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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 21, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Three Ways the Reform Party Can Commit Suicide This Year

The in-fighting leading up to the Reform Party Convention – all caused by New World Order agents of influence around Democratic Party operative Russ Verney – is doing what such contrived infighting is meant to do: prevent the good guys (Buchanan Brigades) from fighting the bad guys (the Bush/Gore ticket).

So concern over securing the nomination for Mr. Buchanan has obscured any real thinking on two other issues:

With that said, here’s the three ways the Reform Party can commit suicide in the year 2000:

1.      Nominate Hagelin or Nobody: If Hagelin or Nobody is nominated, -- instead of Pat Buchanan --- then the Reform Party will have committed suicide – which is exactly what Perot and Verney want at this point. If Mr. Nobody gets the nomination, the irrelevancy of the Reform Party is obvious. If Guru Hagelin gets it, you will witness the Reform Party and Hagelin get zero coverage from there on out. Stop Buchanan is all the 5 Big Networks care about, and if Hagelin is used to do it, that’s the last we’ll hear about him on the Big Media.

2.      Fail to challenge the polls and computerized vote count systems: Right now the 5 Big lockstep TV Networks have Buchanan at 1% to 4%. Since the Buchanan campaign and the Reform Party have so far failed to challenge these “conducted-who-knows-how” polls, despite repeated gentle prodding from this Network America e-wire service, Buchanan may be dropping to that level as his supporters feel he has “no chance” – and they had better support Bush to avoid Gore. Likewise, if the computer vote count remains unchallenged, and the Buchanan Campaign and Reform Party refuse to discuss the fact that Americans in 49 states, and 30% of New Hampshire, are barred by police force from counting or double checking their ballots on election day – thus leaving the votes “counted” in total secrecy by a plutocracy of media and mega-computer programming companies – then Buchanan will finish with 4% or less, thus setting third party candidate Presidential hopes back immeasurably. IF the computers give him 4%, but the system was loudly and effectively challenged, the tens of millions will believe he was cheated, and the stage will be set for righting the situation with whatever it takes to right it. If this issue IS brought up loudly and everywhere, including by Buchanan in stump speeches and on TV appearances, then he will get a larger per cent of the vote, and tens of millions of Americans will still think he was cheated. It’s a win-win-win to bring it up. It’s a lose-lose-lose to avoid it.

3.      Fail to build a grassroots organization: If a grassroots organization is not built and in place -- precinct by precinct and county by county – by the November election day, -- then the Reform Party  will also have blown an opportunity that would be tantamount to suicide. A special 800 number and office should be set up for the one purpose of helping to make people aware of what precinct they live in, and how they can become an effective “cell” in the “body politic” by working to get out the vote on election day for Buchanan. At the same time the campaign should mail to all 400,000 supporters telling them to contact this proposed office number for the purpose of volunteering in their precinct to get out the Buchanan vote on November 7th, 2000 -- and PJB should make it part of his stump speech, urging people to step up and volunteer to get out the vote in their precinct and county. This would cause the mega-computer programmers to pause, as they would have to be very careful that less votes appear in a precinct than people who are willing to testify in affidavit form that they voted for PJB. If 50,000 plus precinct workers were getting out the vote on election day – we would have the Big Media and their computer programmer allies on the run. Especially if all 50,000 workers were told to prime all Buchanan supporters to be ready to sign affidavits to prove votefraud. Also, a nationwide force for America would be in place on November 8, 2000 – win or lose.

The above three items detail three ways for the Reform Party to commit suicide in 2000. Handling item 2 and item 3 -- after item 1 was accomplished – would set the nation on fire.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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