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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Ken Bagwell’s Challenge on WTZY Radio

On Tuesday, August 1, 2000 between 10 AM and 12 noon, your writer was a guest on WTZY radio in North Carolina. This was a follow up appearance on the Ken Bagwell show, the first being about three months ago.

Mr. Bagwell began the show by saying that, to his surprise, of all the issues he’s covered in his talk show career -- the votefraud show he did with your reporter had created – by far -- the most controversy, and brought him the most criticism from certain quarters.

Ken Bagwell then stated, in his very next breath and without any warning to me, that he was opening up the phone lines for the next two hours, and he wanted the local folks to call in and “tear Jim Condit up.” He said he wanted the callers to punch holes in the claims of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count.

 We then went on to re-iterate some of those claims, including:

1)      that voters’ ballots were being counted in an unverifiable manner in 49 states and in over 3000 of this nations’ 3075 counties;

2)      that over 3000 county Election boards and 49 Secretaries of State had made it effectively illegal for citizens in 49 states, including North Carolina, to check or double check their ballots on election day, ready to go so far as to use police power to prevent the citizens from getting to their ballots for the purpose of counting them on election day, and

3)      that the re-installing of a verifiable system of counting the votes was readily available to all counties and states, and that paper ballots, ballot boxes and all the other supplies needed for that purpose could easily be ordered and put in use in time for this November’s Presidential election.

After a little discussion and information on these and other topics – there followed two hours of FRIENDLY calls and sincere, intelligent questions from citizens seeking to better understand the issue.

As always, I urged everyone to call his local county board of elections and ask what procedure there is for citizens to count or double-check their own votes on election day. I then predicted that the citizens will find there is no procedure, and that they are forbidden to do so. (Naturally, we will immediately change our position if we find a county outside of New Hampshire that does it right, -- and joyfully post it on our website.)

When it comes to talk shows, this is the pattern all over the country – no hostility from citizens, just interest and a sincere desire to find out if we really have unverifiable elections, and, if so, what can be done about it.

One “almost” exception to that rule was on powerful KMOX overnight in St. Louis with Emmett McCullough, where a string of 4 or 5 callers who had all volunteered on election day at least once over the years for the Board of Elections in that area, rang us up to state that they believed that they had participated in a verifiable election. Under questioning, each caller confirmed that, in fact, they had NOT been allowed to count any votes, but only how many ballots had been cast in that precinct. (After two of the callers confirmed our thesis with their answers, talk show host McCullough told the caller that they had actually proved our point.

As in Cincinnati and hundreds of other venues, the St. Louis system confines the trusting, civic minded poll workers to merely count the total number of ballots cast, rubber band them, and send them downtown. This procedure actually makes it easier for the person transporting the ballots downtown to switch all the real ballots with pre-punched fraudulent ones provided by some faction of the local establishment.

By the way, there are always THOUSANDS of ballots printed that are never used, and in several areas it has been proven on film that the seals were broken when the ballot box arrived downtown. How hard would it be for election crooks behind the Board of Elections to order DUPLICATE seals, so that the first could be broken, discarded, and replaced – after all the real ballots had been replaced by pre-punched ones???? All these factors show beyond doubt why ballots MUST be counted BEFORE the votes leave the neighborhood precinct.)

The “heat” generated in response to public discussion of the votefraud issue generally comes from other local media people who have been asleep at the switch, or are helping to put the corrupt system over on the area – or from the Town Fathers, who are responsible for putting in the current system and upholding such primal corruption which deprives the citizens of their right to a verifiable election – so that everyone KNOWS that their vote was counted.

The people everywhere want a return to paper ballots so they KNOW that their votes are counting and being counted.

Thanks again to Ken Bagwell of WTZY, one of the treasured “on point” talk show hosts in America, for pressing home this all important issue as the 2000 Presidential Election nears.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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