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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 12, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Buchanan Nominated, Jenny Giroux Redeems Granny D Performance

(This report is being sent out on September 1, 2000 – as I am behind on our Network America e-wires due to my trip to “eyewitness” the Reform Party Convention in Long Beach, California --  and our own Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention just ended on August 27, 2000. We now continue with our report from the Long Beach Reform Party Convention – with the benefit of a little hindsight.)

Last night, August 11, 2000 – the Reform Party nominated Pat Buchanan after a series of speeches leading up to the vote.

Kentucky Congressional candidate Gatewood Galbraith revved the convention up with his welcome 15 minute invective against the New World Order and its unnecessary regimentation of Americans.

Then the Reform Party delegates sat in stunned politeness as Big Media created star “Granny D” droned on for an hour with a confused, repetitive socialist tinted diatribe centering around campaign finance reform. This talk was set up by the ousted Perot forces, and why it wasn’t curtailed to its deserved 18 ½ minutes, I don’t know. (18 ½ minutes being the length of the “erased” part of the Nixon tapes, which really would have been the ideal situation here also.)

“Granny D” was ninety years old or so, and she did show a great deal of spunk walking across the USA, more or less, for campaign finance reform. But I’d like to know more about her and why this cause became the “sine qua non” of her existence. From afar, she looks to me all too convenient for the Big TV Media and the Ruling Elite behind it.

To me, “Granny D” looks a lot like the media created “regular moms” who were in reality the Clinton aides who -- amidst massive Big TV promotion -- organized the so-called “Million Mom March” against the 2nd amendment. This event should have been called the “we in the media can’t count” march – so far short did it fall of its name.

For quite a while now, the Big Media have been using various “Granny D’s” to pump up pseudo moral issues to replace the real moral issues. Among their pseudo issues have been anti-smoking – and campaign finance reform.

In truth, “Granny D” was made famous by the media precisely because her issue of campaign finance reform has not the slightest chance of going anywhere as long as we computerized elections. We had some local groups like this in Cincinnati, such as “True Blue Patriots” and “Taxed Enough Already (TEA)” which were led by very sincere people who thought they were getting a lot of press because they were so “on point.” In fact, the exact opposite was true. They were given press, like Granny D, because they were harmless diversions.

Leaving her age aside, -- and speaking candidly -- Granny D’s address was positively dreadful and an insult to the assembled delegates. Besides, it was a resounding bore, which is probably the only thing that saved it from being greeted with the eardrum shattering boos and verbal opposition with which Senator Arlen Specter Presidential bid was ended in Iowa during the 1995 Iowa Straw Poll speeches -- where Specter tried to push his Clintonesque agenda. (GOP Senator Specter was the young government lawyer who came up with the absurd “magic bullet” theory in 1964 in an effort to save the deplorable criminal cover-up known as the Warren Commission; the “magic bullet” theory pushed the canard that one bullet shot by Lee Harvey Oswald did the work of 4 bullets – and came out in pristine condition. Some one would have had to concoct this lie to try and divert people from the obvious conclusion that the evidence demanded more than one gunman in the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. It was in return for such “service” that Arlen Specter’s career began to rise.)

In summary, objectively speaking, it’s a shame that a precious hour’s worth of Reform Party prime time on C-Span was wasted on Granny D.

And, if it hadn’t been kept to 15 minutes, almost the same could be said for a youthful Ms. Cohen who came to the podium next on behalf of MTV -- for the cause of getting young people to vote this November. Nothing wrong with the basic message, but, needless to say, this e-wire grinds its teeth anytime Hollywood types are interested in getting people to vote to the exclusion of how the vote is counted. Oh well, this lasted only 15 minutes.

Next came Justin Raimondo, webmaster of anti-war.com, the gifted writer who has been defending Buchanan against many unjust attackers. But Justin’s time had been used up by Granny D. In the middle of (or was it the beginning of?) his impassioned address, Chairman Moan was forced to begin calling time so that the roll call of the states would make it onto C-Span during prime time. Raimondo’s speech also last about 15 minutes.

But still, there was something not quite “classic Buchananesque” about each of these three main speakers who had so far addressed the convention.

Jennifer Giroux, long time Buchanan supporter and mother of nine (the last of these about to born later this year) saved the day. Speaking from the heart, she articulated the frustration she and millions of American mothers feel as they are forced to watch the establishment Big Media say that “women” don’t like Pat Buchanan. She spoke for the broad middle “silent majority” of American women – the ones who would put Buchanan in the White House with a fair vote count. She talked of the need for an organization called “WIN” with Buchanan, that is, “Women Influencing the Nation” with Buchanan --- to counteract the 20 or 30 omnipresent Media-approved liberal/leftist women who are passed off as “American woman.”

 Jenny Giroux also spoke about all the traditional values that are dear to all the women – and men – who love candidate Pat Buchanan. It was a classic Buchananesque speech. Many in the audience had a tear in their eye, and the rest of the evening Jennifer was approached by well-wishing delegates and Buchanan supporters thanking her for what she had said.

After Jennifer’s 15 minute talk, the roll of the states began.

 There were a number of emotion-filled comments before various of the states cast its votes for Patrick Buchanan – but none compared with the moving and eloquent comments of Jerry Heinemann of West Virginia, who, holding his state’s flag, -- and recalling all the times the coal mining families in his state had bled for America, -- delivered the “Braveheart” oration of the evening, vowing to “bleed with Buchanan” again if necessary to save America.

 Buchanan won about 97% per cent of the votes of the Reform Party Convention 2000, with a few abstentions, and one delegate, I believe, casting a vote for Charles Collins.

 Pat Buchanan emerged on stage, thanked the assembled body with grace and humor, and all adjourned to a gala celebration in one of the Long Beach classic establishments on the shore of the Pacific ocean.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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