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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 20, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Worse Than the Coliseum

Most will remember that Ross Perot made a big deal -- in his 1992 Presidential run – about the possibility of everyone voting in a national “town hall meeting” setting – by watching something on TV, and then voting by pushing a button on a box on top of their TV set. (Remember 1992 was 4 years before the internet came into some general use.)

Was Perot popping off? Or was he very well connected and “in the know” – a stalking horse for the so-called “Direct Democracy” Movement? The national primary rules of the Reform Party, with its totally unverifiable rules of engagement, and its still somewhat mysterious and very well-connected “internet voting” supplier, eBallot.net, Inc. -- causes this writer to lean towards the latter.

New Readers can go to lewisnews.com in the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count section (left hand side) to read the June 21, 2000 report on “Alert: Sinister Conference in Progress in Athens Greece” for an overview of the so called “Direct Democracy” movement. This “under the radar” international effort, backed by George Soros and other New World Order billionaires, seeks to eventually put an end to all representative legislatures and Congresses, replacing them with the citizenry as a whole deciding everything at their home computer by voting over the internet – or by voting at money stations (using a smart card), also utilizing the internet.

Good friend Brent Beleskey of the Canadian based International Voters Coalition points out that the envisioned Direct Democracy movement, - is worse than the old Colliseum method of “thumbs up or thumbs down” on a gladiator.

The envisioned Direct Democracy method would keep the Coliseum feature of highly charged emotional decisions being made by much of the citizenry with just a fraction of the information they need (information, that is, parceled out by the Big TV Media). But, as Beleskey points out, at least in the Coliseum you could see if the thumbs were really up, or the thumbs were really down.

If the so-called “Direct Democracy” movement prevails, we’ll have to trust the central computer to tell us what all those millions of bleeps of energy from all the home computers really mean. A Dictator’s dream! As Ole’ Joe Stalin said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who COUNT the votes – decide everything.”

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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