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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

July 25, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
The Kitchen Analogy

Chuck Geshlider is tearing ‘em up in Pahrump, Nevada, -- and leading the way in developing a positive strategy to restore honest elections. Veteran readers of these e-wires will remember that Mr. Geshlider was the one who first suggested that we needed to have a national gathering to escalate this movement to restore honest elections, which led to the upcoming Citizens for A Fair Vote Count convention.

Pahrump, Nevada was put “on the map” when the Art Bell show, which hailed from there, was put on over 1000 stations in the overnight slot. It is a small town with no major electronic media bothering it. There is one local TV station, and it’s owner and manager is coming around to Chuck’s side.

Mr. Geshlider is using the following analogy with devastating effectiveness. We’ll paraphrase it here:

If you’re eating at a restaurant, and you start feeling sick, -- and you then ask the owner if you can see the kitchen – and if he then says, “No, you can’t see the kitchen” --- what are you going to think?

The same goes for voting. When you see the country getting sicker, and you ask the Board of Elections to see the ballots so you and other citizens can count them at the neighborhood precinct in an orderly fashion on election night – and the Elections supervisor says, “Absolutely not, we’re going to keep taking them away from you and counting them in secret,”--- then what are you, the voter, going to think?

Mr. Geshlider is running for Town Board in Pahrump, and one of his allies is running against the current Elections Supervisor, who is herself elected. There are only 30 precincts with about 200 votes cast at each precinct. At least 100 citizens are already available and willing to hand count paper ballots in each of the neighborhood polling places.

Chuck is driving home the question, “Is the current election Supervisor going to count the votes in secret again, away from the public view – even in her own race with the opposing candidate locked out, or are we going to have an open count conducted by all factions of citizens in the light of day?”

Geshlider is not a man given to subtleties on a question like honest elections. He states flatly: “Anyone who is against an open ballot count with citizen checks and balances --- is either a crook, or working for a crook.”

What’s the current election supervisor going to say? According to Chuck, the whole town suspects there’s been votefraud because of exorbitant hikes in tax collections. 

What IS that Election Supervisor going to say to Mr. Geshlider and his many supporters? The Pahrump primary is September 1, 2000 – just a few days after Geshlider speaks at our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention on August 26th.

Stay tuned. It looks like your editor may be appearing on the TV station in Pahrump with him for an hour’s call in show on Saturday August 12, 2000. We’ll keep you updated on this important, developing situation.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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