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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
What? Buchanan Bias? What’s that?

In the book we’ve been touting, “The Control Room” by CBS insider Martin Plissner – Plissner inadvertently adds some evidence to our contention that exit polls are just window dressing in the three pronged scam which includes public opinion polls, exit polls, and computerized election results.

Could public opinion polls be accurate? Yes, but they are not scientific and can also be wrong. Can exit polls be correct? Yes, they can be correct, but they are in no way scientific.

Can Computer results be correct? Of course, but they are not verifiable, and therefore we believe computer generated results as an act of faith, as elections are now constituted in the USA.

We at Network America believe that the Big TV Networks abuse the exit poll process to use the whole charade as a means to prepare the public for the final pre-determined results.

Here is a quote from page 88 of Plissner’s “The Control Room.” In the below passage, VRS is another name for Voter News Service, the exit polling arm of the 4 Big TV networks; Mitofsky is the sinister Warren Mitofsky, longtime mystery man behind Voter News Service. Here’s the quote from page 88:

“By early afternoon on the computer screens of the member networks, history seemed to be in the making. In the New Hampshire Republican primary, George Bush led Pat Buchanan by a puny 48 percent to 42 percent. (For some of us with long memories, those numbers seemed spookily familiar. Six New Hampshire primaries back, Lyndon Johnson had edged out Eugene McCarthy by 49 to 42 percent, and a few weeks later Johnson abandoned his bid for re-election.) Those early Bush-Buchanan numbers were never broadcast, but they circulated throughout the day among the coterie of politicians and reporters with access to news unsafe for public consumption. As it turned out, the public in this instance was well served by the embargo. When the real votes came in, Bush had won not by a piddling six but by a solid sixteen percentage points. This was the first appearance of the “Buchanan Bias” in exit poll responses for which Mitofsky in later primaries would try to make adjustments. (In polling usage, it should be noted, the term ‘bias’ has nothing to do with the politics of the pollster. Survey experts define ‘bias’ as error – unlike sampling error, which can be plus or minus – that errs in only one direction. When you find it, it’s not always easy to explain. Mitofsky’s best guess is that Buchanan’s voters were prouder of what they had done and, hence, more prone to respond, than Bush’s were.)”

Well, well, well. Here we have a complete admission that exit polls by the Big TV Networks are not scientific. When they find a Buchanan --- who exit polls higher than his final vote, -- they have to suppress the exit polls as “not fit for public consumption”, and then adjust their exit polls in the future based on the “Buchanan bias.”

I don’t know whether Plissner is a blissfully ignorant useful idiot who is focused on the surface goings on of what he witnessed in his 35 years at CBS, or if he is deliberately masking the realities here, but I have news for all of them: Buchanan BIAS is known as PUBLIC SUPPORT when it happens for any other candidate. In fact, there is no other candidate in the history of “exit polling” that has generated a “bias”, according to these manipulators.

Furthermore, the earliest returns were 49% to 49%, and someone who was in the Buchanan inner circles when these results became known, heard Buchanan say, “ . . . we could win this thing.” But that’s before the strange goings on began in which Bush stayed at 49% and Buchanan dropped 3% every few hours until he was at 40% at 2 AM. THEN, the next morning, 10,000 ballots were “found” as reported by Larry King the next night – and Buchanan dropped ANOTHER 3% to 37% -- just what Bush was hoping for. In the meantime Bush allegedly rose to 53%.

Since the Buchanan campaign made no provision to try and verify the vote – something that could have been done in 70% of New Hampshire where votes were counted by hand – one can be forgiven for suspecting that the Republican movers and shakers used old fashioned methods to suppress Buchanan’s vote where computers were not in place to do the job. 10,000 ballots “found” on Wednesday morning? Strange.

As older readers know, the exit pollers for Voter News Service,  -- which organization does the exit polling for all Big TV Networks, and is jointly controlled by them, -- are mostly League of Women Voters members and college students. They show up after rush hour in the morning, they quit to call in their results before the evening rush hour begins. WE have video footage showing the exit poller calling in her results on a pay phone from 5 PM to 7 PM, while HUNDREDS of voters walk in and out of a high school where five precincts were voting. AND, they admit only 1 out of 15 voters will even talk to them in the off hours.

Back to the exit polls that Plissner talks about above.

So where’s the scientific basis of these exit polls? In the above passage Plissner reveals that the exit pollers are totally dependent on which voters are willing to talk to them, and that Buchanan supporters were more likely to want to talk. In other words, the process is NOT scientific.

So how do the TV Networks call the results almost 100% accurate as soon as the polls close, or shortly thereafter, --  and in the eighties, before they were exposed by the Colliers and our investigative efforts – they called the many senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential election outcomes in the 49 computerized states --- to the exact percentage point much of the time. HOW?

I believe the Big TV Networks use exit polls – to snoop into what the public is thinking in a hit or miss kind of way, same as public opinion polling. These devices are used to auto-correct the courses of action being pursued by the Ruling Elite – so they don’t overplay their hand. The results of these polls, often different from what is announced to the public as demonstrated in our e-wire archives, also determine what news events are emphasized in the weeks ahead, according to Noam Chomsky, liberal professor at MIT. Chomsky gave a talk to this effect on C-Span during the 1996 Presidential cycle.

But evidence and logic strongly suggest that public opinion polls, exit polls, and computerized vote counting are three prongs of a super-scam that results in “Votescam: The Stealing of America” --- to invoke the title of the Collier’s best selling book on the subject.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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