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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 16, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
More Proof that Nader’s Poll Numbers are a Lie

The Big Media, which ignored Nader in 1996 because, after Buchanan endorsed Dole, two Ruling Elite puppets (Dole vs. Clinton), were left, leaving Nader without a diversionary role in which the Ruling Elite could use him.

BUT, this year, the Big 5 TV networks have been --- all together now – covering Ralph Nader as a serious candidate – ever since it looked like there was no way to stop Buchanan from getting the Reform Party nomination and the $13 million in matching funds, which insures that Buchanan will break the censorship of the Big TV Networks, who are vying to outdo each other in rhapsodizing how “exciting” the Gush/Bore race is, and how “sharp” are the “differences” in the “style” of these two lightweight snoozers.

Don’t’ get me wrong, Ralph Nader is many, many times smarter than Bush and Gore combined, and a heck of a lot more interesting to listen to – but that’s beside the point here. The point here is the use of Nader by the Big TV Networks to blur the Buchanan factor and keep Nader, Buchanan, Phillips, and Browne out of the prime time, nationally televised Presidential debates.

To understand what the Big TV networks are doing, it is necessary to understand that the fraudulent “Presidential Debates Commission” – a concoction of the RNC, the DNC and the 5 Big TV Networks (all five of which give this Insulting Travesty respect, instead of exposing it and ridiculing it to Hades and back). The “Presidential Debates Commission” consists of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Paul Kirk, and former Republican National Committee Chairman, Frank Fahrenkopf, who now collects over $1 million a year as head lobbyist for the casino industry. These two Duopoly partisans decide who has enough “credibility” to be in the Presidential Debates.

To cover their scam against the American people, these RNC and DNC mouth pieces have appointed their partners in info-crime, the Big TV networks, The New York Times, and the Washington Post, -- to conduct totally “off limits to the public” polls – which we are supposed to accept in a stupendous (and stupid) act of faith. The scam is this: if these 5 New World Order subversive news outfits say Buchanan has less than 15% in their mysteriously conducted polls, then he’s not allowed in the Presidential Debates.

In other words, the “referees” in this all important matter of who gets into the 2000 Presidential Debates -- are the very ones who Pat Buchanan and the Buchanan Brigades have been fighting for the last 40 years!

The absurdity of using these SUBJECTIVE standards cannot be overstated.

The clear objective criteria for who deserves to be in the Presidential debates is this: any Presidential candidate who gets on enough state ballots to have a chance of winning – of getting the necessary 270 electoral votes to become President – should be in those debates

Why? Because, theoretically, a candidate could shine so brightly in the Presidential Debates that they would win every state in which they are on the ballot – and get just over the 270 electoral votes necessary, even if they were not on the ballot in every state. Howard Phillips has reminded audiences that Abraham Lincoln was not on the ballot in a number of states when he won the Presidency in 1860.

Back to Nader.

The Big Media TV Networks have been – until the Democratic convention -- crowing that Nader has from 5 to 10% while Buchanan has 1% to 4%. (Remember, they must prepare the public to believe that Buchanan will get less that 4% in the November election, thus losing all ballot access and Federal matching Funds for 2004.)

Well, now it turns out that both Nader and Buchanan needed to collect around 70,000 signatures to ensure ballot access in Illinois. This state was referred to on C-Span on Sunday, August 13th by Pat Buchanan himself during the airing of a call in program he appeared on that day.

In Illinois, Buchanan got 70,000 signatures and will qualify, as 35,000 valid signatures are needed.

So how many did the great Nader machine get? The Nader team got 2,000 signatures. A measly 2000 signatures in that state out of 35,000 valid signatures needed.

Once again, when we have an objective standard, Buchanan comes out with flying colors. Nader falls flat.

But when the Big TV networks get their hands in it, the exact opposite happens.

This is more proof that Nader’s poll numbers are a blatant lie being perpetrated on the American people by the five big TV networks. The really amazing thing about these incessant Big Media polls is that nobody every challenges how they are done, who is called, etc. etc.

Let me be clear: even if polling can be accurate in some instances, which it can --- I am charging that the Presidential polls numbers being published --- like the Clinton Impeachment polls numbers – are being deliberately falsified by the 5 Big TV networks.

The 5 Big TV Networks constitute the most formidable enemy the American people have ever faced.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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