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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 23, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
Outrage In Idaho!

That crooked Judge hearing the case in Boise, Idaho we published earlier this month – just found in favor of the crooks running the Board of Elections – and against the citizens trying to stop the organized election crime – on the way to restoring and ensuring honest elections.

Just to refresh your memory – and for the benefit of new readers – on how outrageous were the violations in Boise – here’ is Cynthia Wilcox’s original email again --- as well as a follow up she sent.

Beginning of letter

Dear James,

There has been a fraudulent election in Boise. We have spent thousands of  dollars and 3 months of our time contesting this election under the law. The judge has until August 30 to render a decision, but we are not optimistic about the outcome. Please help us if you can.

Elections employees have admitted to the following under oath.

·        using old, blank ballots from previous years (they can't say how many) in 3 precincts where they have over 700 new ballots (per precinct) from this year left unused

·        adding ballots to the ballot boxes after the ballot boxes arrived at the elections office after the polls closed

·        adding names to the pollbooks in the days and weeks following the election to make the books "add up”

·        destroying voter sequence cards which track how many voters the poll judges saw on election day

·        There is much, much more. Without some outside assistance this will be buried and no one will know the truth. Already, this is being couched as mere "clerical errors" in spite of the fact that the elections clerk kept an informal written tally of the absentees that came in for the winning candidate in this election! The counters of the votes overruled the voters. They still show 48 more votes than VOTERS - and they've been altering their books for 3 months!!


Cynthia Wilcox

End of letter --

And here was a later email from Cynthia:

Dear James,

I neglected to mention that the spouse of the deputy election clerk entered the room on election night where the punch-card ballots are cleaned of chad.

She is not an employee or a volunteer of the county elections office, and was not deputized and therefore completely ineligible to enter the room much less handle ballots. She did in fact handle ballots (with a stylus) and when she got through, the outcome of the election had changed. She has admitted under oath that she was in the room and did use a stylus and that election night is the only time she has "volunteered" for the county.

She was, however, legally represented by the county Prosecutor during the election contest because of her one hour of illicit volunteer activity. She dodged the process server and was not available to be questioned in court. I was flabbergasted to read of similar episodes on your website.

Again, if you can offer any assistance or shine the light of day on this in
the media it would certainly advance justice. We can show you any documents the judge does not seal up after August 30 - the winning candidate is pushing to have all the evidence sealed.


Cynthia Wilcox

End of second email from Cynthia Wilcox

We have asked researcher Dan Gutenkauf of Arizona to contact Cynthia so that she and her valiant crew can have some ammunition to defend against the outrageous countersuit being threatened by those crooks running that county.

And we will make the crooked Judge’s name public on this ewire as soon as I get it (actually Cynthia told me his name on a cell phone call, but I’ve forgotten it for now) – as well as everybody else in Boise who is criminally protecting rigged elections and trying to turn the law against those citizens defending truth, justice and the American way.

If anybody can send me: 1) The Judge’s name, home address, any of his children’s home addresses, the church he belongs to, if any, -- where his wife works, if anywhere; 2) The name and similar information of the “winning” candidate who wants the evidence sealed; 3) the name and home address of any of the other crooks involved in this fixed election, which is one of the most blatant I have ever heard of.

I will urge all in the area to go to picket these crooks homes and businesses, which passing out a one page explanation to everyone in the area of what they are doing. Furthermore, I say that individuals of this kind must be brought to justice one way or another (by moral means, of course) – if this country is going to survive as a free country.

And if the FBI gets contacted about this ewire against this crooked Judge – then let me tell them in advance: “To your job, Sir” --- go help Cynthia Wilcox and that valiant band of citizens working with her to bring honest elections back to Boise.

Don’t waste your time coming to see me, who is calling for Justice for such a crooked Judge. (Incidentally, I am well aware of how deeply involved is the FBI in protecting computer votefraud and other votefraud. I saw the Cincinnati FBI office do NOTHING in the years that the wiretappers, Leonard Gates and Bob Draise, were trying to blow the whistle votefraud by wiretap in Cincinnati. Gates swore under oath that the Cincinnati FBI office told him it would be a “round robin” – his story would be passed around but nothing ever would be done.

However, dear Readers, if I am contacted by anyone from the FBI or any other law enforcement (?) agency --  for urging that justice be done – one way or another, by moral means – to these crooked Judges who are cooperating in the stealing of our country – then, after I give such FBI agents a stern lecture on “duty, honor, country” and get their badge numbers and ask them for THEIR home addresses just to verify that they are who they say they are – then I’ll give you all a full report right here on the Network America ewire.

For now, anyone that can help Cynthia Wilcox, contact her at Hranchez at aol.com –

And if anyone has the time and energy, email that disgrace of an FBI chief Louis Freeh --- or whatever his real name is --- and tell him to start atoning for WACO by helping to restore honest elections instead of protecting those who are corrupting them. Tell him we know what he’s about, and we know that he knows that we know what he’s about.

Incidentally, all these comments against the crooked Judge, the crooked elections officials, and the crooked factions within the FBI – are mine alone, no one else’s, and certainly not Cynthia Wilcox’s – whose communications to me are reproduced above in full.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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