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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 19, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Soccer Moms then, Prescription Drugs Now

I hope you are all duly insulted by the 5 Big TV Networks propping up of “Prescription Drugs” as the “Soccer Moms” ruse of this election year.

As you will recall, in 1996 it was “soccer moms” … “soccer moms” … soccer moms.” The Big wigs in New York City knew what the midwest soccer moms thought, why they thought it, and what made them think it. How did we know they were telling us the truth? Well, we . . . we just knew … that’s all …

In 2000, the “raging” “forest fire” “issue” “sweeping the nation” --- is Prescription Drugs. George W. Bush says so. Al Gore says so. The 5 Big TV networks say so. Suddenly, we are told, “Prescription Drugs” are on everyone’s lips, the thought of “prescription drugs” and problems related to same – are FRONT AND CENTER on the “passion index” for all thinking Americans!


Well, come to think of it, prescription drug prices are no more or less a concern this year than others years – although this is NOT to minimize the problem that prescription drug prices are causing many Americans, and perhaps elderly Americans especially.

My point here is that the Big 5 TV Networks have chosen this as the ISSUE of the year, to try and keep our attention off of all the more basic issues, -- the ones which, if faced, understood, and dealt with -- could potentially alleviate the problem of the price of prescription drugs and much else -- such as the whole manipulation of the economy by Alan Greenspan and the private “for profit” corporation known as the Federal Reserve Board. (This company, which has dictatorial control over our money and interest rates, has never been audited since it was foisted on the unsuspecting nation by a derelict Congress in 1913, as many of you know.)

The Ruling Elite behind the RNC, the DNC, and the 5 major TV networks have no more intention of solving problems related to “prescription drugs” than they had any intention of alleviating the problems of the so-called soccer moms. It’s just their issue of choice to run out the clock till election day this year, and to give puppets Bush and Gore something to make boring, lightweight observations and comments about.

Again, the 5 Big TV networks have all “independently” come to the same exact conclusion at the exact same time. In 1996, it was soccer moms, in 2000 – it’s Prescription drugs.

The news departments of the 5 Big TV Networks constitute the greatest enemy the American people have ever faced.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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