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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 21, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Blockade the Presidential Debate Site!

  This Network America E-wire issues the call to BLOCKADE THE DEBATE SITE if the “Presidential Debates” attempt to limit participation to Bush and Gore.

If ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX attempt to televise Presidential Debates which include only Bush and Gore, then Buchanan Brigades, Nader Raiders, Phillips Fighters, Libertarians, anti-Nafta, anti-GATT, anti-WTO, anti-IMF, Labor Union Rank and File, Pro-Lifers who participated in Operation Rescue, 2nd Amendment Rights advocates, Jury Nullification crusaders, anti-IRS taxpayers, --- just about everybody – should show up and close the place down.

People by the thousands should blockade the entrances with their bodies and jam the streets with their vehicles.

This attempted distortion of the Presidential Process cannot be a more serious a threat to the Presidential election process.

The 5 Big TV Networks want to limit these debates to Bush and Gore to try and give cover to the computerized votefraud against Buchanan, and perhaps Nader, Browne, and Phillips --  which they again intend to dignify this year.

 The 5 Big TV networks are already violating the law every hour by giving tens of millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to the Bush/Gore ticket by means of free publicity.

 I’m afraid this next critical suggestion is going to get lost in the shuffle, so maybe I’ll devote an entire future e-wire to it:

 Once a Presidential candidate qualifies for ballot position in enough states to give that candidate the possibility of winning 270 electoral votes and becoming President, the FEC licensed broadcast stations must prove that they are giving comparable airtime coverage to all such candidates. This would be just and logical.

 By what right do the FEC licensed stations give overflowing, gushing publicity to some Presidential candidates, and totally censor others, while giving minimum and diminishing coverage to others?

 If ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX attempt to make an illegal campaign contribution to the Bush/Gore ticket by covering a debate with excludes Buchanan and other third party candidates – nothing could be more just and proper than for the American people to shut these sham debates down with a vengeance.

 Send them a message! Blockade the Debate site if they dare try to limit participation to the Beltway Duopoly puppets!

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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Let fellow citizens, opinion molders, pastors, public officials, internet news outlets, and major news media outlets know -- that we will not believe the published results of elections until transparent, verifiable, honest vote counting methods are restored, i.e., paper ballots with citizen checks and balances, with the ballot counting under the control of the neighborhood registered voters in each precinct.  

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