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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 22, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
A Midnight Call from John Gilbert

John Gilbert is one of the fearless leaders of the Arizona Reform Party.

 A few days before the first national and international Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention was to begin on August 25, 2000, I received a call around midnight --- whether it was his midnight in Arizona or mine in Cincinnati – I’m not saying; but it was a midnight call in more ways than one.

 Through the excellent Wittenbergs of the Phoenix area, also Reform Party leaders, John had just learned about a man I had heard about several times since 1996, Dan Gutenkauf.

I had first heard about Dan in 1996 from then Buchanan state coordinator, now Arizona State Representative, Karen Johnson. I knew he was doing stellar and prodigious legal battle with the Arizona elections establishment. But after the 1996 election, I was in collapse and burn mode, and had to get back to trying to make a living pronto.

And then earlier this year I heard about Dan’s efforts again. But was running in other directions, and didn’t follow up.

Anyway, John Gilbert immediately followed up with Dan Gutenkauf, as soon as he heard about his work. He scrambled with Priceline.com and who knows what else, to make sure Dan Gutenkauf would arrive in Cincinnati in time for the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention.

On that midnight phone call, John just wanted to make sure that if he got Dan to Cincinnati some how, that he would be allowed to speak. I said, “Sure.” John also told me to call Dan pronto. “Pronto” in my world of rat-racing around in preparation for the convention – proved to be 24 hours later. But as Dan rolled out the various aspects of his painstaking research, it became apparent that he should be in the prime Saturday night after dinner slot, which had been left open in case Pat Buchanan accepted our invitation – which became a moot point once Pat went in for the gall bladder operation right after the Reform Party Convention.

It turns out that Dan was probably the most necessary ingredient to the convention. His legal research holds the key to the future of the Fair Vote, Clean Elections movement.

It turns out that he fought his case all the way to the Supreme Court, which body refused to hear it on May 8, 2000 – earlier this year. Dan later told me he wondered if that was where it would end.

Thanks to the connection John Gilbert made – at five minutes to Midnight -- between Dan Gutenkauf’s research and the CFVC convention --- the impact of his labors and sufferings over that four year period which encompassed his lawsuit against the powers of darkness known as the election establishment -- through which he worked side by side with his twin brother – that impact on the nation future is just beginning to be felt.

Before the convention would start, Dan would already have filled in on two radio talk shows for me – and his rising star as a talk show guest are just now in the first stages of ascendancy. His work will soon be posted on our internet site for all the world to see, and he will someday have his own site.

Watch out for a “don’t miss” “can’t-do-without” Network America e-wire featuring some of Dan Gutenkauf’s work --  coming real soon.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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