks to financially manage and/or subdue all of mankind..

For new readers see lewisnews.com in the Citizens for a Fair Vote section on the right hand side of the page; the articles about Terry Hayfield’s research are entitled Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud, What is the Hayfield Research?, and Six Corporations Now Run All Major Media. These articles are also at votefraud.org in the News section, under “news by month.”

Details about the upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention are also at votefraud.org

Some of my best informed friends have been telling me that this union of the Gore and Schiff families will insure that Al Gore is our next President. I don’t believe it, based on what I’m seeing on the major News Media. I don’t think the wirepullers believe that their program can be advanced under the stilted Gore, dripping with Clinton cooties, during the next four years nearly as well as it can be advanced under the pliable party boy, Bush.

International banking families, like the Schiffs, are those directing the Major News Media to de-emphasize and smear Pat Buchanan, and to censor Howard Phillips.

It’s truly the Buchanan Brigades and the Constitution Party against these old Banking Dynasties and their Big TV Media. With the internet and other factors into the mix, we have a chance. Most of the people would be on our side, if we could get them the information about what’s going on, especially with regard to unverifiable computerized elections.

It may be good to recall here that the Gore family came to prominence through the financial backing of Communist agent, and Super Capitalist, Armand Hammer, now deceased.

Hammer, who was based in Cleveland, Ohio – was immediately welcomed into Russia when Lenin took over in 1917, and immediately began trading and making business deals with the Communists, 16 years before fellow Permanent Revolution operative, Franklin Roosevelt, saved Communism in Russia by recognizing the criminal regime shortly after he assumed the Presidency.

These facts are difficult to assimilate if you don’t know that a cabal of international bankers, such as the Schiffs, were funding Communism from the United States. In Russia in 1917, they eliminated one of their chief obstacles to world Government, the 500 year old Romanov dynasty in Russia. Hammer was on the scene as the point man of the Permanent Revolution to help insure the survival of the new Communist regime. Things did not go well at first, and President Wilson, advised by Permanent Revolution agent E. Mandell House, was convinced to send an impressive force from the American military to surround Moscow and prevent the elite White Russians and the patriotic Russian army, from entering Moscow and ousting the Communist thugs. But I digress.

Hammer basically utilized Albert Gore Sr. as his front man, that is, one of the Permanent Revolution’s front men, in the US Senate. Hammer made the Gore family fabulously wealthy along the way.

I’m sure they’re all disappointed that Al Gore has turned out to be such a nerd’s nerd. But the antiseptic and tragic circumstances of Al Jr.’s childhood, living in a “room service” condominium type environment while his Dad represented Tennessee in the US Senate, left Gore with “personality deficit syndrome.” Gore is painfully trying to be normal guy, but after a warped childhood devoid of the normal human stages of personality development, he just can’t fake it. I say this with some sympathy for Gore the human being, even though I view the public Gore as a despicable, conscienceless Bolshevik / Permanent Revolution operative who needs to be put on trial for treason as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

In any case, I thought our readers should know about this SECOND connection between bankers of the Permanent Revolution and the Gore family. First Armand Hammer. This time a connection with the Schiff banking dynasty family and the Gore family, in the person of Karenna Gore Schiff and her husband.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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