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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 10, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Brigades Rule, Foster Stymies Big Media

At the Convention, the Brigades rule – seating all the proper delegations and ousting secretary Mangia, disrupter in chief, with the authority of the full convention vote.

Across town, Patrick J. Buchanan emerges where ocean and land meet to announce his vice-presidential pick, Ezola Foster, the 62 year old school teacher and long time constitutional activist.

The Big Media, which was swooning and rhapsodizing over Al Gore’s choice of Senator Joe Lieberman due to his Jewish ancestry (both are liberal-leftists), fell silent over Buchanan’s choice of a black woman for VP (Foster is a constitutional conservative).

Foster, looking far younger than her sixty-two years, -- or I should say, ANYONE like Ezola Foster -- was not supposed to exist. She was black, conservative, pro-life, a constitutionalist, against illegal immigration, a former member but still unapologetic admirer of the John Birch Society, an America firster --- WHAT A NIGHTMARE for the Big TV talking heads.

The CNN headline coverage of the Buchanan-Foster announcement showed a film of Foster – but did not even let any of her words be heard in the spot replayed hourly about the press conference. (Whenever a liberal is picked, notice that the press will give that person 30 seconds or more to express themselves; in this case, Foster was to be silenced in reports about her initial press conference as the Buchanan VP pick by the dishonest Big Media.)

Regular CNN, to its credit, did cover the press conference announcement live and in full, including Foster’s words.

Some newspaper articles didn’t even mention her name – or gave her just a line or two.

The CBS Evening News that night focused not on Foster, but on whether “hate groups” would now rule the Reform Party in the wake of the Buchanan Brigade takeover.

Not a one of the Sunday Morning talk shows gave Foster a hearing to my knowledge.

A week later Hannity & Colmes of FOX News would interview Foster. She told them that she had severed ties with all organizations with whom she had been a member, including her own traditional values group. When asked by Alan Colmes why she had been a member of the John Birch Society, Foster replied that the John Birch Society housed some of the finest men and women in the world and that they were for preserving America’s sovereignty.

Hannity asked her if she and Buchanan could win. Yes, Foster volleyed back – and if Buchanan and her were let into the debates, the victory was certain.

Hannity would challenge her credentials to be vice president. Ezola Foster shot back that she believed in and followed the constitution, which was unlike her opponents who all had a long record of violating their oath to uphold the constitution.

If Russert, King, Rivera and Blitzer were watching Foster on Hannity & Colmes, I wonder if we’ll be seeing much of her on the talk show circuit. Will Oprah be doing a big puff piece like she did for Janet Reno after he Elian Gonzalez aggression ??

Alan Keyes justly complained during the GOP primary debates that he was suffering “from a media black out, which, I guess, means: keep the black out.”

Will we be able to say the same about Foster come November? Or will the Big Media start to give equal coverage to Foster --- and the Buchanan-Foster ticket????

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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