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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 17, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This

In a recent article in the weekly newspaper, The Wanderer, Paul Likoudis wrote an important article about the challenge being made to Minority Whip Richard Gephardt by conservative author and businessman, Bill Federer in this year of 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri.

(The Wanderer is an important independent source for political news not carried in the controlled press. America’s oldest Catholic newspaper, founded circa 1867 by the Matt family, which still runs the paper – the Wanderer can be found on the internet at www.thewandererpress.com)

Dick Gephardt, the former Democratic Speaker of the House, and the current Minority Whip, has evolved into a flipflopping, annoying, dripping with insincerity, political waste product --- a typical Ruling Elite puppet who probably started out with high ideals but subsequently sold his body and soul to the modern Money Changers – whom he pleases at every turn, while totally ignoring his own constituents.

So blatant is Gephardt’s understanding of who determines his future, that he no longer lives in Missouri, but lives in a plush estate near Washington D.C. – and I would speculate that such a plush estate is unattainable on a Congressman’s salary alone. His Missouri residence? A vacant apartment that his mother lived in until about a year ago, when she was moved into a nursing home.

But is it true that Gephardt strikes his constituents that much differently than he does you and I? Hardly. Grotesque as his public persona is, it just doesn’t matter. He is a valuable asset to the New World Order Ruling Elite, and they are not about to let him be defeated just because he get less votes than his opponent.

Gephardt makes no secret of the fact that he expects to become the Speaker of the House again if the Democrats win the majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the upcoming 2000 elections.

With this backdrop, let’s stand aside and let  Likoudis tell the story as found in the July 20, 2000 edition of the Wanderer newspaper:

Here begins quotes from the Likoudis article:

But this year, there is a very big if for Gephardt, who’s facing a serious challenge by St. Louis Catholic (and Wanderer Reader) Bill Federer, a businessman in his family’s three generation old real estate firm and a nationally known historian, author, publisher, and speaker.

Recent polls show that if the election were held today, Gephardt would pull 30% of the vote in this district, one of the most conservative in the country. Federer would pull 40%, and of the 30% “undecided” nearly 50% are leaning toward Federer.

Two years ago, Gephardt almost lost to Federer, in the fourth most expensive Congressional race in the country in which he outspent Federer 16 to 1 and ran a campaign based on “the politics of personal destruction.” Gephardt’s push polls asked voters  if they’d vote for Federer if he were “wanted by U.S. marshalls”, and his television ads depicted the historian and author of the best selling (150,000 copies) ‘America’s God & Country Encyclopedia of Quotations’ as “too extreme for Missouri. . . .

Gephardt’s 1998 “victory” over Federer was also allegedly rife with the type of voting irregularities common to banana republics.

“On election morning 1998,” Federer told The Wanderer in an interview, “the phones at my headquarters started ringing and people were telling me my name was not on the ballot in five wards in the city of St. Louis. When I complained to the county clerk, Gephardt’s people responded by asking that polling stations around the district be closed. We had to get attorneys to keep the polls open.

“At noon, by the time returns started coming in, I was ahead of Gephardt 52% to 48%, but then, the computers went down in the city of St. Louis, and the electricity went off in the Jefferson County clerk’s office. This was the third time the electricity went off at that county clerk’s office in a close election,” he said.

“The first time was when Gary Gill ran against Gephardt; the second time was when gambling casinos were on the ballot --- and gambling won. When I was running against Gephardt, a Republican watcher in the clerk’s office was prohibited from looking at the computer screens, and when the computers were later rebooted, every Republican running had lost.” . . .

Gephardt returned to Washington with 55.8% of the vote, the lowest in his career, in time to lead Bill Clinton’s fight to remain in the White House.

(End of quotes from the 7-20-2000 Wanderer article by Paul Likoudis.)


Let’s think about this:

In 1998, Federer is leading in the early vote tabulating on election day His lead over New World Order darling Gephardt was 52% to 48%. Sooo . . .

The computers go down AND the electricity goes out in the Clerk’s office..

When the electricity and computers come back on, Gephardt shoots ahead to win with 55% of the vote … and, wonderful to tell, Gephardt “WINS” !!!

You have to admit, this one incident is a pretty good story, almost so good that it would be unbelievable if it hadn’t been witnessed by thousands of people. So good that you’d be sure I was making it up if it hadn’t been witnessed by thousands of people. Right?

As Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) used to say in the old GET SMART comedy serious, “Would you believe . . .”

Recapping Federer’s comments above, we might proceed to say, a la Maxwell Smart: “Would you believe that the exact same thing electricity / computer shut down scenario happened a few elections ago when a GOP challenger named Gary Gill was running against this New World Order errand boy, Gephardt?”

And let’s go further: “Well, how about -- would you believe that it also happened – in the same city of St. Louis -- in 1996 when a gambling proposal was losing in the early going? And would you believe that when the electricity and computers came back on that the gambling proposal had “won”?

Thanks to our good friends the Pusateri’s of Dubuque, word has been gotten to Mr. Federer’s brother, who is an attorney in St. Louis. He has ordered the votefraud “Crash Course” from our website,, and it is being shipped out haste post haste.

Another factor is now in the picture, to be covered in an upcoming e-wire. The research of Dan Gutenkauf of Arizona is now providing the legal basis for candidates and citizens to demand transparent vote counts, and prevent kind of “under the rock” tabulations that have saved Gephardt in recent elections.  

It is the intentions of the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count team – now extending from sea to shining sea -- to make sure that Mr. Tom Federer, attorney and brother of Congressional candidate Bill Federer, get together with Dan Gutenkauf and his research.

IF Mr. Bill Federer will start to demand, based on the law, that the St. Louis Board of Elections conduct an honest, transparent vote count, this writer feels certain that Mr. Gephardt will be GONE on November 7, 2000. OR, at the very least, millions will MORE than suspect that our “leaders” are being “chosen” by COMPUTERIZED VOTE FRAUD, NOT BY THE PEOPLE.

Please pray that the Federers will make this an issue for the last two months of the campaign in St. Louis. It could be a breakthrough for America in more ways than one..

The Federer for Congress website is federer.org -- please write or email them encouraging them to make this an issue. It’s his only chance to win. On the website we find the following contact information: Federer for Congress, PO Box 4373, St. Louis, Missouri 63123, voice: 314-984-0044; fax: 314-984-0079. You can email the campaign at help at federer.org (remember, we have to trick the topica system and replace @ with at so the address will be clear to you, the reader)

It is NEVER sour grapes for a candidate to demand an honest count BEFORE the election. The Federer campaign will find this issue to be an empowering issue that will galvanize its supporters to a new level of enthusiasm.

Besides, the Federer campaign owes it to its candidate, to its supporters, and to every voter in the district to be sure that all the hard work done, all the money raised, all the hours of time donated --- are not nullified by a few seconds of effortless manipulation on the part of the writers of the computer program which will secretly instruct the St. Louis computers what to do on the upcoming election night.


Now, ladies and gentleman, I’m going to be a little sarcastic here. We’re going to use our beloved catechism format of Q & A.

Q. Can we PROVE that the computers in St. Louis were fixed in 1994, 1996, and 1998 to make Gephardt, Gambling, and Gephardt the “”winners”” after the electricity and computers went down?

A. No, we cannot prove that, and neither can anybody else except the nameless, faceless people that had access to the computer program that was instructing the computers what to do in St. Louis on those election nights.

Q. Does that mean we must remain silent about such suspicious goings on during election night?

A. No, it does not. In fact, we deserve the name of moron if we remain silent about such goings on. REMEMBER, it is NOT the job of us, the citizens, to prove that the computers are fixed, it the job of the Board of Elections to prove that the vote is being counted honestly and accurately with citizen checks and balances, and in a way that makes the process always TRANSPARENT to the voters.

Q. Is the system in use in St. Louis transparent to the voters?

A. Of course not. And neither is any other computer system, machine system, internet system, or mail in system. The candidates and voters are making an “act of blind faith” if the believe the published computer count.

Q. What should be done to election officials who use and enforce a non-transparent system?

A. Those election officials, if they try to persist in conducting unverifiable, non-transparent elections once the proper laws are passed, should be given a fair trial and convicted, and should lose their citizenship and spend at least 10 years in jail. And some people I know would say that they should be hung for treason.

Election manipulation is seriously stuff. Foisting traitors and accomplices to high crimes and misdemeanors -- like Dick Gephardt -- back on the American people -- by means of computer breakdown – must be punished to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Q. How bad is the system in use in St. Louis?

A. As bad as it gets. It comparable to the system in use in Cincinnati and hundreds, maybe thousands, of other venues. It’s a system not transparent to the public. It’s a system that is unverifiable. It’s a system that is totally devoid of citizen checks and balances on election day. Any Board of Elections director who wants to use such a system is a crook or is working for a crook.

Conclusion: We could go on and on, but many of the points we would make are covered in e-wires already in the archives at votefraud.org –

Now you know how the Dick Gephardts, the Barbara Boxers, and the Arlen Spectors get elected over and over again.

It just doesn’t get any more BLATANT than this!

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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