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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 14, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Report: Last Day of the Reform Party Convention and an Overview

  Yesterday, Sunday, August 13th, 2000 was the last day of the Reform Party Convention 2000 in Long Beach. Here is a candid report about the last day, and about the results of the convention as whole.

While many had left, enough delegates showed up at the Sunday session to constitute a quorum.

There were some necessary details to be taken up, for instance, the National Committee meeting had to be called and dispensed with. The Sunday National Committee meeting had been called months ago, but it had become unnecessary because of the business done at the previous Tuesday’s National Committee meeting (the one which got so much Media coverage due to the cry baby maneuvers of the Mangia Mouth) which had been called by Maryland Reform Party Leader Robert Bowes and 81 others on the National Committee as the rules prescribed.

The Buchanan national office seemed to desire that nothing happen on Sunday that would put Pat Buchanan, now the nominee, in a tough position. This position was articulated by Kelly Abt of Texas near the “sudden death” end of the convention.

There was certainly no desire on the part of anyone there to put PJB in a tough position, and the affection for the candidate was again evident as everyone broke what they were doing a little after the convention was adjourned to watch Pat’s appearance on C-Span on a big screen TV in an adjoining room. There were maybe 100 people in that room, with a running competition between people clapping and laughing, and other people saying “Shhhhhhh!!!!’ so they could hear Pat’s next comment.

However, there were delegates with a zeal to engage the Reform Party itself in certain issues for the good of the Party and the good of the nominee. I was not a delegate, but just an “agitator” on the sidelines. I was supportive of three motions that were circulating: 1) commit the Reform Party to sue the Big TV Networks for making an illegal campaign contribution to the Bush/Gore ticket IF they covered any Presidential debates which excluded PJB; 2) have the Reform Party make a demand on the Big TV networks to make public the criteria by which they do public opinion polls and exit polls; 3) call for an end to computer and machine counted ballots, and a restoration of paper ballots, hand counted by all factions of citizens in the neighborhood precinct.

Christopher Bollyn of Illinois and Christopher Shaper of California were especially zealous to lay the ground work to get these motions to the floor.

Also supporting such action was Dottie Watson of Louisiana, Susan Madori of California, Jerry Heinemann of West Virginia, John and Sandy Gilbert of Arizona, and many others. Robert Bowes of Maryland was willing to help bring such action to the floor, as he had done in the matter of disqualifying the Reform Party eballot during the Friday session – a subject that will be covered in depth soon in this Network America e-wire series, including Susan Madori’s devastating analysis of the illegality of the attempted Reform eballot / mail in ballot national primary. Susan’s work is an important document of historical value to not for future Reform Party conventions, but for future elections in the USA.

In fact, there was not one delegate or grassroots person at the Reform Party convention who was not for including the paper ballot resolution. And, by the way, we were only pushing resolutions – as PJB had stated that nothing would be added this year to the Reform Party platform, and just about everyone wanted to respect that.

However, as noon passed, the National Chairman Gerald Moan, who had faithfully held up his part of the bargain to be fair, was clearly nervous about what was to come. Twenty or twenty five people were lining up at the microphone to introduce or support resolutions.

Perhaps Moan and the National office felt that the distinction between resolutions and platform amendments would be lost on press and public.

Shortly after noon, Party chairman Moan called for a quorum, clearly hoping there wasn’t one. But 245 or so delegates were present, with only 230 needed. The next ploy was a motion to adjourn. Gerry Moan called for the Ayes and the nays. It seemed clear to me and everyone I talked to that the “nays” had it, in other words, don’t adjourn. Nevertheless, Chairman Moan ruled that the Ayes had it, and adjourned the convention.

Quite a few people were not happy, but there was no sentiment to challenge the Chairman. After all, the week as a whole had been a great victory against the Perot, Verney, Mangia “koolaid mixing” Wrecking Crew.

That faction’s plans to lead the Reform Party to suicide had been met and stopped by the Buchanan Brigades. Chairman Moan and Credentials Chairman Frank Reed of Ohio had exercised a steady, patient hand throughout the convention proceedings.

For instance, when it when it came time to evict Mangia from his position as Reform Party national secretary during the early part of the convention, Moan volunteered to cast the first vote. It was clearly an emotional moment for him, as he watched the Perot coalition fall apart for the last time. Many of the Old Guard, as they came to be called, had had great hopes for what they thought was Perot’s original vision, but now the evidence was irrefutable that something had gone terribly wrong. (I believe what that was is detailed in our provocatively titled e-wire: R. Perot: R for Rat – found in our archives at votefraud.org in the News section, under “News by Month” in the June e-wires, dated June 5, 2000.)

In any case, there was no appetite, even among those who were peeved by the sudden shutdown of the convention, to do battle over the issue.

Still, objectively speaking, the failure to address the issues of Big Network public opinion polls, exit polls, and easily rigged computerized elections on C-Span, on prime time, was a tremendous mistake. The Buchanan campaign has nothing to lose by doing this, and everything to gain. The Reform Party has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The Big TV Networks and the Ruling Elite behind it are trying to put the Reform Party, and all third Party movements to sleep --- death by the euthanasia of censorship, smear, and de-emphasis. The Ruling Elite owns both major parties and the Bush/Gore ticket – tickets, if you prefer to living in Fairy Tale land --- and doesn’t want any competition.

All in all, the convention wrested the Reform Party away from the Perot / New World Order forces in the face of well orchestrated disruption and opposition. Even so, the internal turmoil and disruption caused by the Wrecking Crew did accomplish, and is still accomplishing what it is intended to do. 90% of the talk at the convention and since the convention has been how to stop or undo the damage being done or threatened by the wrecking crew.

In other words, instead of fighting the New World Order Bush/Gore ticket – the Reform Party leaders have had to busy themselves fighting the well funded, well organized handful in each state who are trying to Stop Buchanan at all costs. This is a common tactic. Every minute and every dollar spent fighting “internal” disruption --- is a minute and dollar that can’t be spent overturning the New World Order Ruling Elite and their puppets. This is an old tried and true strategy of the forces of darkness, and while the Buchanan brigades and the Buchanan National Office are handling the trouble as well as can be expected, such contrived mayhem eats up the clock when so much needs to be done.

Tomorrow, a tribute to Bay Buchanan for pulling the whole thing off convention off against the backdrop of as much opposition as any serious national Presidential campaign has ever faced.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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