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"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

August 28, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire
John Hagelin the Liar? – or does he want to plead “retarded”?

This is a slightly revised commentary of an email I sent to Linda Muller of buchanan.org on the current tag team conspiracy of Perot/Verney/Hagelin and the FEC and the Big TV Networks to keep the $13 million out of the Buchanan campaign’s hands. Why are they doing this? One thing I learned in 1979 – the one thing this evil anti-God, anti-American Ruling Elite hates – is anything approaching a fair fight. They fight dirty, and they try to win the fight before it begins by stacking the deck. All these low-life traitors are now trying to do is RUN OUT THE CLOCK on the Buchanan campaign and on America during this campaign. Here’s the slightly revised email:

John Hagelin's filing with the FEC to try and get the Reform Party's matching funds includes OHIO as one of the states he lists where he is on the ballot for the Reform Party.

Thanks to Susan Madori (author of the paper which served as the basis to disqualify the absurd eballot / mail in RP National Primary) who pointed out the issue to me, and then confirmed my recollection about Ohio with the Ohio Secretary of State -- we have verified that this is the state of affairs in Ohio:

a) Pat Buchanan is on the ballot as an independent candidate.

b) John Hagelin is on the ballot for the Natural Law Party; his mysteriously funded effort  (with plenty of money, but no visible grassroots support anywhere save a few isolated commune groupings) filed 33,000 valid signatures which were accepted by the Ohio Secretary of State in the early part of 2000, about March, if memory serves correctly;

c) The Reform Party is not a qualified party in Ohio at this time, and therefore, there will be no candidate who will listed on the ballot with Reform Party after their name.

Conclusion: John Hagelin is NOT on the ballot as the Reform Party candidate in Ohio, because no one is. Now the man is either a brazen liar, or he's mentally retarded. And if he wants to publicly proclaim that he's mentally retarded, than I'll withdraw my conclusion that he's a brazen liar.

Now, the minor story here is that Hagelin has turned out to be a brazen liar, a fraud, and a very sinister character who oozes the same fake-sincerity whether he's telling the truth or perpetrating a scam. (There is an outward hint of his real character -- he talks ever so slightly like Boris of "Boris and Natasha" from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.)

Until a few months ago, I thought he was just a dizzy academic who had transcendentally meditated himself into an intellectual stupor. Now, after seeing him claim to be the Reform nominee on Hannity & Colmes the other night, and state that he has to decide whether to accept half the Reform Party matching fund money, or “stand on principle” until he gets all of it -- I have to conclude that he's just as demonic as some of those Hindu "deities" whose names certain meditators chant as a "mantra" when trying to "empty themselves out" to get to "higher levels' in what they think is a spiritual ascent. The Big Story?

The Big Story is that the 5 Big TV Networks and the Federal Election Commission are conspiring to pretend not to be able to tell how bogus and fraudulent Hagelin's "claims" are.

If you or I or any Brigadier reading this list had filed the type of outright lying claims against Gore or Bush that Hagelin, Mangia, and Verney are pushing to Stop Buchanan, we would have been dutifully ignored -- if not prosecuted -- and our absurd efforts would have not caused the FEC to delay the matching funds to Gore or Bush for one minute.

What is happening is this: the funds will go to Buchanan, probably next week – but maybe not. Despite the preliminary FEC recommendation that Buchanan get the money (why in Hades don’t they just DO it?), the New York Times (another co-conspirator against Buchanan and America here) says that Hagelin can file for a re-hearing – which could take up to 15 days – and then Hagelin can file SUIT to get a Federal injunction against the release of the funds. All these co-conspirators are trying to do is RUN OUT THE CLOCK ON THE ELECTION, and get those two terminal lightweights, Bush and Gore, onto a stage without any serious competition.

I repeat, this whole process constitutes TREASON against the American people because it’s a brazen move by TRAITORS who are more loyal to other countries or to the shadow world government, to deny the American people the choice of an AMERICAN candidate for President, as opposed to the disgusting lightweight puppets, Bush and Gore.

I would support any Christian faction of the Military that would arrest Clinton and Gore, the heads of the five networks, Alan Greenspan and the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, the heads of the FEC -- and then announce that they had done this to save the nation from these tyrants so that honest elections could be held once again (for the first time in 27 years – and then hold honest elections with manually counted paper ballots all across the United States – in every state, county, and neighborhood precinct.

Then the newly elected civilian government could decide how to proceed with the Treason Trials for the above named traitors. (Probably so-called Senator Charles Schumer should be arrested also because he is the point man for all the traitors holding office who are trying to nullify our 2nd Amendment rights so we will be defenseless against his anti-American New World Order Tyranny.)

Back to the current situation:. even if Buchanan gets the funds next week, the FEC will have succeeded in holding the funds back for 1 month -- leaving only seven weeks in the campaign, and only a few weeks till the Presidential debates -- from which all those Big Media backers of the Bush/Gore ticket --- I'm talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX -- are hoping to exclude Pat Buchanan. These Big TV Networks are pretending that they have no reporters that can tell fact from fiction in this case. No, IN THIS CASE ALONE, they can give no coverage, no investigative reporting, no "special reports;" and the lawyers at the FEC can't tell fact from fiction either; they are all suddenly like "babes in the woods", pretending to be mesmerized by every piece of paper that arrives from the lying Hagelin faction.

While I'm at it, let's not forget, and let's bring it up loudly and often, that these 5 Big TV Networks are committing campaign violations and crimes everyday by giving TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to the Bush/Gore Ticket in the form of free publicity -- while censoring and blacking out coverage in their NEWS segments of Buchanan/Foster. They have never been called on this in a way that has broken through to the public at large --- but NOW they are dealing with the Buchanan Brigades. (Howard Phillips has brought this up, but it has not reached public awareness.)

These illegal campaign contributions, including their phony public opinion polls, contributed to the Bush/Gore ticket by the news departments of the 5 Big TV Networks are the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. These illegal in-kind campaign contributions are more important than anything the Dems or Gore do, more important than anything the Repubs or Bush do, more important than any other single factor. Why are these Big TV Networks -- these BIG CORPORATIONS --- THESE BIG FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS --- allowed to give tens of millions of dollars in "in kind" campaign contributions to the Bush/Gore Ticket -- when no other corporation is allowed to do this?

And isn't it interesting, all five Big TV Network news departments have ALL - "on their own" - have ALL decided to only mention Bush and Gore as contenders (I'm talking news segments now, FOX has given Buchanan and Foster some limited coverage on talk shows). ALL the 5 Big TV networks have decided that Buchanan should not be mentioned. What a contrast to 1980 when they ALL decided that the obscure nerdy Congressman John Anderson should be mentioned! And to 1988 when they all decided that Congressman Traficant should not be mentioned in his bid for the Democratic nomination! And what a contrast to 1992 when they ALL decided "on their own" that former Senator Eugene McCarthy (who had turned anti-"free" trade) should not be given any coverage in the 1992 Democratic New Hampshire Primary! And they ALL decided that Nader deserved no coverage in 1996, when Dole and Clinton were without visible opposition --- but this time they ALL decided that Nader DID merit coverage -- even though he's on less ballots than Browne or Phillips! But this time they can use Nader to muddy the challenge of Buchanan.

In other words, we in America have FIVE Pravda news departments, all giving the same news, -- instead of just ONE Pravda news department as they had in the Soviet Union. But the result is the same. The Big TV Networks coordinate their news. Email them (email them this piece if you wish) and let them know that we know what they are doing -- and we are taking due note that they are warping our national future with their Communist-like biased coverage, and their other Communist-like tactics.

These owners and directors of the NEWS DEPARTMENTS are the greatest enemies America has ever faced. Let's not lay down and get demoralized. Let's fight back. Soon on the votefraud.org site we will have an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet anyone can download and copy and pass out to the people dealing with what these Big Networks are doing IN CONCERT, IN OPEN CONSPIRACY -- to help the Bush/Gore ticket -- and to hurt Buchanan, and in so doing to hurt our children, and our grandchildren, and the future of this nation. 

Best to all men and women of good will,

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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